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Title : Girls 2

Pairing : Yunjae, Minsu (ChangminxJunsu), Wonkyu, maybe other pairings

Rating : PG 13

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God and also shoujo manga ‘Girls’ belong to the genius Kyoko Hikawa-sensei

Inspired : Shoujo Manga with the same title “Girls” by Kyoko Hikawa

Warning : Un-betaed a.k.a. Typos, GS, OOC, AU

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Previous Chapter

“Where have you been? I know you’re Jae’s childhood friend, but that’s not the reason for making Jae does all the work. You’re also our class representative.” Scold Kyuhyun giving her fiercest stare to Seunghyun. Seunghyun nervously look at me for help and then look to Kyuhyun while putting his hand in front of his chest, signaling his capitulates.

“Um… I went to the toilet because I got a diarrhea.” He said timidly. Then, out of nowhere, the three of us is greeted by Junsu peeking out her head at the same time as smiling to us.

“Is it that when people write their story or their daily activities in a book?!” she’s doing her quiz game again.

“It’s a diary.” This time it’s Kyuhyun who answer her and put down her broom. I shake my head in defeat. Why can they just listen to me for once?

“Why are you still here Junsu?!” I asked the girl, but the response I get is just a lovely smile from her. Now you see how it’s so tough to be a class representative to this class. Oh Lord, please let me get through the day.

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Junsu P.O.V

I walk to the teacher room after my best friend Jaejoong told me what I have to do. Jaejoong always do this to everyone who needs help. She makes sure that the person who asked for her help would get the help they needed. It’s the same way to Kyunnie and I. Maybe more to us because we’re her best friends. She is a mother hen and I love it.

When I got to the teacher room, the room is empty. That’s strange. Where are the teachers? I look around for a minute, trying to find someone who can help me. However, because I too absorb with finding people, I forget why I’m here. Where should I do in this room again? I tend to get nervous if I suddenly forgetful like this.

Come on. Think about it Junsu. Jae told me about teacher something. What is it again? I think I’m too wrapped up with my own thought, I don’t hear someone open the teacher room behind me and because I stand in front of it, that person couldn’t enter the room.

“Um, what are you doing? You are blocking the way.” He said straight on. I know it was a man because of his deep voice. I turned around and face the most handsome face I’ve ever seen. He’s tall too, too tall in fact. His height makes me have to stretch my neck more so I could face him.

“Hey? Are you listening what I’m saying?! Move. I need to get in.” he tried again to make me move from where I standing, but being me, instead of answering him and move a little, I even start my quiz game with him because for some reason he made me think about Jae and Kyunnie at the same time.

“It’s used to bake something.”


“It’s means that you compete with others.”


“When you care and think all the time of a person.”

“Love.” After he said the last word, I’m so stun by him. He didn’t look at me with strange stare and walk away like everybody else although his has this deep frown. Yet that frown so different from everyone else. That frown isn’t the kind of frown that shows you hate that someone. It’s just… a normal frown.

What makes me even more stun is that he even follow suit my game. His face is still shown some aggravate but it’s just that. He keeps looked at me with those eyes. Wait a minute. Those eyes are so beautiful. Kind of remind me of my cats or more like a bambi. I’m not sure.

Without me realize it, I tilt my head to the side a little and stare intently at him to look closer at his eyes. However, I couldn’t see it very clear because he keeps moving his head back and the strange thing happen. I see his face is going red when I keep inching myself closer to him. Why is he red like that? Is it because of me? Do I have a super power to make someone red when I’m near them? But Jae and Kyunnie never have red face like his. Conversely, I like his red face. It so makes him so cute like my babies.

“Er, can you move away? Why you’re looking at me like that? Is there something wrong with my face?” the bambi man asked me. Hey, I can call him bambi man for the time being because I don’t know his name.

“No, it’s just that you have such a lovely eyes. You’re also cute like Bakira, Tigger, Leon, Leo, and Pard.” I replied him with a smile of my own. His face is getting redder and redder. Oh, my. So cute. I saw him try to calm himself for a couple of second before retort to me.

“I think you wrong. I’m not cute. I’m handsome”

“Is handsome and cute the same? It’s still requires such a good looking face right?”

“Um… I guess.”

“So I was right. You are cute.”

“Um… Thank you. I guess…”

“You’re welcome. Oh, and you’re just as good as Jae.” I said and that’s making him look baffled. Of course Junsu, this man doesn’t know Jae. Why you always said thing that confused people? I clearly need to snap out. I’m talking to myself again.

“As good as Jae in what?” he interrupted my mind when he asked that question. I smile at him and explaining what he’s so good about.

“My quiz game. Eeu kyang kyang” I laugh. I looked at his shock face, the same face that people used to give me when they heard my laugh. What is wrong with everyone? My laugh is cute and exquisite.

“Geez, girl! Talk about loud. Your voice is…”

“Weird?” I cut him with my assumption. I kind of know what his going to tell me. I have been heard it all my life. I feel a little sad. I thought he would be different than those people.

“Weird? Unique is more likely, although I think you could tone it down a little bit.” He told me. I looked at him quite surprise with his answer. Is this really happening? Someone beside Jae and Kyu could say such a nice thing to me. He’s not only cute; he’s a good person too.


“Yeah, really. It’s your style. That makes who you different from others.”

“Thank you.” I said gleefully. It’s the first time I feel happy like this with a stranger. He replied my thanks with just a nod. He then look around and fix his gaze at me again.

“So, can I pass now? I really need to put this teaching material inside.” He said while showing me his stuff that he’s been holding. I confused once more. I don’t get it why people tend to make confound remarks at me. I voice out my confusion to him.

“Why are you asking me? You can pass anytime you want.” When I said that, he’s looking bewildered at me and then starts laughing. It’s making me more confused. But, I like it better when he laughs like that than his frowning face.

“Hahaha… You’re really are something. So funny and cute too.” He murmured something but because he said it too inaudibly, I couldn’t hear anything.

“Excuse me?”

“Nothing. I’m asking you that because I can’t enter the room if you’re still in the way.”

“What way?”

“Oh my God. You’re clueless aren’t you?!” He said while chuckled a bit after his blown up laughter. What did I do? I’m just standing here. What way? I totally don’t understand. However, I know what he meant when he gently push my body with his one hand that didn’t bring anything to the left side while he move to the right side.

“Changmin, what took you so long?!” suddenly someone peek his head to the teacher room before showing himself completely to both me and the man. I know him. He’s my sunbae in the broadcasting club that Jae, Kyunnie and I joined.

“Yunho-sunbae.” I called him. Yunho-sunbae is one of the nicest person I’ve know beside Jae, Kyunnie, and this man who’s I be knowledgeable about his name is Changmin, that didn’t look at me like I’m a weirdo. Yunho-sunbae notices me and smile at me.

“Junsu-ah. What are you doing in the teacher room?”

“I don’t know. I was just thinking about the same question. Jae told me before about teacher something but I kind of forget about that.”

“That’s so typical of you.” Yunho-sunbae smile at my answer. He ruffled my hair gently. I smile at his action. It always feels good when someone stroke my hair like that.

“Ehm. Yun.” Out of the blue, Changmin-sunbae interrupts our interconnection to each other. Both Yunho-sunbae and I look at him but only Yunho-sunbae that reacts to Changmin-sunbae calling.

“Oh, sorry Changmin. Junsu, this is Shim Changmin my classmate and childhood friend. Changmin, this is Kim Junsu. She’s a member in our broadcasting club.” He introduces the both of us. Changmin-sunbae looked at me first and then laughs once again before flick his finger in my forehead.

“Hi. Nice to meet you.” He said while holds out his hand for a hand shake. I’m baffle with this kind of act, especially when he calmly flicks my forehead first. Is he from out of Korea or something? Didn’t we suppose to bow to each other? Changmin-sunbae seems to grasp my perplexity because he smiled and takes back his hand then he bows a little to me. I smiled back at him and bow too to him as well as a form of my respect.

“Kim Junsu. Nice to meet you too sunbae.”

“Ditto. Oh, by the way, I think I know why you came here Junsu-ssi.”

“Hihihi..” I giggle a little because he calls me Junsu-ssi. I felt kind of funny that he acts so polite to me while before he’s so rowdy. He’s so unpredictable but kind at the same time. I really like him. But I think I made him mystified by my act.

“Why are you laughing?”

“It’s because you just called me Junsu-ssi. I feel funny because although it’s common to call someone like that, but no one beside the teacher here called me that. People always call me a weirdo, dolphin girl, and other nicknames I don’t know it exist. You’re different.” I tried explaining to him. He seems understand what I meant although I see a little changing on his face features. He seems annoyed about something. However, as soon as I see it, as soon as it fade away also. Maybe it’s just my imagination.

“Do you want me to call you Junsu-ssi all the time?” He suggest to call me like that because how happy I was when he called me Junsu-ssi. I really like if someone address me formally like that beside the teachers but it’s seems strange hearing it from your sunbae, especially as nice as Changmin-sunbae does. I really want him to call me like my other friends.

“No. It’s too formal. Just call me Junsu, Changmin-sunbae.” I’m demurred his suggestion softly with a smile on my face. He smiles again. I notice beside his beautiful eyes, his smile is also charming. It’s official. I’m a huge fan of Changmin-sunbae. I wish I could take his eyes and smile and give it to my babies. They will look as lovely and handsome as he is. Then I could satisfy myself looking at those gorgeous eyes and smile all day when it’s weekend. Maybe I could ask Changmin-sunbae how to make those eyes and smile for cats. I’ll ask him next time I met him. Oh I hope I will be meeting him again.

“Fine. I called you Junsu. But could you just call me Changmin. I like it that way.” He breaks off my musing with that statement. I look up to him and nod my head.

“Sure. No problem.” I replied, agreeing with his request to call him by only Changmin without the sunbae.

“Okay then. Now, I think you should just give me that teaching material. Our class is the next one who’s going to need it.”

“What teaching material?”

“The ones that’s in your hands Junsu. Did I have to write it down so you could understand?” He said and asked me while pointing in my hands. I look at my hands and find a ruler and a pointer. Oh yeah, these are the things I need to put back in the teacher room. The one that Jae remind me of and after that I have to meet with the upper classmen to tell them that our class already put the teaching material back so they could used it. But, the question is, which upper classmen? Which class? Oh Jae is going to kill me. Nonetheless, right now I have to give this to Changmin because he could help me put it back wherever it was kept.

“Now, I remember. This is why I came here for. I forget before because I was confused that no one is here. Thank you.” I gave the teaching material to him and bow down expressing my gratitude.

“Yeah, yeah. Now, you go back to your class. I will take it from here.”

“Once again thank you Changmin. I’ll go now. Oh! Bye, bye to you too Yunho-sunbae.” I bid my farewell to both of my sunbaes. It’s really a good day for me.

“Bye.” Yunho-sunbae says his goodbye. With that, I walked back to my class to tell Jaejoong that I’ll already do with the first task. I just need to ask her which class I should go to inform the upper classmen that she mentions before.

End Junsu P.O.V




“You like her don’t you.” Yunho utter his mind to his best friend slash childhood friend directly. He smiles looking at Changmin who seems could not taking his eyes from Junsu back the moment that girl walk away from the teacher room. Changmin only turned his face to Yunho and replied back with a small smile on his face.


“So, Junsu is the one, who supposed to meet us to tell that their class already put back the teaching material that we’re going to use, huh?!” Changmin only raise one of his eyebrows responding to Yunho.

“It’s a good decision to come here after all.”

“Yeah. For you.” Yunho only chuckled at his friend sudden interest to one of his club members.

“Indeed. But I’m curious, why people tend to say those ridiculous nicknames to her? She’s cute you know, even though she’s a little bit loud. But, why people don’t see that she’s cute and nice.” He criticizes the attitude of people who make nicknames for Junsu. At the meantime, Changmin walked to the teachers’ storeroom that used to keep the teaching material. Yunho only stand in the front of the door waiting for Changmin finished his task first. When Changmin show up, Yunho replied to Changmin disapprove of Junsu’s nicknames.

“I don’t know as well, Changmin. But one thing for sure, Junsu is a good girl. Those people are just seeing Junsu from the surface.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Um, Yun?”


“Will I ever see her again?”

“Maybe, Changmin. Maybe.”

“Yeah. Maybe.” With that both guys walked out the teachers room and strolling to their own class. While there are walking, Changmin mind only comprise with if he be able to see Junsu again. If so, he would definitely spend more time with that girl.

Then, suddenly he remembers something and stops his walk. That make Yunho stop his walk too and stare confusedly at Changmin.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just remember. Do you know who Bakira, Tigger, Leon, Leo, and Pard are?”