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Title : Girls 5

Pairing : Yunjae, Minsu (ChangminxJunsu), Wonkyu, maybe other pairings

Rating : PG 13

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God and also shoujo manga ‘Girls’ belong to the genius Kyoko Hikawa-sensei

Inspired : Shoujo Manga with the same title “Girls” by Kyoko Hikawa

Warning : Un-betaed a.k.a. Typos, GS, OOC, AU

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Previous Chapter

“He’s my fiancé.”

“WHAT?!” Junsu immediately shut her ears again and look at us with frown in her face. Even with a frown Junsu still look so endearing. But, so much for promising Junsu to not shout again because you can’t blame us. Our baby girl engaged to someone and we didn’t know.

Because of the things that Junsu just explained to Kyuhyun and me, I totally forgot about my own thought regardless to Seunghyun and the girl whose name is Kwon Jiyong. My thoughts are full with some explanation I should get from the guy who Junsu called as her fiancé.

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Lunch break bell were ringing five minutes ago. Every student is either in class, in cafeteria or in the school park to enjoy their lunch. However, both Jaejoong and Kyuhyun were not like those other students. They’re seeing in one particular class in the third class section during lunch. Its look like they’re waiting someone to emerge from that class and their waiting has paid off when Changmin walked out of the classroom.

As soon as Changmin walked out the room, Kyuhyun already shove her broom to Changmin. Jaejoong stare at Kyuhyun with dismay look in her face. What the…?! Thought Jaejoong seeing her friend were brutally attack their sunbae. Luckily Changmin have good reflex and dodge Kyuhyun attack. He even manages to take Kyuhyun’s broom making Kyuhyun looks at Changmin with disbelief. She never meets anyone who could take her weapon like Changmin did.

“Kyu, what are you doing?!” Jaejoong asked loud enough for other student stop their activities and looking at the three of them. Jaejoong realize her voice was too loud and disturb everyone else, immediately bow down several time to apologize to those who fell disturb by her shout. Meanwhile the source of Jaejoong fault is still look at Changmin with menacing eyes and rudely pointed her index finger to him.

“I just want to teach this tall guy a lesson for taking advantages of our Junsuie.” Kyuhyun said with a growl in her voice. Jaejoong sighed and shake her head slowly. She walks to Kyuhyun and lower down her finger.

“Kyu, we came here to ask question, not asking for a fight.”

“But Jae…”

“No but. Just let me do the talking.”

“Fine.” Kyuhyun said while yielding to Jaejoong. She really doesn’t want to see Jaejoong mad at her. Sometimes Jaejoong could be scary if she’s mad. Jaejoong sighed at Kyuhyun behavior, she fully understand why Kyuhyun angry but they are here to find some answer that clearly couldn’t be found from Junsu. Obviously.

They determined to get some explanation from Changmin about their friend Junsu because Jaejoong and Kyuhyun couldn’t believe the story that Junsu told them. It’s not like they don’t trust Junsu, but they don’t believe that their innocent friend is already engage to someone. What sick joke is that?

Both of them are not jealous because Junsu who is the younger between them (I make Junsu younger ^^v) already got a boyfriend more so a fiancé, but they more worried of Junsu choice. Clearly, they thought Changmin was taking advantages of Junsu innocent. That’s why they would find the answer from the source himself and conclude if their thoughts are right or wrong.

They can’t do this questioning to Changmin if Junsu there with them, so they intentionally left Junsu behind by giving her lots of pictures of cats and dolphins to distract her from going with them. And it’s always work every time, although Jaejoong always give the same picture over and over again. Junsu really blinded when it comes to those amazing animals. Regardless of that aside, now Jaejoong have a matter to attend. She then look back at Changmin and bow a little to show her manner and apologize on behalf of Kyuhyun offensive behavior earlier.

“I’m sorry Changmin-sunbae and for Kyunnie’s misbehavior act just now.”

“It’s okay. No harm done although I think your friend there needs a little anger management going on.” Changmin replied while barring his smiles or more like a smirk that Junsu always fond of. Jaejoong nodded yet feel a little bit worried when she feels Kyuhyun deathly aura directed to Changmin because of that comment.

She held up a hand to Kyuhyun, signaling to the high spirit girl to just chill down and let her do this properly. Kyuhyun just rolled her eyes and then nodded. Jaejoong smiled and continue with what she’s coming here for.

“Right Changmin-sunbae. Okay then. So, the reason why we come here and see you it’s because we have some matter to ask you. Could we have your time for just a few minutes, sunbae?”

“Sure. I believe this is regarding Junsu?” Changmin agree to Jaejoong request and leaning near the door of his class room after put down Kyuhyun’s broom, but he’s leaning far enough to not blocking the entrance of his classroom. Jaejoong and Kyuhyun stand in front of Changmin and look up to face Changmin. Jaejoong start to talk again.

“Yes. We just want to clarify something, if it’s alright with you.”

“Yes, go ahead.” Seeing Changmin agrees to it, Jaejoong asking straight to the point.

“Is it true you’re going out with Junsu?” Changmin is a little taken aback by Jaejoong question, but he quickly stand firm and never let go his proud smile from both of the girls in front of him while answering every question that Jaejoong ask.

“Yes. It’s true.”

“Since when?”

“Last week. I confess a month ago but she accepted me just last week when I asked for her answer once again. We’ve been official couple since then.”

“Why Junsu takes a long time accepting you sunbae? From what I know, you become close to Junsu about two months ago.”

“Well, I really don’t know exactly. However, I remember she’s very happy that I give her a dolphin plushy last week, the exact same time when I ask about her answer. She just squealing and hugs me and the last things I know, she said yes. To think about it, I always gave her many things the last few months as a form of my courting, but that plushy really is the one she so excited to have.” Changmin finished his explanation. He began ponders again on the odd attitude of Junsu when he began his relationship with Junsu as a couple. It’s still bothers him a lot though he’s now quite happy that Junsu is his girlfriend.

Meanwhile Jaejoong and Kyuhyun who really pay attention to Changmin elucidation, just burst out laughing without a warning, making Changmin looked at them with a slightly glare at the both of them. However, both Jaejoong and Kyuhyun didn’t even cower with those murderous stare that directed to them. They just still laughing and laughing until they both feels cram on their stomach.

“Hahaha… Oh this is hilarious.” Jaejoong said between her laugh, putting her back of the hand to her mouth to conceal her laughter and one hand to ease her stomachache because of the laugh.

“Tell me about it. Hahaha… That’s very Junsu alright.” Kyuhyun throw in her own estimation. She is still clutching her stomach because she’s laughing so hard. Not to bother to close her mouth like Jaejoong. (Nao: Kyu, please behave like a lady. – Jaejoong: Never going to happen. – Kyuhyun: Hey!!).

“Hey! Stop laughing! What’s so funny about me and Junsu?!” Changmin ask confusedly and at the same time irritated by Jaejoong and Kyuhyun manner. He’s very clueless to what happen with those two girls. Jaejoong make an effort to calm herself, although there is still some giggled come out her lips.

“No sunbae. We’re sorry. Nothing’s wrong. We’re just confirming about something. It has nothing to do with you.” Jaejoong enlighten Changmin about why she and Kyuhyun laugh like that.

Changmin is feel there is something fishy about Jaejoong reply just now and it makes him anxious. Changmin quite aware that both of the girls in front of him are know everything about Junsu. So their reaction right now really means something. Changmin have to find out what it is because he doesn’t want anything jeopardize his relationship with Junsu.

Come on, he’s just take baby step with Junsu as his girlfriend and from what Changmin feels right now to Junsu, Changmin don’t want to let go of her. Clearly, Changmin really like Junsu, maybe even love her. He wants Junsu to himself and that’s the reason why he never ask anyone for courting even from her so called to best friends.

“No, I think you’re hiding something from me. What is it? Tell me. I don’t want Junsu to accept me because she feel need to. Because she fell that she would return my feeling because she needs to repay me back for all the things I gave and done to her.” Changmin look slightly unsure of himself, about being Junsu boyfriend. He urges Jaejoong and Kyuhyun to give him answer and confirmation about his thoughts. If what he’s been saying just now is the truth, then Changmin would not back down. He would do this courting thing until Junsu truly be his.

In the intervening time, Jaejoong sees Changmin’s anxious but determined face also. Jaejoong know what’s going on in the man’s heart and she felt remarkably delighted to see that Changmin seems to adore Junsu. She smile at Changmin and answer the tall guy the good news.

“You don’t have to worry about anything Changmin-sunbae. Junsu would never do that. In fact she never thinks about that. If she accept you than it means it’s her real feelings. The reason why we laugh just now is because Junsu would always react to cats and dolphins, even when she is in a middle of someone giving her a love confession.”

“I don’t get it. What do you mean? What these have to do with that plushy thing?”

“And students said that you’re a smart guy.” Kyuhyun remarks sarcastically to Changmin lack of understanding. Jaejoong doesn’t like Kyuhyun snide comment and she warn Kyuhyun.

“Kyu…” Hearing that sweet but dangerous tone from her dearest friends Jaejoong, made Kyuhyun cowers a bit. She holds up her hand in front of her chest slightly gesturing her obedience.

“Okay, okay… I’ll shut up.” Jaejoong look satisfied with Kyuhyun docile manner. She turned her attention back to Changmin and continues her explication.

“All I can say is Junsu also like you, sunbae. She even said you’re so handsome and very nice. She talks about you every single time. I think, maybe she just observing you for the whole time you courting her. Junsu might be innocent but she’s not dense to someone advance toward her. I heard from Junsu that you spend your days together this last two months after school or after club activities.” Changmin nodded to those terms makes Jaejoong smile so sweetly and Kyuhyun rolled her eyes.

“Junsu never did that to anyone else beside us two. Although she likes having people around, she’s also too scared to be close to them. Maybe because she’s been experiencing some harsh moments from those people who couldn’t accept for what Junsu are.” Changmin look angered about the things happen to Junsu based on Jaejoong telling. This reaction make Kyuhyun a little let loose, because she would also have the same reaction when Junsu is involve in some mistreatment act from others. Jaejoong look back and forth between Kyuhyun and Changmin before continuing.

“But, she got close to you didn’t she?! And that’s good. The plushy was just a trigger for Junsu to finally accept your advance. So trust her and please take care of her. She’s like our sister. Our baby girl.” Those words snap Changmin from his daydream about killing some people who likes to bully Junsu. He looks at Jaejoong first and then at Kyuhyun before settle to Jaejoong again and responding to Jaejoong request.

“I will take care of her because the moment she gave me the yes answer and that lovely smile, I know for sure that I would be complete with her by my side.”

“Sappy.” Once again Kyuhyun gave a cynical remark toward Changmin. Jaejoong stare at Kyuhyun with dismay look.


“It’s alright Jaejoong-ssi. I should thank you both for coming here, telling me more about Junsu. So thank you”

“Just for your information sunbae. If you hurt Suie, you will be messing with me.” Kyuhyun warns Changmin. She clearly tries to ignore the dark feeling she get from Jaejoong. Jaejoong just have this disbelief look on her beautiful face. She really couldn’t understand Kyuhyun action sometimes.

“I know.” Changmin reaction to Kyuhyun warning is pretty well. He never waver when Kyuhyun look at him threateningly. Kyuhyun just turned her head to the side feeling a little defeated because Changmin doesn’t seems to be scared at her piercing eyes. (Nao: of course not. Who would afraid with your beautiful eyes, Kyu. – Kyuhyun: *blushing* – Nao: Kyu?).

“So, are that all you going to ask about?” Changmin ask to the both of them. Jaejoong shake he head and reply to him.

“Not quite. Just one more.”

“Shoot me.”

“With pleasure.”

“Kyu!!” Jaejoong finally lose her patient. She taps Kyuhyun shoulder quite hard.

“Ouch! Okay, okay… I’ll behave.”

“You’re said like every time, but still doing the same.”

“I promise this time.” Jaejoong only rolled her eyes and apologize to Changmin.

“I’m so sorry sunbae. She likes this every second I let my eyes off her. Please don’t be mad at her.” Changmin just nodded and gesturing for Jaejoong to continue.

“So sunbae, one more question and we would go.”

“Go ahead.”

“Why Junsu called you her fiancé? Is it a bit odd, don’t you think?! And why did you tell her to keep it a secret from us?”

“Oh, that. Yeah, sorry about that, it’s not my intention at first.”


“Well, I have my own reasons to keep a secret from everybody.”

“Please elaborate.”

“Um, okay. First, I think both of you realize that Junsu like those sappy drama right?! Well, Junsu told me that she want to feel like an actress in some drama television that she likes. She said that the main actor looks like me and the actress looks like her. Because they both engage in the drama and introduce each other to other people as fiancé, so she asked me to do the same. Who am I to deny such request, especially with those puppy eyes she gave me. So, both of you could guess what happen next.” Jaejoong and Kyuhyun just want to slap their forehead when they listen to Changmin description about Junsu term of calling Changmin as her fiancé.

“Typical Junsu.” Both of them chorus the same comment. Changmin chuckled hearing both girls comment.

“By all means, I’m really up to it. Even more, make it a reality. But, I’ll play along for right now. I’m waiting for the right time.” Changmin said out of nowhere, which makes Kyuhyun ready to grab the broom that Changmin left beside the door.

“Why you sneaky..?!”

“And the second, sunbae?” Jaejoong cut off any fights that will happen because frankly she was also a little bit annoyed with Changmin intention. But she’s more curious about why Changmin told Junsu to keep it a secret about their courting and relationship to the both of them. (Junsu: I’m not keeping it as a secret. You’re the one who never ask anything. – Jae&Kyu: It’s the same thing. – Junsu: No, it is not. – Jae&Kyu: Yes, it is. – Junsu: No. – Jae&Kyu: Yes. – Nao: Will you three just shut up?! I’m trying to type here… – SuJaeKyu: Sorry… – Author: God!!).

“I just don’t feel like it’s something to be discussed about. I’m still courting her at that time; it’s not a big deal. I told her to wait until both of you ask her. I thought, knowing you always together, you will start questioning her immediately. I quite surprise when you just confront me when I’ll already have a relationship with Junsu.” Jaejoong could only sigh when Changmin explained his reason.

She thinks, there are only two causes for this situation to happen, either they, Jaejoong and Kyuhyun, to wrap in their selves not noticing what’s been happening with Junsu or Junsu actually really good at keeping herself undetected in this kind of matter. Other way, Jaejoong still fell a bit guilty for not noticing her friend’s happiness these last two month.

However, what already happen, is in the past now. She would have to just keep support the newly couple. With that new determination, she grab Kyuhyun arm and slightly drag her to go from that place. Jaejoong sould still see that her friend is still annoyed by the fact that Changmin could easily catch their friend’s heart.

“Alright then. We should go now Kyu. I still have to buy some bread; I don’t bring my lunch box today.” Jaejoong said with trying to pull Kyuhyun back from Changmin. Kyuhyun still stand firm in her place in front of Changmin while point out his index finger to his nose.

“You’re lucky this time.” Kyuhyun warn Changmin. Changmin could only show his smirk while Jaejoong sighed for the unknown time for today.

“Who is lucky, Kyu?”

“KYAA!!” Both Jaejoong and Kyuhyun shout because they are really shock with Junsu sudden appearance.

“I told you not to shout like that. My ears hurt.” Junsu sulk because of Jaejoong and Kyuhyun outburst behavior. She puffs her checks and pouts her lips, making her so adorable. Changmin who see his girlfriend sulking and making cute faces like that, just went to caressing her cheeks and put his hand in both Junsu ears.

“Here. Let me close your ears so you won’t hear them scream.” He said while giving Junsu his smile. Junsu squeal happily and graze lightly Changmin’s hands that cover her ears.

“Minnie so sweet.”

“Minnie?!!” Once again (Nao: I kind of tired writing this word. Jae&Kyu: Then don’t make us say the same words at the same time!!) Jaejoong and Kyuhyun voice out their shock to Junsu.

“Hey, my ears don’t hurt even when they shout like that. You really can do anything Minnie.” Instead of giving respond to both of them, Junsu just ignore them all together and praises Changmin.

“Of course. I’m your fiancé. I could do anything for you.” Changmin as usual just giving his beautiful yet cute girlfriend a nice smile and agreeing to her praises.

“Yup. Minnie is the best.” Declare Junsu, proud of Changmin.




Kyuhyun P.O.V.

“Yup. Minnie is the best.”

Oh my freaking God. Why is she acting like that toward that sneaky guy? I simply couldn’t understand the mind of our baby Junsuie. I’m really worried if someone going to hurt her. She is too nice for her own good. Jaejoong is nice too, but I don’t really worry about her since most of time she really composed of herself. Anyone would think twice to make enemies with Jaejoong. Not because she tough and likes to fight as I do, but more like people tend to think they couldn’t overrule Jaejoong. Yeah. Jaejoong is like a nice, friendly queen.

Back to Junsu. What is she doing here? Fortunately we already finished talking to that sneaky guy. If not, she would be upset because she would be thinking that we bothering Changmin-sunbae and I don’t like an upset Junsu. She would be difficult to handle if she upset. Not that she any less difficult when she in her good mood, but that’s a different story.

“What are you doing here, Suie?” Jaejoong asked my question exactly. I nodded and look at Junsu too. She shows us the pictures that we gave her earlier, the one with dolphins on it.

“Oh, I want to show this picture to Minnie.” She said, while stand in front of Changmin-sunbae. I notice that his hands that were in Junsu ears just a moment ago already perch itself to her shoulder. He’s really sneaky. When did he do that?! But my thought interrupted when Jaejoong asked Junsu again.

“Since when you called Changmin-sunbae Minnie, Suie?” That’s right. Since when Junsu?

“Since this morning, when he pick me up.”

“WHAT?!” Once again we shout together. The good thing is that sneaky guy’s hands really react fast. His hand already shut any noise that was disturbing Junsu ears.

“Wow Minnie so fast. Their shouting didn’t hurt my ears.”

“All for you, baby.”

“BABY?!!” And its official, Jaejoong and I will make a debut as a girl group with synchronizes action as our main charm that we do just now. We shout the same time, we often talk at the same time, and I think sometime we think the same thought at the same time. Seriously, it’s freaking me out. And truthfully, I think Jaejoong do think the same as I did. It proves with her staring at me weirdly.

“Oh my God. It’s enough for me. Come on Kyu, let’s go. Are you coming with us too Suie?” Jaejoong asked Junsu while making a face that clearly wants to get out of here as soon as possible. I do too. This lovey dovey stuff really gave me the goose bump.

“Where are you going?” Junsu ask quietly. I think I see she’s leaning to that sneaky guy while asking that question to Jaejoong. Is she?

“To the cafeteria.” Jaejoong answer while looking suspicious too to both Junsu and Changmin.

“Um, okay. I’ll show this to Minnie later. It’s that okay, Minnie?” said Junsu while turned his body to face Changmin-sunbae. Changmin is replying her with such a wide smile.

“Its fine, baby. Just go with your friends.” He said, agreeing to Junsu completely. She smiles so cutely to Changmin while arranging the picture she’s holding with one hand.

“Okay. See you later Minnie.” And then something outrageous happens. Junsu put her two fingers, the index and the middle one, to her lips and then place it on Changmin forehead. Meanwhile, Changmin reply that act with tapping Junsu nose two times and doing exactly what Junsu did earlier. Jaejoong and I are speechless with Junsu behavior. Since when Junsu is brave enough to do a public display of affection. I don’t believe this!!

End Kyuhyun P.O.V




“Bye, Minnie.” Junsu said his goodbye to her boyfriend a.k.a. fiancé.

“Bye, baby. You take care.”

“Okay. Come on Jae, Kyu.” She turned his body a little bit to face her best friends but only found that her friends are stone cold to where they are standing right now. Junsu confused stare makes Changmin who could still see Junsu face from the side, look to the two girls.

“Jae? Kyu?” Junsu asked while shaking their shoulder but they didn’t respond. Only stare blankly at front of them. Junsu feel worry because her friends never act like this, not knowing that they are frozen like this is because of her.

“Minnie, why are they like this? Is it because they see a medusa around here? We have to be watch out Minnie. She’s evil.” Changmin who heard those ridiculous reason come out from Junsu lips, could only chuckled.

“Oh Suie baby, you really are one of a kind.” He said while squeezing Junsu shoulder. Junsu only tilt her hear to the side and try to think hard about the meaning behind Changmin words.

“Huh?!” She said, really clueless with Changmin word. Changmin could only think that he is the luckiest man in this whole world for being Junsu boyfriend. She is so sweet and endearing, not to mention nice and innocent.

“Nothing.” Changmin just replied quickly. Then he pushes Junsu lightly to her friends and told Junsu to just grab their hand and go to cafeteria.

“Just drag them. They won’t mind.”


“Really. Now go. I see you later, baby.”

“Okay.” Then Junsu took each hand of Jaejoong and Kyuhyun and drag them to the cafeteria. It’s really a funny sight, because mostly it’s Jaejoong or Kyuhyun who used to drag Junsu whenever she didn’t pay attention to her surroundings. Well, there is always a first time for everything, right?!