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Title : Girls 1

Pairing : Yunjae, Minsu (ChangminxJunsu), Wonkyu, maybe other pairings

Rating : PG 13

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God and also shoujo manga ‘Girls’ belong to the genius Kyoko Hikawa-sensei

Inspired : Shoujo Manga with the same title “Girls” by Kyoko Hikawa

Warning : Un-betaed a.k.a. Typos, GS, OOC, AU

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Jaejoong P.O.V

It is on? I’m can start now? Okay. Thank you. Hi. My name is Kim Jaejoong. I’m 16 years old and this is my second year of high school. Nothing much to tell about myself. I’m just an ordinary high school girl who likes everything in order. I’m simple, nice (according to people), friendly, and sometimes a little bit of a mother hen.

I have two best friends, Kim Junsu and Cho Kyuhyun (Kyuhyun & Junsu: Hi!! – Jaejoong: Girls, behave. – Kyuhyun & Junsu: Yes umma!! – Jaejoong: *sighed*). Both are my best friends since I’m in my first year. We’re in the same club as well. Anyway, I talk about them later on. Beside, they’re going to introduce themselves too after me. Right now, I want to tell that I’m in an obscured situation. I’ve falling in love.

Okay, maybe it sounds ridiculous to be a snag when you feel the most wonderful emotion that could happen in your life. However, I’m falling in love with someone who clearly loves someone else. The worst part is he’s also my childhood friend. And speaking of the devil, he’s coming my way. I’m always going to school with him by train and now, he’s running to make on time before the train door close. He’s always late like this. And I’m always waiting for him even though I could just go by myself. Well, that’s what you got from falling in love.

I know, I know. Its cliché, but it’s true. Sometimes I think its sucks to be in unrequited love circumstances. Hh… Someone, please tell me what to do. Oh, almost forgot to tell that Junsu is next. It looks like I’m already talking too much and that’s making Junsu wait too long because I spot her harassing another student with her nonstop quiz and her ‘trademark’ laugh. Better stop now. Therefore, I’m off for now.

End Jaejoong P.O.V




Junsu P.O.V

Where’s Jae? She’s already finished introducing herself? So, it’s me now. Okay. I’m ready. Hi. My name is Kim Junsu. I’m also 16 years old and in my second year of high school. I’m in the same class with Jaejoong and Kyuhyun. They’re my best friend.

Now, mention about high school, I love every single of the time I spend on high school, although I often get a scowl every time I approach them. I don’t know why they get so frustrated every single time I near them. I only asking them a few questions (Kyuhyun: That’s what makes them upset Suie. – Junsu: Why? I’m just wanted to gain and share my knowledge with them. – Kyuhyun: #dumbfounded Nevermind).

Sometimes, few students tend to act a bit more aggressive toward me because of my quiz game. I don’t why it so piss them off. Maybe it’s their way of communicating. Maybe it’s their way to get to know me well enough like Jaejoong and Kyuhyun. Yeah, I think that’s the reason (Kyuhyun: They’re making fun of you Suie. You should let me beat them. – Jaejoong: Please be quite Kyunnie, Junsu is still talking. And don’t beat people up. – Kyuhyun: Oh right, sorry).

Where was I? Oh yeah. Little things about me are I own several cats (they’re so cute), I like people and I’m always smiling. But people once again tend to say that I’m weird and talk too much. Oh they also told me that my voice is so loud. (Kyuhyun: You are weird, talk too much and you’re sound like a freaking dolphin. – Jaejoong: Kyunnie!!).

Is this Kyu’s turn? If yes, I could stop. Oh, Kyu still later on. Okay I’ll continue. Like I said, people tend to say that I’m weird and talk too much. However, I’m not weird. I’m just looking my surrounding in my own perspective. And I don’t talk too much. I’m just being friendly like Jae. People always say she’s so friendly, although she’s doesn’t speak like me. Hm, I wonder why.

Beside Jae, there’s Kyu (Kyuhyun: That’s me. – Jaejoong: Kyunnie if you disturb Suie one more time, I will not very please. And you won’t like it if I’m not pleased. – Kyuhyun: Yes mam. I’m sorry mam. She’s really gave me the goose bump. – Jaejoong: What’s that?! – Kyuhyun: Nothing.). I’m confused right now. Why Kyu always appear like that? Oh, just continue with myself?! Okay. Kyu is a girl who strong although I don’t know how because Kyu didn’t like any kind of sport, get angry easily, maniac for gaming things and a bit evil. She’s tough for a girl (Kyuhyun: Hell yeah!! – Jaejoong: *narrow her eyes* – Kyuhyun: *shudder*).

No one dare to bother her. When someone even tried to pick fight with her, she always knock them down with the broom that miraculously there all the time when she need it or sometime I provide it if the broom closely to me. I’m always helping my girls. Anyhow, we’ll talk about us next time. Right now, Kyu seems impatient to start introduce herself. She keeps emerging in my introduction section. Pass on to Kyu.

End Junsu P.O.V




Kyuhyun P.O.V

I’m next? It’s about time. That Junsu took a long time (Jaejoong: You’re just being the eager little girl. – Junsu: *giggle*). Okay this is it. Hi. I’m Cho Kyuhyun. Family and best friends call me Kyu or Kyunnie. I’m in second year of high school and 16 years old like those two, Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu. They’re my best friends. They’ve already said it in the first time, but I’m just want to certain things up.

They are my best friends because they understand me perfectly. Never judge me because my riotous behavior, non constant emotion (mostly anger), and impatient nature (Jaejoong: You are what you are Kyunnie. – Junsu: We love you as you are, Kyu *giving a hug to Kyu* – Kyuhyun: Thanks. Suie, can’t breathe. – Junsu: Sorry *chuckle*).

I don’t know why I’m like this. I just don’t like being underestimated because I’m a girl. I’m never back of a challenge and that’s why I’m always getting into trouble. Lucky, I have Jaejoong (Jaejoong: Sure you are.) who can control me if she’s near me or Junsu (Junsu: I’m here.) who always helps me with my fight, like provide me with broomstick to kick some jerks especially if those jerk being a nuisance to Jaejoong and Junsu.

Well, I’m not much of a talker (Jaejoong: Yet you disturb Junsu all the time when she introduce herself. – Kyuhyun: Yah!!). I think that’s enough of me. The rest of our story will be told next. Right now, I want to get on that boy whose been annoying me since I met him in first year (Jaejoong: Oh, not again. – Junsu: *prepare the broom stick*). Why do I’ve always been a classmate of him since first year? It is making me angry. I’m off.

End Kyuhyun P.O.V




That’s our girls introduce themselves. They are Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, and Cho Kyuhyun, who have their own personality. So, ready to check out their story? Shall we?




Jaejoong P.O.V

Being a class representative is really a hard work to do. You have to manage your entire classmate during some event and activities, such as right now, our annual spring clean up. I have to make sure that each group is doing their handed task as it should be.

“Okay everybody. Each group please divides the tasks that are written in the blackboard before. Let’s get to work.” I shout to my entire classmate to begin their work. I, myself having to handle all of the necessity of them if they need anything, either an adding of a broom stick, mop, making sure that all teaching material are put back to their place, and etcetera. Speaking on who’s on duty in putting back the teaching material, I don’t see the person since this cleaning started. I look around and spotted the girl with bob haircut is standing near the door, just spacing around. I walked to her and click my finger in front of her face.

“Junsu. Snap out of it. What are you staring at?”

“Do you think if I bring that painting home, it could make Bakira, Tigger, Leon, Leo, and Pard happy?” asked Junsu while pointing to a frame with a very abstract picture, post on our class wall. Really, I don’t have any idea who in this world would put that blasted painting in a school like this. For the love of Juju, this is not an art school.

Alright, back to Junsu. I could only shake my head with her antique behavior. She is always like this. She worships her cats too much. She even considers her five cats as her babies. I also love my cat, Juju, but why oh why did she could think a painting could make her cats happier.

“Junsu, dear, your cats don’t need a painting. They need balls or any kind of pet toys, but not a painting.” I reason with her because frankly speaking, if I don’t know this girl really well, I would consider her a freak. But, Junsu’s heart is wide like the ocean. She never has any suspicion toward people. That’s why Kyuhyun and I really look after her. She tends to do what other people told her to do.

“Oh yeah, right.” She nodded her head cutely, making me smile at her cuteness. She is really cute when she just acts calmly like this. However, it’s another story if she feels superfluous happy. She would laugh out loud. Not it’s a bad thing but I’ll hate to admit it, Junsu’s voice when she laugh is quite infuriating. Yet, I’ll still love her. She’s too cute to be ignored.

While I still try to divert Junsu attention from the painting thing, out of nowhere my other classmate, Sooyoung, calls me while bringing a worn out broom stick.

“Jaejoong-ah, we have one worn out broom stick.” She said to me, showing the kaput broom stick.

“I’ll take a look at that Sooyoung-ah. Thank you for noticing me. By the way Junsu, you’re the one who’s on duty today right?!” I turned my head to Sooyoung and replied. After that I turned around again to face Junsu to remind her of her duty today.

“Nutty?! It’s when you gone crazy because of something, right?!” she said out of context. I sighed and if I were in an anime movie, I would have this big sweat dropped on my head.

“No. You’re wrong, honey. It’s duty not nutty. It’s not the same. Back to your task. Suie. You supposed to give this teaching material back to the teacher room and check with the upper classmen didn’t you?!”

“Oh yeah. I totally forgot about that. Wow, Jae. You’re always looking after me. Just like a mother hen. You’re so sweet. Eeu kyang kyang!!” She laughed. Oh God, there’s the ‘trademark’ laugh. I laugh a little in returned although still wearing that unbelievable look on my face. What did I tell you before, annoying yet so endearing to be left behind, right? This is what you get when you best friendship with someone like Kim Junsu.

“Ahahaha… That’s nice of you, but I’m not a mother hen. I’m just your best friend.” I said after subdued my laugh while giving her the teaching materials which consist of a ruler and a pointer.

“Someone who use his/her left hand.” Junsu suddenly said out of nowhere. Oh great, here we go again with Junsu quiz game.

“Lefty.” I answer her with one word describing her sentence. I kind of used to her quiz game.

“When someone being unbalance.”


“A place people called metropolis.”


“I don’t get how they could understand each other like that.” Abruptly Sooyoung, my classmate who show me the worn out broom stick, murmur that. Both of us look at her and then Junsu walk near her and put her hand in Sooyoung shoulder.

“That’s because this girl have been my partner for a very long time, Sooyoung-ah.” She said, smiling to Sooyoung. Sooyoung only look at Junsu with her raised eyebrow like Junsu had grown two head on her.

“Don’t make other people misunderstand us, Junsu. Anyhow, you need to go to the teacher room to put these teaching materials back. And don’t forget to check with the upper classmen after you get back.” I said pointing to the direction of the teacher room. Junsu only nodded her head but I could see her hesitation to go the teacher room. She stares at the ruler and show it to me.

“Jae, I think this ruler would make a good toy for my babies. Can I keep it?” she asked innocently. Oh Juju, please safe me. What should I do with this girl? That rules is part of a school property. We can’t just bring them home for our pet.

“Oh, honey. Is it anything else you can think about beside your cats?”

“Of course.”

“And what is that?”


“Junsu…” I frown because her answer still definitely makes someone misunderstand our relationship. We’re totally just best friend people.

“Okay, I’ll go.” Finally Junsu surrender and take her leave to the teacher room. But before she can go even further, I remind her once more.

“Great. Do it right this time, Suie. I’ll get back you to check up after I replace this broom with a new one.” I said and start to walk to the storeroom. However, not more than three steps, Sooyoung call me once again. This time in panic mode.

“Jaejoong-ah! Wait!” she shouts at me. I run straight away to her and asked her.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s Kyuhyun-ah. She pissed off because a boy wants to escape his cleaning duty. She’s having a quarrel with him right now.” She told me what’s happening. I feel like hitting my forehead. Why is this always happen to me? I run into the class room once again and see Kyuhyun pointing out a broom to a boy who tried to run from her.

“Oh my God.”

“Wahh!!” the boy scream when the broom in Kyuhyun hands swing at his head. Luckily, he could dodge it. Though, Kyuhyun isn’t the type who gives up easily. She keep advancing to the boy who scoot over slowly to the door where I still standing there, witnessing Kyuhyun absurd act.

“I won’t let you go. I notice you always skipping when it’s time to clean up. Don’t you think you put enough burdens to all of us?!” she said menacing. Kyuhyun really could make anyone scared with her stare. I could see that the boy is really feel threaten by Kyuhyun.

“B…bu…but… Kyuhyun-ssi, I always get tired easily.” He tried reason out his way of Kyuhyun wrath. But this only fuel her anger and she start to swing again those broom stick to the boy.

“You fool! You’re not the only one who’s get tired!! I’ll wring you with this broom so you know your lesson!” She said while swing that broom again.

“Wahh!! I’m sorry. I won’t skip again!” The boy run for his life, away from Kyuhyun at the same comes to my direction. I couldn’t withstand this anymore and tried to stop Kyuhyun from harming herself, the boy, and the whole class.

“Kyu! Stop it! Don’t fight in the class room!” I run to her while her still swinging that broom to the boy.


The whole class stops their activities to see what happen. I’m so shock when I see the broom go straight to my face and in no time I react to block it with the broom I’ve been holding.

“Wow Jae. That was so cool.” Kyuhyun praise me because I could block her attack, when in reality I was scared to death.

“It wasn’t! You almost hit my face with that broom Kyu! For the Lord almighty, you’re not an elementary student anymore. Behave! And you! Stop pissing Kyu off. This girl has a really bad temper so don’t push it! Now, both of you go and do your task.” I reprimand both of them. Really. We’re already in second year of high school. Act like your age, for God sake.

Clap… Clap… Someone is clapping somewhere. Kyuhyun and I search where those clapping sound came from and we see one of our class mate leaning against the door.

“Impressive Joongie, only you that could handle things smoothly.” Said Choi Seunghyun, my childhood friend.

“Hyunnie.” I said, acknowledge his presence and to him.

“Hold on right there Choi Seunghyun.” Suddenly Kyuhyun already standing between Seunghyun and me, still holding the broom from before and pointing to Seunghyun.


“Where have you been? I know you’re Jae’s childhood friend, but that’s not the reason for making Jae does all the work. You’re also our class representative.” Scold Kyuhyun giving her fiercest stare to Seunghyun. Seunghyun nervously look at me for help and then look to Kyuhyun while putting his hand in front of his chest, signaling his capitulate.

“Um… I went to the toilet because I got a diarrhea.” He said timidly. Then, out of nowhere, the three of us is greeted by Junsu peeking out her head at the same time as smiling to us.

“Is it that when people write their story or their daily activities in a book?!” she’s doing her quiz game again.

“It’s a diary.” This time it’s Kyuhyun who answer her and put down her broom. I shake my head in defeat. Why can they just listen to me for once?

“Why are you still here Junsu?!” I asked the girl, but the response I get is just a lovely smile from her. Now you see how it’s so tough to be a class representative to this class. Oh Lord, please let me get through the day.

End Jaejoong P.O.V