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Title : Girls 3

Pairing : Yunjae, Minsu (ChangminxJunsu), Wonkyu, maybe other pairings

Rating : PG 13

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God and also shoujo manga ‘Girls’ belong to the genius Kyoko Hikawa-sensei

Inspired : Shoujo Manga with the same title “Girls” by Kyoko Hikawa

Warning : Un-betaed a.k.a. Typos, GS, OOC, AU

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Previous Chapter

“Yeah, you’re right. Um, Yun?”


“Will I ever see her again?”

“Maybe, Changmin. Maybe.”

“Yeah. Maybe.” With that both guys walked out the teachers room and strolling to their own class. While there are walking, Changmin mind only comprise with if he be able to see Junsu again. If so, he would definitely spend more time with that girl.

Then, suddenly he remembers something and stops his walk. That make Yunho stop his walk too and stare confusedly at Changmin.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just remember. Do you know who Bakira, Tigger, Leon, Leo, and Pard are?”

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Jaejoong P.O.V

Today was a nice day to begin with. I woke up as usual, preparing myself for school and went to it by train. And as usual as well, I’m waiting for Seunghyun to be here on time. The train hasn’t come yet so I still have the time to ponder over what just happen yesterday at spring cleaning duty. I giggle to myself if I remember what Junsu have done to our sunbaes. She innocently points out to one of Yunho-sunbae’s classmate that he looks cute like her cats. I really couldn’t understand the mind of that girl. Everything is a look alike of her cats to her.

When I went back to Yunho-sunbae class to do what supposed Junsu had done which is telling about the teaching material that we’ve already put back, and meet in person with the guy that Junsu claimed as cute as Bakira, Tigger, Leon, Leo, and Pard. I have to say that he is kind of cute just like Junsu said. Although I’m very sure he’s far from what Junsu call looks the same as cats.

Junsu also came with me to Yunho-sunbae class because he felt a little bit guilty for forgetting the task itself. And because Junsu and I went to the class together, Kyu who’s never want to be left behind came as well. She told me that she want to make sure that Junsu and I were safe going into third year section when I know for sure she just curious about the guy Junsu so giddy about.

I have to say seeing Junsu so interest in other people like this is so sweet. Well, Junsu like people from the start. She is nice to all of them, but this guy whose Junsu talked about, have something different that could make Junsu comparing everything to him. And she never did that unless for her cats. For example, when Seunghyun help me with some task regards the cleaning duty, Junsu pops out and claim ‘Changmin could do that too. Even better. You should learn from him Seunghyun-ah. He can do anything.’ See. And Junsu call our sunbae with just his name. It’s pretty big issue if you know Junsu.

Well, at least I don’t have to worry about Changmin-sunbae (I remember his name now because Junsu always said Changmin this and Changmin that. Really?!) act toward Junsu, because I know for certain that Changmin-sunbae won’t tease, hurt or do any bad things to Junsu like she used to experience with new people. Changmin-sunbae was not always all smiling kind of guy with junsu. On the contrary, his words are quite sharp when it comes with Junsu’s antique but I could feel Changmin-sunbae didn’t mean anything harm. He’s just wanted to make sure that Junsu was right on track. All and all, I think they have good chemistry and I think Junsu would be fine with him.

Back to me. I heard that the announcer told the train to my school will be arriving in 5 minutes. However, I can’t see Seunghyun anywhere.

“Where is he?” I contemplate myself for Seunghyun tardiness. I’m never going to figure out why Seunghyun like to be late all the time when I’m always told him otherwise. When the trains come, stops in front of me, and open its door, I look back behind my shoulder to see if Seunghyun already here. But, I don’t think I see him anywhere. With a sighed, I step inside the train and waiting for the train to close up and move. However not a second since I went in, I see Seunghyun run like crazy to catch up with the train.

“Hey! Wait up!” he shout, trying to be inside the train before it’s closed.

“Hurry up Hyunnie!” I urge him to run faster. Seunghyun ran like his life depends on it, which technically it is. He doesn’t want to mess up with our disciplinary teacher and get a detention for being late. Just a couple more step and he’s inside the train, safe and sound.

“Wuih… That was close.”

“If only you wake up sooner, you don’t have run like that every single morning, Hyunnie.”

“I’ve made it didn’t I?!”

“Barely.” After I said that we look into each other eyes and start to laugh. This is like our routine every morning before we go to school. Once we hold down our laughter, we talk like usual to fill the time until we reach our destination. I really enjoy my time with Seunghyun like this. Just the two of us, sharing many things outside regards our club and other friends beside our circle.

I glance into Seunghyun striking face. Listen to his captivated voice. Take in his great smile and laugh. All of Seunghyun good features. He never realizes I’m watching him all the time. He never realizes my feelings for him. Seunghyun only look at me as a childhood friend and a very dear best friend. He will never like me as a lover because I know that Seunghyun like someone else, although I never see her face before.

When I’m busy contemplating myself, our train stops at another station for taking other passengers. In those passengers who boarded to the train, I see a beautiful girl with shoulder-length two toned hair. She’s wearing our school uniform.

I think she notice that Seunghyun and I are wearing the same uniform as her, so she bows down a little to us. I replied the bow back, but the one thing that makes me confused is Seunghyun already stand a little bit far from me. It seems that he doesn’t want to be seeing standing so close to me. When and how did he do that? I look at him weirdly and turned my attention to the girl and finally understand why Seunghyun acts like that. The girl waves a little to Seunghyun and stroll down the in the train to find a good spot while I stare at Seunghyun with acknowledgeable look in my face.

“Ah, so that’s the mysterious girl you’ve been having a crush on? She’s beautiful Hyunnie.” I praise the girl beauty. Even tough, gazing at her feature, she looked daring but at the same time so pretty and sweet. She’s really a stunning girl. I see Seunghyun face turned red when I said that. Seunghyun is really like that girl.

“I know and yes she’s the one.” He replied while try to hiding his face red by ducking his head. I smile at this.

“In short, that’s the girl. The one you’re referring to when you talked about unrequited love. So, you don’t want her to think that I’m going out with you.” I guessing which I know exactly that is the reason why Seunghyun sudden behavior. Seunghyun only laugh halfheartedly and scratch his hair, showing his discomfort.

“I’m sorry, Jae. I’m acting weird all of a sudden. It… it’s not on purpose but I must look like a fool now.”

“Come on. Don’t say like that.”

“I know. It… It’s just that I really like her.” Seunghyun confession makes a tiny twinge in my heart, but I ignore it. I look at him softly and try to encourage him to talk to the girl about our real relationship so she doesn’t misunderstand.

“You should talk to her. You should tell her that we’re just childhood friends and classmate. Nothing else.” I’d advise him carefully. Seunghyun only sighed and look at me with sad eyes.

“That’s going be weird Jae. It’s not like she showing some interest at me or something.”

“Oh, come on. What are you going to lose anyway?!”

“I don’t know. I mean, I just know her because we’re in the same track team. Isn’t too awkward to just come up to her and said that we don’t have any special relationship.”

When he said that, I realize we already reach our destination. We cut off our conversation and walk about 5 minutes to our school. When we going to separate our ways because I have to buy some bread for just in case, I told him again that he should talk to that girl. I know I’m stupid because I support his love for that girl. But, I really don’t know how to tell him when he’s obviously in love with that girl.

“Talk to her. At least say good morning to her or something.”

“There’s no need.”

“Try it. Okay, I going there, you go first Hyunnie.” I said with a smile and run to the bakery near our school. I tried to calm down my heart. I know its hurts that the person you love is in love with others. But, I’m okay. I’m happy for Seunghyun and all Seunghyun need is a chance.

End Jaejoong P.O.V




Yunho P.O.V

Today is not as good as ever being. I think luck is not with me right now. First, I have to take the busiest train to go to school. I usually take the previous one before this train. However, because of some misunderstanding, I have to take this train.

Usually I go to school with Changmin because he lives in an apartment right next to me. We didn’t share the same apartment because we like our privacy and because I used to live with my brother. Changmin has a car, so basically we go together with his car. However, today is different because on the last minute when we ready to go to school, his family call saying that his father have been admitted to the hospital. Being the good son that he is, Changmin rushed to the hospital not bothering to me, calling his name.

Normally Changmin and I go half an hour before school start. And so, because Changmin just rushed out, I have to run, take the train, and run again to school, so I will not late. But, like I said earlier, my luck isn’t with me right now. I see the school gate already close. So, in order to catch up the first class, I have to force myself to climb the wall at the back of the school. I’m not used to this. Not at all. Quite the opposite, I’m never done this at all. So when I’m climbing the wall and jumped down on the other side, I accidently hit a dog who was laying there.

I’m in big trouble because the dog looks pretty mad at me. I sit still in my spot, not move a muscle, because frankly I’m a little bit afraid of dogs. It prepares to attack me, when I heard the lovely voice of Jaejoong not far from where my spot is.


“Ah, Jaejoong-ah.” Like I said, luck wasn’t my forte this day. I look stupid right now and what makes it worse, the girl that I like sees me like this.

“What are you doing here?” Jaejoong asked me worriedly. She is such a nice girl. With her doe eyes and plump lips makes me want to stare at her all day long. But, I have some unfinished business right here.

“Long story. Um… Could you help me? That dog looks like it’s going to eat me or something.” I asked back, trying my best to hold my composure while in reality, I scare at that dog very much.

“What?! Are you afraid of dogs or something?!” Kyuhyun said accusing me. I look at her and try to smile.

“Kind of.” I replied to her. She scoffed at me and putting her hands in her hips while saying this.

“Huh. I feel no sympathy for you. A man as big as you are, is afraid of dogs.” Ouch. That is so right. Sometimes Kyuhyun tend to tell what’s on her mind so forwardly. Wish I could do the same to Jaejoong.

“Well, I think so too.” I replied to her calmly and I think my answer didn’t satisfy her. She looks at me with her big and round eyes menacingly.

“Kyu, fear is something you can’t control of. So just help me out. Don’t worry Yunho-sunbae, I know this dog. He does belong to our school security.” Suddenly Jajeoong interjected our conversation. She kind of defends me in front of her friends while trying to help me as well. The last thing I know, she pull out meat bread from her bag and waves it to the dog.

“Hey Pochi. Come here, I have something for you.” She said. The dogs look suspiciously at first but then came right to Jaejoong, sniff the bread, and ate it. After that he just went along to his way. It’s leaving the four of us there looking at his tail that disappears around the corner.

“He’s gone. Bye bye Pochi. Have a nice day.” Shout Junsu. Really that girl. I don’t know why Changmin so captivated by Junsu. Well, you never know why or when you fall in love with someone. Not that Changmin would admit it that he’s in love with Junsu.

“Well, that one is an ungrateful dog.” I heard Kyuhyun talking to no one and without any warning, Junsu interpolating with Kyuhyun.

“It’s something gross and icky.”


“When you car need something one more time.”


“Kyu fight with Siwon.”


“No it is not Kyu.”

“It does.” I stand up while these girls doing a conversation with their own. It’s really cute to think that Kyuhyun and Jaejoong could react so fast to Junsu’s quiz game. But, wait, there is one person who react the same. Its official, Changmin is in love with Junsu. He can deny it all his want, but the truth is out there.

Back to the girls, they’re enjoying themselves, never noticed that I already freshen up from my incident before and ready to leave for class. They still are talking to each other, forgetting like I’ve never been there.

“Never mind and stop with the quiz game Suie. We must hurry or we’ll be late.” Jaejoong remind her friends like a good mother should do. She really is like a mother hen (Jaejoong : I do not!! – Yunho : You are, baby).

“Yeah, you right Jae. We should be going. But that dog is really rude you know. Just leaving like that.” Kyuhyun still a bit annoyed by the dog attitude. I could see that Kyuhyun could smack the dog if Jaejoong is not here.

“I don’t know why he’s behaving like that. I always saw him every morning and give him some of my bread, but he never waving his tail. I wonder if he hates me.”

“He would bark if he hates you right?! Or maybe he smell Juju’s scent on you Jae” This time Junsu said convincing and tried reasoning to Jaejoong that the dog doesn’t hate her. Kyuhyun seems agree with Junsu and pat Jaejoong shoulder while stating her reason.

“He’s maybe a stray dog or being mistreated.” She said with a small smile. I look at my watch at see that the first class is going to be start soon. I stride up to Jaejoong and whisper in her ear.

“Hey.” Jaejoong seems astonish because I whisper in her ear. She jolt back immediately and take a few step back away from me.

“Ye…yeah… What is it Yunho-sunbae?” She stutters a bit. Her face was so funny I just want to pinch it. Instead, I just smile and fixing my bag that gets down from my shoulder.

“I will buy you more bread.” I suggest that I will exchange her bread but Jaejoong refuse it instantly.

“Ah, no need sunbae. You don’t have to.” She said while shaking her cute head, making her shoulder length black hair sway.

“It’s okay. I need to buy my lunch anyway. See you girls later at the club room.” I said and bid them goodbye before I run to catch my first class. Oh well, even though I start my day very unlucky, I got to meet Jaejoong in the end. Maybe my luck would turn around after all.

End Yunho P.O.V




“Wow. He’s fast.” Kyuhyun whistle when she sees how fast Yunho is running to his class.

“Yeah, I think he in hurry or something.” Jaejoong put her thought too. However it’s Junsu who set her thought to something else.

“Could he teach my cats to run fast like him?” After hearing Junsu said that, Kyuhyun and Jaejoong look at Junsu implausible. They have big sweat dropped on their head for that comment itself.

“Cats are basically a runner Suie, though they’re not considering as fast as other big cats. So, you don’t have to teach them how to run.” It’s Kyuhyun that try to explain to Junsu that it’s clearly impossible.

“Oh yeah. You’re right Kyu. Eeu kyang kyang.” She said while giving both Jaejoong and Kyuhyun her cute smile and afterward laughs with her miraculously dolphin voice. Kyuhyun grinned at that and turned her attention to Jaejoong. She found the Jaejoong face is red like a crab that’s been boiling in hot water.

“Why are you so red Jae?” She asked suspicious at Jaejoong. Jaejoong look nervous a little when Kyuhyun asked that. She’s still feeling embarrassed by Yunho voice in her ear. That’s why she tried to overcome the nervous by waving her hand in front of her face and replied to Kyuhyun.

“No…nothing… It’s just that Yunho-sunbae has such a nice voice. He sounds like a voice actor when he whispers in my ear.” Jaejoong smile cogently to make Kyuhyun believe her. Kyuhyun just frown at this.

“I don’t like him.”

“I see Kyu hates boys.” Junsu who heard Kyuhyun said that makes her own statement which makes Jaejoong want to slap her forehead.

“Suie, I told you to not make strange assumption. It could be misunderstood by people around us.” Jaejoong chastise Junsu for saying ambiguous things. Junsu could only nodded and once again smile cutely at Jaejoong.


“Anyway, He is weak, he’s calm attitude is weird. I don’t like that guy.” Kyuhyun continue her criticize toward Yunho. Jaejoong shake her head because her friend is so skeptical to her own club president. They already know him for 1 year and still going but Kyuhyun still have this doubt to Yunho.


“You think so Kyu?! But Yunho-sunbae is so nice, the same as Changmin does.” Kyuhyun and Jaejoong turned their head to face their most innocent friend. They face each other and giggled together. They think the same things. Junsu is definitely like Changmin. Then Jaejoong start walked to her class followed by Kyuhyun and Junsu, but not forgets to comment on Kyuhyun critic toward Yunho.

“Yeah, Kyu. I think Yunho-sunbae is just impetuous sometimes. Ah, forget it, girls. We have to hurry. First class is about to start.” They walked together; sometimes tease each other and laughing to every word that most of the time was out from Junsu. But, most of their conversation include about fashion, new television drama, idol show, etcetera. Yeah, girls will always be girls.