Title : Folie à Deux

Pairing : Wonkyu

Genre : Family, Romance, Angst, Drama

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God

Warning : Un-betaed, BL, Psyco!Kyu, Several OC, Mature (for language), AU, OOC

Summary : We’re shared our love together. We shared our sadness and happiness together. We shared our madness together.

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Siwon P.O.V

“You ungrateful son of a bitch! Get out! Get out of my house you fucking prick!” those yells ringing in my ears. Not because it’s the loudness but because it comes from my own mother. My own mother who is right now in rage because of something I’m insensible to acknowledge. She looked at me like I’m such a disgrace to her. I don’t know why, but deep inside my heart I know she’s right. I am a disgrace. Such a disgrace because I could not make her happy. All I ever done to her just embracement, disappointment, all those negative things that she could think of.

Plak!! A slap on my left cheek.

Plak!! Another slap on my right cheek.

“Damn you!! Damn you to hell!! I wish you never born!! You’re a demon! A demon!! I hate you! I really hate you!” She screams again and now she has another nickname for me. A demon. Maybe I am a demon. A demon that should disappeared from her life. That would be better for her. When I’m gone, she would have the happiness she’s dreaming about since she has me. I know for sure that she really regret having me because I am the unwanted child.

She had me when she was sixteen. A rape victim. So it is clear that she hate me so much. She wanted to abort me, but my late grandparents not allowed her to do that. They said every baby is an angle that God send to every person. However, to her, I’m nothing but a parasite to her life.

Is someone asked me how do I feel about this ordeal. It’s simple. I feel nothing. My heart is empty since I concede her hatred toward me is not going to vanish. I have no one since my grandparents pass away. I’ve only have her. But because she never accepts me, I’m too never accepting myself. What for? I don’t have anyone to give my life for. She thinks I’m better off dead.

Solution? I don’t have one. Commit suicide since her wish is for me to be buried in the dirt and rot? I would love to yet I can’t do it. Why? Because it would make her image as the loving mother will perish. I don’t want that. I accept her behavior toward me on inside the house but I will never make her image that she build all of her life ruined because of my bizarre death. Even I could feel nothing; I can still perfectly love her. She is still my mother and always be my mother.

I always thought that we’re going to life this hell forever until I died. Oh boy, how wrong I was. My mother finally had the man that loves her truly and the good side is he even acknowledges me. He even love me like his own son. Such a nice and honorable man. At that time I could only thanking the Lord for He has send both of us an angel.

He really is an angel. Since he’s staying with us three years after their marriage and for some reason, he could make my mother acts nicely towards me. On one point of my life, I finally feel how a mother loving touch is. I feel what a family should be. I even got myself a cute and sweet youger brother because he also a widower with one kid. All of that make me realize that I could still gain happiness. That Lord never abandoned me. That He still loves me. If God take me to his side, I would gladly leave because of this happiness.

Still, I think I take a conclusion too fast. All those happiness that I think I will endure for the rest of my life, it’s been taking away by someone I never occur will be able to do those horrible things. That person who always looks like he never had the guts to actually hurt a fly are capable for doing such crime. A crime whose he points out to me right now and makes that same mother that I have all those years aback, come forward once again.

“Umma, please calm down. Hyung didn’t mean for this to happen.” I could hear he speak softly to my mother. His pale hands rubs my mother’s arms, giving her support but all that I could think of is those arms is the one who makes her cry right now. Yet, I could not say anything to my mother because it’s useless. She would never believe me anyway.

“Kyunnie, how could you still defend this… this monster… He’s the one who murder my husband, your appa Kyu.” Those accusing statement is piercing to my heart. I love my father although he’s only my step father. But his love for me is real. He’s the one who brought joy to my life. I would never harm him in any way possible. Nonetheless, my mother thinks the otherwise. For her, I’m becoming a demon once again.

“It’s an accident umma. Hyung had nothing to do with it.” Kyunnie or Kyuhyun voice came back soothingly. I looked at him and I a little bit startled because he is looking at me. He keeps this deviously grin toward me. I want to evade his stare and grim but I couldn’t. His stare like told me to stay put and if I dare to defy his order than I will regret it.

“Yeobo… hiks… hiks… Yeobo…”

“Umma, I think you should rest. Here, let me help you.” Said Kyuhyun while he’s helping my mother to her room. I just stood there like a statue and let them walk pass by me. In their walk to my mother’s room, I could still hear her words of accolade to Kyuhyun.

“Kyunnie, you are a good son to me. I’m very lucky to have you even though you’re my step son.” I could feel my heart once again break into tiny pieces. Why do I have to feel again? Why do I have to feel again and gut hurt once more? I want to be the one who never feel anything like I used to be. I really hope, my father never came so I will never experience this hurt again. I don’t know if I could keep my sanity any longer.

“Come on umma. Let me take you there.” With that statement I could feel the both of them continue their walk. I want to go out from this house. I don’t even care anymore if my mother image is destroyed because I ran away from home. Her image are in the verge of ruined because of the local news stated that I’m the one who cause my step father death.

My father’s death was a big shock for everyone who known the man. All of us never imagine that he would die like that. My father got into an accident a week ago when both him and I went on board paddle. We were having a good time until my father went away by himself to a wider range almost breach the safety range. I tried to call him so that he didn’t go too far, but he didn’t listen to me and keep paddling.

Then it happened. That horrible accident or what other people think it was. Because my father lost his balance, he fell to the water. We were still laughing because the clumsiness of him. However, my smile vanish the second I looked at a speed boat running to my father was. I scream my lungs out to the driver to slow down because he or she could ram into my father and it could kill him. But it was useless. Only a second after the speed boat ram my father, I could see my father’s body hovering on the surface. Blood was everywhere and all I could think of is get to my father as soon as possible.

However, when I get to him, it was too late. He’s already dead. All the people in that place called the authorities and the ambulance right away while I just looked devastated because I’ve seen my father death in front of my eyes. Tears were starting to make its way through my eyes to my cheeks. I feel like I’ve just lost the only one that keeps my mind from going crazy. That day was the worst day of my life.

Those memories keep dwindling in my mind while I am standing there for as long as I know. Until, I feel a pair of hands circle itself around my waist. Its palms walk from the waist until it reach my chest and stay there. I could feel another chest glued to my back and an intake of breath ghosting through it. I know very well whose arms this is. It belongs to my step younger brother.

“Hyung…” he calls me gently. I keep still, not giving any response to his call.

“Hyung, are you listening?” he tried once more to get my reaction and all I could give him is my plea.

“Let me go Kyu. Please let me go from this house. Please…”

“Why? Do you want to leave me? Aaa, hyung. You cannot do that. You have to beside me for as long as I live. Forever if it’s necessary.”

“Please Kyu…” Kyuhyun don’t give any response to my plea. Instead, he turns me around and caresses both of my cheeks, gently and ask something.

“Does that whore slap still hurts hyung?” I could only shake my hands. I don’t want him to hurt my mother. Even though she’s like that to me, I don’t want her to be harm. I don’t want Kyuhyun to hurt another single soul. He already took our father and I couldn’t make him take our mother too.

My relationship with Kyuhyun isn’t the brotherly type. We are more than that. I don’t know when exactly it starts changing but I know I should say no from the beginning. This is the only fault I feel toward my parents.

Since we meet, I know I already taking interest toward the cute, adorable, and sweet Kyuhyun. Although sometime he could be so sneaky and playful, I still find him so endearing to be with. And how lucky am I when Kyuhyun also feel the same way. All those hugs, kisses, and touches between brothers became hugs, kisses, and touches between lovers. I know it’s wrong, but this is the first time I love someone else romantically. It’s the first time I care about someone else beside my mother. Kyuhyun give everything I want. He keeps me warm in heart. He keeps me happy all the time.

We keep our relationship a secret until my father found out one day. We were clumsy and not lock the room when he who forget something and came back home, saw us together, naked, in my room. At that time I thought he would gone berserk and hit the both of us. But, on the contrary, he just looked at us, told us to put our clothes back and mention only me to come to his library and talked to him.

How lucky I am when he told me that he would make sure that Kyuhyun and I would get our happiness if we indeed love each other. He would divorce my mother and will support us. I’ve never feel so bless in my whole life for having him as my father although I too feel bad because he have to make such sacrifice for us. I’m being overwhelmed with joy that I forget about Kyuhyun and I regret it my whole life because of it.

Kyuhyun thinks that our father was disapproving of our relationship because he always takes me on business trip and every event. Kyuhyun thought that our father is trying to separate us when the truth is he is preparing to divorce my mother and set everything up for the both of us. I never tell Kyuhyun because my father makes me promise not to tell him. He tends to make it a surprise for Kyuhyun. I should have just break that promise.

I notice the difference of Kyuhyun attitude toward our father a little late. I never thoughts that those mini accidents that keep happened to our father, like feel from the stairs, a pot that fell near his standing, sabotage on his car, and many things, was his doing. At first I can’t imagine that he’s capable of doing that kind of things to his own father. But, love is really blind and Kyuhyun take it too far of it.

Now, our father is dead. And that’s because of me. Because I couldn’t stop Kyuhyun on time. I know that he’s the one who drive that speed boat. At first I couldn’t trust my eyes but I know Kyuhyun very well. He’s the one who killed our father just because he thinks our father is going to separate us.

Suddenly I feel a soft touch in my lips that it wakes me up from my musing. Kyuhyun is kissing my lips tenderly and the kisses continue to my check, my eyes, my nose and came back to my lips. But this time the kiss came back with vigor. He kisses me hard even manage to bite my lower lips a bit so I open my mouth and he French kiss me. I have no choices beside to kiss him back. After all, I still love him with all my heart. It’s just I don’t know how this relationship is going to stand. We make out for several minutes until he hugs me tightly. Kyuhyun put his head on my shoulder and whisper something.

“Hyung, I love you. So much sometimes it makes me doesn’t want to share you to the world. You’re mine hyung. All mine. And I make sure that never going to change.”


“Sh… It’s okay hyung. No one it’s going to hurt you anymore. Not appa, not you’re so called friends, and not even umma. Tomorrow, it will going to be just us.”


“I love you hyung. You should say the same thing now.” I shut my eyes to help me bear this situation. I should have known. I should have known that Kyuhyun would make sure nothing is going to break us up. Oh God! Oh God! Please forgive me. Please forgive our sin.

“Hyung, I love you. I love you. I love you.” I still stay silent and let him speak. I have no idea how to response to Kyuhyun undyingly confession to me. Kyuhyun himself felt uncertainty when I keep silent so he tightens his hold over me.

“Hyung! Don’t leave me okay? You must stay by my side! You have to! Promise me hyung?” that question. That question who urge me to make a promise to Kyuhyun. I don’t know if I’m capable to say yes but I have to make my choice now. Do I have the courage to put an end to all of this by leaving Kyuhyun? Or do I have to simply allowed Kyuhyun to make many sins based on his love for me?

I release myself a little bit from Kyuhyun’s hold and looked at his beautiful face. I stare at his honey brown of pair of eyes. His chubby yet adorable cheeks. His sweet cherry lips. He’s indeed so beautiful and he loves me. My brother, my Kyunnie, my love. I lower my head while still staring at his eyes. Kyuhyun also still stare at me for the whole time. Then, I touch his lips with mine in a very sensual way. This is my answer.

I’m not going to let my baby brother to suffer this sin alone. It’s also my responsibilities because his doing is for my being and his loves for me. Not just that, the real reason is because I love him too. He’s my life right now. I will not hesitate anymore. I will not leave him. We’re in this together and we will face it together.

“Siwonnie hyung…”

“I love you Kyunnie. We will always be together. Nothing or no one is going to separate us. You have my word.” As soon as I said that, I’ve seen once more that beautiful smile that I always longing to see. The smile that takes my heart away.

“Yes hyung. We will always together.” We resume our kiss once more and this time we don’t stop half way. Without any difficulties, I hauled up Kyuhyun in my arm in bridal style and take him to my room. There we share our loves. Over and over and over until we satisfied and our heart content. I don’t know what future that we’re going to face head on but as long this madness shared with the both of us, I’m sure we’ll be okay. I know it will.

End Siwon P.O.V

Today breaking news. The wife of business mogul Choi Seungwoo, Choi Jihyun was found dead this morning because of drug overdose. The police investigation reveals that Choi Jihyun was committing suicide because of her devastation of her late husband death.

This is a big tragedy for the Choi sibling because of the sudden death of their parents. Both of them will face many obstacles ahead. However, many source inform that despise this unfortunate event, Choi Siwon, the older of the Choi sibling is going to replace his father position as soon as possible even in his young age.

With his younger brother Choi Kyuhyun. They will continue their parent heritance of a business empire. Everyone is expecting more because both of them are known as prodigy and…

Siwon mute the television, making the reporters voice died down. He looks to his side and found his brother, Kyuhyun, asleep peacefully. Siwon smile and then trace his hand to Kyuhyun stunning face. He let down his head and kisses Kyuhyun forehead gently while whispering,

“I love you, Kyuhyun. I will always stay by your side. I promise.”