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Title : Girls 4

Pairing : Yunjae, Minsu (ChangminxJunsu), Wonkyu, maybe other pairings

Rating : PG 13

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God and also shoujo manga ‘Girls’ belong to the genius Kyoko Hikawa-sensei

Inspired : Shoujo Manga with the same title “Girls” by Kyoko Hikawa

Warning : Un-betaed a.k.a. Typos, GS, OOC, AU

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Previous Chapter

“You think so Kyu?! But Yunho-sunbae is so nice, the same as Changmin does.” Kyuhyun and Jaejoong turned their head to face their most innocent friend. They face each other and giggled together. They think the same things. Junsu is definitely like Changmin. Then Jaejoong start walked to her class followed by Kyuhyun and Junsu, but not forgets to comment on Kyuhyun critic toward Yunho.

“Yeah, Kyu. I think Yunho-sunbae is just impetuous sometimes. Ah, forget it, girls. We have to hurry. First class is about to start.” They walked together; sometimes tease each other and laughing to every word that most of the time was out from Junsu. But, most of their conversation include about fashion, new television drama, idol show, etcetera. Yeah, girls will always be girls.

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Jaejoong P.O.V

Junsu, Kyuhyun, and I are strolling down the busy street to get to our destination which is the movie theater. It’s like a tradition for us to spend our Sunday with watching movie and have a meal after that. We take turns on watching the movie because we have different taste. Junsu likes comedy, Kyuhyun likes action and I… well, let’s just say I don’t mind what kind of movie we will watch.

As we got to the movie theater, we pick the action movie, because it’s Kyuhyun time to choose. Last week, we already saw some comedy romantic movie, choose by our dear Junsuie. We’ve a blast that day. Well, except for Kyuhyun, because she was so clueless when it’s come to comedy especially romantic comedy.

We’re in the movie theater for almost 2 hours. After seeing the movie, we continue with taking lunch at our favorite place called ‘Usual place’. Not more than 10 minutes, we arrived at ‘Usual Place’, taking our seat and scanning over menu that were given by the waiter.

“We like to order ‘Usual Place’ special menu please. Is it okay with you Suie, Kyunnie?” I asked before the waiter go to make our order. They both nodded and I give the menu back to the waiter while she bowing down a little to us.

“Usual Place is a strange name for a restaurant doesn’t you thinks so?!” I ask over to Junsu and Kyuhyun. They only shake their head together like twins. Seeing this, only make me sweat dropped. Why at a time like this they’re like a team? Oh wait, scratch that. They are a team. When Kyuhyun starts another fight, Junsu is always stand by with a broom or a mop in case Kyuhyun needs it which I don’t have a clue where she gets it.

While I sighed contemplating my best friends strange behaviors, I accidently see the beautiful girl that Seunghyun have an unrequited love for. She’s with a guy who looks older that she is. They seem like in deep argumentation.

“Oh come on oppa. Let me go with you. I really want to see the musical. I really like the actor in that musical.” She whines at the older man. I’m curious, if the man is her boyfriend or not. I don’t mean to eavesdropping, but I really want to know and they obviously quite loud. So I justified myself that they don’t care if people listen to their conversation.

The man spoke roughly and unclearly because he was talking with his mouth full of food. Ew… So unhygienic. Totally different from the girl who I’ve seen to be so mannerism in her eating.

“No way. I want to see it with my girlfriend. It’s weird to bring my sister to our date.” Oh, that man is her brother. Well, I kind of disappointed, but I ignore it because I still want to hear their conversation. The girl desperately tries to persuade her brother to allow her to watch the musical.

“But that ticket is available for three person oppa and you won it from that postcard quiz. It’s not like you’re paying for me. Please oppa, I swear I won’t bother you with your girlfriend.” Post card quiz? I remember that I’ve had join the quiz as well. It’s for fun at that time and I think this morning I saw a mail delivered to me. Did I win it also?

“No is a no, Yongie.” That man stand still with his decision, doesn’t really care about his sister who desperately begging him to bring her along.

“But oppa…”

“Hey that is Kwon Jiyong right?! The pretty runner from the track team.” My attention to that girl broke down when I heard Kyuhyun mention her name. I turned myself to her and was about to ask her about that girl. But we got interrupted by the waiter who brought our order. We settle our order first and after that we talk again at the same time picking and eating our food. (Nao: talk about mannerism, Jaejoong?! *lift an eyebrow* – Jaejoong: Shut up! Just keep typing.)

“You know her, Kyu?”

“Well yeah. She beats me in hurdles when our school held sport festival. She is quite a beauty that makes all the boys screaming and whistling like mad men. It’s so annoying.” Kyuhyun explain with a frown in her face. Suddenly Junsu step up in our conversation and like usual, throw us her quiz game. This time I’m the one who’s dealing with her because Kyuhyun didn’t acknowledge Junsu quiz game. She’s too wrapped up with her anger toward her loses to that girl.

“It’s something Kyu couldn’t do even if her life depends on it.”


“Yah!!” Kyuhyun protest immediately, although it is true. Both Junsu and I ignore her and it makes her sulk, while Junsu carry on with her quiz game.



“It’s when Changmin show his gorgeous self and perfect white teeth.” This time, I don’t know a reply to that sentence. When Changmin show his gorgeous self and perfect white teeth? What is that? Obviously I don’t know what Junsu was talking about.

However, the silent I gave her, makes her so happy because it’s the first time I couldn’t response to her quiz game. She claps her hand like some child who’s winning a new toy. She’s so cute. It makes me forget momentarily about Changmin sunbae’s gorgeous self and perfect white teeth stuff.

“Yey… Jae couldn’t answer my quiz game this time. It’s smiling, Jae. Changmin always show his gorgeous self and perfect white teeth when he smiles. I love it.” Junsu said explaining what she was referring to before. I really have taken aback with that retort. Oh my God. This girl really falls in love with Changmin-sunbae and she doesn’t even realize it. I nudge Kyuhyun who seems already calm enough and listening to our conversation just now.

“Kyu, I think Junsu really likes Changmin-sunbae.”

“You just know that?!”

“No. I mean really, really like Changmin-sunbae.”


“I do.” Junsu interjected really shock Kyuhyun and I. I really don’t aware that she’s listening to our chitchat just now. She giggled while continuing her talk.

“Changmin is so handsome and cute at the same time and he’s also so nice.” I’m feeling really peculiar about Junsu interest toward Changmin-sunbae. I mean, she only seeing him for like two times right?! She never meets with Changmin-sunbae after the teaching material ordeal. I want to ask that to Junsu but Kyuhyun beat me to it.

“Suie, why you are so sure that Changmin-sunbae is a nice person? You just met him like two times.”

“No, I don’t. I meet him every day.”

“WHAT?!!” Both Kyuhyun and I shout at the same time. Junsu shut her ears because of our shouting, looking at us with displease in her adorable face. But we don’t really care about that now. All we could think about is Junsu have been seeing Changmin without us knowing. This is so absurd. Junsu always talk about everything to us. I look at Junsu seriously. I really have to get to this matter. I forget about that girl completely because of Junsu.

“Since when, Suie?”

“Hm… I think a few days after he help me in the teacher room.” Junsu explained with a smile. I’m astounded with that. That’s like two months ago right?! And Kyuhyun and I never notice anything.

“He’s been coming to my house every day after school or after club. We play with my babies sometimes. Oh, we also like to walk down to the park near my house, just enjoying the evening. Sometimes Changmin treat me an ice cream in a very nice ice cream café and sometimes he buys me things like the dolphin plushy on my room.” Junsu voice knocks me down out of my reverie. I look up to Junsu again and replied her.

“The new one which is has the size of half your body.” I state out the obvious because I already seen it. It is one of those expensive and limited editions plushy. I know that plushy is expensive and limited edition because I saw it in some toys store when I accompany my cousin in searching new toys. At that time, I don’t really care about whose buying it; I care about the size of it. It’s huge.

“Yeah that one. How do you know Jae?” Junsu asked me. Geez, really this girl. Her long term memories are really bad. She just show me like two nights ago when I visit her house to take my books.

“You show me like two days ago, Suie.” I said, once again remind her that she already show me the plushy. Junsu just tilt her head to the right and touch her lips with her finger. Once again, if she’s showing that kind of face to someone dangerous, she would be in trouble. That girl is just too cute for her own good.

“Oh right. I did.”

“Is he your boyfriend or something? It looks like you going out with each other. You’re doing a lot of things together.” Kyuhyun interrupts our conversation to ask my question exactly. Did Kyuhyun and I have the same wave length? Why is she always asking something that’s lingering on my mind.

“Boyfriend? Like Siwon and you, Kyu?” Now, that’s the response I don’t know how to comment. Really Junsu, you always said the most unpredictable things. I tried to hold back my laughter when I see how red Kyuhyun face is.

“Yah!! Siwon is not my boyfriend!” She complains loudly to Junsu and that girl just shut her ears again instantly. She looks at Kyuhyun for a couple of second before lay down her hands and start speaking again.

“But, Siwon and you always fought with each other every day. You are doing a thing together. So he is your boyfriend.”

“I told you, Siwon is not my boyfriend and fighting isn’t what you called doing a thing together Junsu.” Kyuhyun tried slowly this time to make Junsu understand that she doesn’t have any relationship or whatsoever with our classmate Choi Siwon.

“Really? But you look so happy when Siwon start a fight with you Kyu.” Ah, good one Junsu. Wow…This girl is good. Kyuhyun face is so red that I think she would pass out because of embarrassment and I just couldn’t help myself to put my own thought into this.

“She is, huh?!” I said tease Kyuhyun. She turned her stare to me instead and frowning, disagrees with my statement.

“I do not!” She whines at me. But I pay no attention to her; I just turned my head to face Junsu once again.

“Okay, okay, we get it. You don’t like Siwon, just a simple crush. By the way we’ll still talk about Junsu and Changmin here.”

“I don’t look happy when I fight with Siwon and I’m not having a crush on him.” I rolled my eyes at her persistence.

“Alright, we get it. Can we back to Junsu please?” I see Kyuhyun nod although she looks unsatisfied with my answer. I sighed because for once Kyuhyun doesn’t pursue more about it.

“Thank you. Okay, Suie. Just answer my question truthfully okay. No more hiding.” I said seriously to Junsu while Junsu just munching her salad. I wait for her answer but Junsu just silent, still eating her salad.



“Your answer?”

“To what?” This time, it’s Kyuhyun who looked like she’s trying to hold back her laugh. I just stare at Junsu like she grown another head. I really want to scream in frustration because of this girl alone. However, I just sighed and repeat my statement again. First thing first.

“I want you to answer my question truthfully. No more hiding.”

“Oh that. Okay, Jae. I don’t hide anything.”

“Then why you’re not telling us about Changmin?” Again, Kyuhyun have to cut me off. I look at Kyuhyun a little bit annoyed, but she ignores me. Called that a revenge.

“You never ask.” Junsu answer straight forwardly, makes Kyuhyun and I are flabbergasted because what she said is true. We never ask her, but Junsu usually told everything even if we don’t want to know about her business.

“You always tell.” Argh!! It’s making me insane because Kyuhyun once again stating my exactly thought. I really have to examine my brain, to make sure there isn’t a microchip planted on me and Kyuhyun.

“Oh that. Changmin told me that I don’t have to tell you about him if you don’t ask me. Changmin also told me that eventually you will ask me, so he said that I should just wait.” Junsu reply really out of context. He listen to somebody he just knew for a while. What is wrong with her? However we could never blame Junsu. She is just being Junsu. There is only one person to blame.

“That sneaky guy.” No need for a genius to tell who’s saying that. It’s official. There is a microchip planted in my head and Kyuhyun. It’s getting freaky. Nevertheless, I have to concentrate on coaxing the truth from Junsu.

“Okay, Suie. Now can we ask you about Changmin?”


“Do you and Changmin are having a relationship?”


“WHAT?!” Kyuhyun and I shout together, making Junsu shut her ears once again.

“Why are you always shouting at me like that? My ears hurt.” She whines while pouting her lips and blowing her checks. Totally adorable.

“Sorry Suie baby. Just got a little bit of a shock.” I baby talk her so she didn’t sulk or otherwise she would never speak about Changmin. And it works. Of course it’s works. It’s always works. Junsu is like my daughter so I know her weakness. (Nao: told you, Jae… You are a mother hen. – Jaejoong: I do not! – Nao: Yeah, right…)

“That’s okay. But don’t shout again okay. My ears hurt.”

“Okay, we won’t. So, is Changmin your boyfriend now?”


“Then what is he? You just told us you have a relationship with him. Is he just your friend or something else? What?”

“He’s not my friend also.” Okay, her answer really confused Kyuhyun and me. We stare at each other and asked Junsu at the same time.

“Then what?”

“He’s my fiancé.”

“WHAT?!” Junsu immediately shut her ears again and look at us with frown in her face. Even with a frown Junsu still look so endearing. But, so much for promising Junsu to not shout again because you can’t blame us. Our baby girl engaged to someone and we didn’t know.

Because of the things that Junsu just explained to Kyuhyun and me, I totally forgot about my own thought regardless to Seunghyun and the girl whose name is Kwon Jiyong. My thoughts are full with some explanation I should get from the guy who Junsu called as her fiancé.

End Jaejoong P.O.V