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Title : Girls 6

Pairing : Yunjae, Minsu (ChangminxJunsu), Wonkyu, maybe other pairings

Rating : PG 13

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God and also shoujo manga ‘Girls’ belong to the genius Kyoko Hikawa-sensei

Inspired : Shoujo Manga with the same title “Girls” by Kyoko Hikawa

Warning : Un-betaed a.k.a. Typos, GS, OOC, AU

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Previous Chapter

“Oh Suie baby, you really are one of a kind.” He said while squeezing Junsu shoulder. Junsu only tilt her hear to the side and try to think hard about the meaning behind Seunghyun words.

“Huh?!” She said, really clueless with Seunghyun word. Seunghyun could only think that he is the luckiest man in this whole world for being Junsu boyfriend. She is so sweet and endearing, not to mention nice and innocent.

“Nothing.” Seunghyun just replied quickly. Then he pushes Junsu lightly to her friends and told Junsu to just grab their hand and go to cafeteria.

“Just drag them. They won’t mind.”


“Really. Now go. I see you later, baby.”

“Okay.” Then Junsu took each hand of Jaejoong and Kyuhyun and drag them to the cafeteria. It’s really a funny sight, because mostly it’s Jaejoong or Kyuhyun who used to drag Junsu whenever she didn’t pay attention to her surroundings. Well, there is always a first time for everything, right?!

( 。・_・。)(。・_・。 )

Jaejoong P.O.V

I stare at the crowded cafeteria in front of me. My intention to buy bread and a carton of milk blew away. I’m never going to make it alive in that hazardous sea of hungry students. They’re like piranhas. Hhh… My only opinion is to wait until the crowed lessen, although the risk is I don’t get the bread that I want or worse it run out because clearly the student that swarm in that cafeteria beside acting as a piranhas, they’re also a bunch of hungry hyenas. I regret of having told both Junsu and Kyuhyun to go to class first. I know that even we still have to struggle to get that food; at least I’m not doing it alone. But, not long after I think about that thought, I quickly dismissed it. It’s safer and less trouble for me if they didn’t here.

“Hey. Wake up, Jae. Don’t get your head in the clouds like that.” I turned my head quickly to the side when the said person just taps my shoulder. I see Seunghyun is already standing before me.


“What are you doing in here anyway? Aren’t you supposed to be with the quirky girl and crazy girl?” (Kyuhyun: Yah!! You punk! What till I get my hands on you…! – Junsu: What is quirky? Ah! I get a new one. I asked Changmin the meaning and used it for my word game. Minnie!! – Changmin: Right here, Suie baby. – Kyuhyun: Oh, please, spare me the PDA. It’s creeping me out! – Minsu: *ignore Kyuhyun and keep lovey dovey to themselves* – Kyuhyun: Never mind.)

“They’re not quirky and crazy, Hyunnie.” I smile at Seunghyun description of my best friends, although a part of me concurs with what Seunghyun have just said. (Kyuhyun: Yah! Traitor! – Jaejoong: I do not!! – Junsu: What did Seunghyun have just said?” – JaeKyu: *palm face themselves* you are hopeless.)

“They are to me.” Seunghyun said stubbornly and I could only laugh at Seunghyun stubborn attitude.

“By the way, you never answer my question, Jae.” Seunghyun remind me of his first question. I nodded while replying him.

“Oh I’m here to buy some bread and milk. But I think I just wait until the place safe enough.”

“Leave it to me then.” Suddenly, Seunghyun run to the mass of student and tried to push thorough. I couldn’t say anything to prevent him for getting murder by those hungry students because he’s already gone and I can’t see him anywhere. Exactly five minutes later, I found him run back to me, bringing some bread and milk.

“Here you are, Jae.” He said while giving me my share. I smile at him to show my gratitude and not to mention saying my thanks to him.

“Thanks. Hm… Umph.. Hihihi…” Out of blue I started to giggle. Not that I’m crazy, mind you, but because I remember something funny back then when I went to the cafeteria with Kyuhyun and Junsu. Seunghyun notice my giggled and asked me.

“Why you suddenly laughing like that? Is it something on my face?”

“No. It’s not that. I’ve just remember when I came here with Kyuhyun and Junsu once.”


“It was so crowded. A guy even hit me.” I giggled again when I remember how Kyuhyun and Junsu react back then.

Flash back

When I arrive in the cafeteria with Kyuhyun and Junsu, it was already packed with students, trying to get themselves some food for lunch. Seeing that students were acting brutally like my mom when she’s on sale shopping mode (Jae’s Mom: Yah!! You ungrateful child!!) makes me scared to be in that place and because I’m too wrapped in my own horror, I didn’t realize a guy who hit me if he didn’t yell at me afterward.

“Yah!! Watch were you standing, girl! You’re in my way!!” he yelled at me after he bump into me. I only touch my upper arms which had been clash together with his bulky arms. Kyuhyun who see this, instantly got mad at the guy. She grabs the guy arm and spun him around while yelling at him.

“What did you just said?!” Oh, no! This is not good. Kyuhyun is going to start a fight again. I saunter to her and tried to calm her down. It’s not a big deal and I don’t want any chaos in here.

“Kyu. I’m fine. He didn’t hit me that hard.”

“What do you mean by that?! You have to apologize!” But, leave it to Kyuhyun to ignore me when she pissed off like this. I know that she just want to defend me, but not necessarily doing it with picking a fight with every single person who bump, complain or even just the people she consider bothering me because they are asking for my help. She thinks that those people are wasting my time.

“Shut up! Leave me alone!” The guy is roaring back at Kyuhyun. This guy definitely didn’t know Kyuhyun reputation as hot tempered girl, because he just involuntarily asking Kyuhyun to punch him.

“You are the one who is going to shut up!”

“Kyu, I told you, I’m alright. Please stop. Junsu, help me stop them.” I turned to Junsu asking for her help.

“Leave it to me, Jae.” She said while nodding her head and that makes me relief because truthfully I couldn’t handle Kyuhyun by myself. However, I have to think twice before asking for Junsu help next time because out of nowhere, she’s already holding a broomstick in her hand.

“I came up with a great plan. Those two are creating a ruckus right?! Everyone will come to see what’s happening and the cafeteria will be empty, just for you.” I stared at Junsu with horror look in my eyes. Is she serious?

“Leave it to us. Jae. Run to the cafeteria. Here, Kyu, a weapon. You aren’t a black belt for nothing.” She shouts to Kyuhyun while bringing that broomstick to Kyuhyun who already start a fist fight with the guy.

“Junsu, you’re stirring up the fight. What are you doing?! You are making things worse!” I scream panicky. Oh, God. Why did I do to make You sent me these girls for me to take care. They’ll be the death of me.

End Flashback

“In the end, we didn’t even get to buy any food for lunch.” I said wrapping out my story to Seunghyun. He laughs out loud after hearing me. I guess everyone will laugh like him. My girls are really funny sometimes.

“Hahaha… What a troublesome group.” Seunghyun commented at how we interact with each other. I smile at that and agreeing to his comment.

“Yeah, tell me about it.” We both laugh a little after that. Come to think of it, my life has never been the same since I meet Kyuhyun and Junsu. They really spice up my ordinary life. Although I may be overwhelmed by their excessive action every day, I care for them so much.

We continue walking to our class, when I notice that Seunghyun bought his lunch less than usual. I know Seunghyun so well. I know how much his take his food every day and it’s quite an appetite. So when I saw his only bought two breads and a carton of milk, I know that something is wrong with him.

“Hyunnie, you bought less food than usual. Don’t tell me it’s because you bought my share of lunch.” I guessing and if I was right, I would feel bad. Bit, Seunghyun only shake his head.

“Oh, no. It’s nothing like that. I just don’t feel like eating much.” I’m really shock hearing him said that. Is this the Seunghyun I know?

“You don’t like to eat much. Hey, are you okay? It’s so not like you to eat little portion. Remember when I treat you that time, you almost broke my wallet. And that time when…” I keep rambling and maybe making Seunghyun irritated because he just punch my shoulder lightly.

“Stop that! I don’t eat that much.”

“Yeah, you sure did.”

“Yah!!” I laugh at his outburst. He complains that I recalled his massive eating at one time, but don’t blame me. Every sane person would actually say over and over again if that someone nearly broke you off. But, I let it go for today, seeing his scowling like that.

“Okay, okay. I get it. But, seriously, you okay?”

“I’m fine. It’s just that I got a bit of a shock so I kind of lose my appetite.”

“What happen?” Now, that something I don’t know. What could it be that makes Seunghyun shock until he loses his appetite?

“You know the girl that we saw on the train, the one I have a crush on.” I nodded at that.

“Well, my friend said that she already have a boyfriend. He saw them together last Sunday” Seunghyun show a miserable look when he said that. I understand that what he’s talking about is the scene from the restaurant where that girl is eating together with her brother. However, Seunghyun friend must misunderstood the situation and tell Seunghyun the wrong story.

When I muse in my thoughts, I didn’t realize that we already reach our class. Seunghyun said his goodbye to me and join his swarm of friends. I also joined Kyuhyun and Junsu who already open their lunch box. While we’re eating together, I couldn’t forget the depressed look on Seunghyun face. He really looks very sad and defeated. I reach my bag and pull out a post card that shows a sign of winning a prize quiz. I smile a little when I see the postcard. I know exactly what to do with it. All Seunghyun needs is a chance.

After school

“Seunghyun-ah!!” I shout so Seunghyun could hear me, and he definitely hears me because he turned his body toward me.

“Hey, Jae. What’s up?” When I got close to him, I right away gave him the prize postcard.

“Here. This is for you.”

“What it is?” He looks confused but he takes it from my hand. I smile at him and response to his question.

“It’s a chance for you. Use it.”

“What? I don’t…” Before he could ask question any further, I cut him off.

“Use it.”

Monday morning

I’m alone in the train today because this morning, Seunghyun was texting me that he’s going to go first because he have something to do. I was curious about what so important that makes Seunghyun could wake up that early and went first before me, but I let it go because I think this is a good change for him. I mean his tardiness have to lessen somehow.

I looked outside the window of the train when it halts to the next stop where I first meet in person with that girl, Kwon Jiyong. The doors are open for awhile and then close again when all the passengers that are going to take this train are inside. I didn’t notice that someone already standing behind my back. Maybe it’s because I have too much to think about lately.

“Jae.” I jolt back because of the calling. I turned around abruptly and found Seunghyun were smiling at me. I’m surprise to see him here because he told me earlier that he was going to school first.

“What are you doing here, Hyunnie? Don’t you already gone to school?”

“I just have to pick someone up before I go to school. Oh, by the way Jae, this is for you.” He gave me a scroll of tiny paper that could be ripped off one by one. I looked at the paper with bewilderment.

“What is this?”

“Ten of ‘I will do what you wants’ tickets.” I stare at Seunghyun and then at the paper in my hand.

“Wow. You made it by yourself?”

“Hehe.. Yes. You could ask anything, such as replacing you cleaning up the class or something like that. It’s a way to thank you for the postcard.” I smile at him. Why is he doing something like this? I see his face is different when I saw him the last few days. I think something happen to him.

“You look happy. Is the postcard useful?”

“Very useful, Jae. Because you gave me the chance…” He didn’t get the chance to finish his sentence because his attention is disturbed by something on his left side. I follow his gaze and found Kwon Jiyong waving and smile cutely to Seunghyun.


“Hey, come here. You already finish talking with your friends?” Seunghyun asked while Kwon Jiyong walk to Seunghyun, tried to steady herself during the train speed away and when she beside Seunghyun, he instantly wrap his hand in Jiyong waist to prevent her for falling or such. Jiyong smile and look up to Seunghyun.


“Oh, okay then. Here, let me introduce you my…” I didn’t hear the rest of Seunghyun words because my minds are full with my thoughts right now. Without him explain the situation I knew why that girl is with him right now. I know why Seunghyun wake up so early and rushed to the train station before me. I know why the postcard is so useful that makes him so happy. I know the outcome of that chance that I gave him. I’m glad it turned out greatly. I feel happy for him too. I feel happy. I must happy for him. I must.

Four days later

“He really is so diligent to make something like this.” Kyuhyun commented on the tickets Seunghyun gave to me last Monday. Junsu who sit across from Kyuhyun nodded and giving her response.

“Yes, he is, but not near as diligent as Changminnie.”

“Yes Junsu, whatever you say.” Kyuhyun lazily agree with Junsu statement regarding her boyfriend, Changmin-sunbae. Junsu really do admire Changmin-sunbae so much. It’s quite cute to see Junsu so fond of someone this badly. Anyhow, Kyuhyun who clearly still disagree with Junsu choice of a boyfriend turned her head to me while showing the tickets.

“It’s still have nine tickets left, since you already use it once when you asked him to replace your place yesterday, right Jae?!” I only nodded to answer her. Junsu on the other hand, said something that makes me want to hit my head to the table.

“Why don’t we use this to make him turn into Ultraman. Or…or… A cat. My babies will have a friend then. Or even a member of Power Ranger. That will be so awesome.” What world is this girl been living in? I’m so amazed with her imagination.

“Junsu, it’s impossible. Seunghyun coul…” Before I have the time to finish my statement, Kyuhyun gave me a really crazy idea. It’s crazier than Junsu idea.

“Oh, I have a great idea. Make him into my punching bag. Lately the sand bag is making me boring. There’s no scream coming from it.” See. Oh my God. They really are going to be the death of me.

“Of course, there isn’t Kyu. What are you? Some sadistic queen? God! Absolutely not going to happen!” I reprimand her for suggesting such absurd idea. A living punching bag, only Kyuhyun could come up with that idea.

“Why not Jae? I think it would be great if Kyu have a new punching bag, a screaming one that is.” Oh no. Not you too Junsu. I look at the both of them with my fiercer look and fortunately it scared them enough to make them not saying any ridiculous idea. When I see them behave, I stand up and walk out my desk to the entrance of the class room.

“Anyway, I need to leave first.”

“Eh? Aren’t you supposed to go home with Seunghyun and Jiyong?” remind Kyuhyun about my previous plan with Seunghyun. I only wave my hand, indicating her I would not be joined Seunghyun and Jiyong.

“Tell them I have something to do. I need to return this book to the library. Well, see you.” I said while leaving the class room.

End Jaejoong P.O.V




“What’s wrong with her?” Kyuhyun asked Junsu while staring at Jaejoong back who is leaving the class in a hurry. Junsu only raised he shoulder and shake her head. Kyuhyun sighed when she missed Jaejoong back to the corner of the door of their class. She turned her hear towards Junsu who in fact have her eyes fixed on Kyuhyun. They looked each other and sighed deeply together.

“You know, I think Jaejoong act really strange these days. She is spaced out lately, as if she was sad.”

“Yes, she is also being so clumsy these few days. More clumsy than I have.” Kyuhyun and Junsu looked at each other again. They both worried about their friend Jaejoong. They want to help her, but don’t know what to do since Jaejoong rarely show her feelings to them. She is always the composed, wise, and nice girl. They turned their head toward the tickets that Seunghyun have given to Jaejoong while thinking a way to make Jaejoong less sad than she already is.




Yunho P.O.V

I was at the window of my classroom when I saw Jaejoong walk straight ahead, toward the school gate. I notice her behavior when I meet her in club activities is rather strange lately. She seems so sad, not talks much, and spaced out. I think something bothering her and I guess it’s must have anything to do with Choi Seunghyun.

I know that guy when I saw him walking together with Jaejoong after school. They so close, talking and laughing together like a couple do. At first I thought Seunghyun is Jaejoong boyfriend, but turned out Seunghyun is just Jaejoong childhood friend. Although I’m sure that Jaejoong has feeling for Seunghyun by the way she gazes at him. I know that because I gaze at her the same way.

While staring at Jaejoong, the corner of my eyes spotted Pochi, the security’s dog. He has his eyes fixed on Jaejoong. Well, it seems like the dog do like Jaejoong after all. It proves by he’s wiggling his tail when Jaejoong walk in front of it. However, Jaejoong doesn’t aware of that. She kept walking until she out of view makes the dog stop his wiggling and lower his ears.

From my point of view, Jaejoong gloomy state right now is really cloud her viewpoint of her surroundings. I never see Jaejoong this indifferent before. I should talk to her sometimes. I mean, I know this is not my business, but seeing her so distraught like this makes me feel distressing too. Beside, cheerful Jaejoong is much better that gloomy Jaejoong. I hope I can talk to her soon.




Sunday – Jaejoong P.O.V

I’m standing in front of a big sign of the latest movie while Kyuhyun and Junsu is queuing at the ticket booth. I’m quite confused they queuing at this kind of movie but I let them be. I’ll ask them when they get the tickets. Meanwhile I just sit myself in some couch in the movie theater. Somehow this few days, I feel so tired. Is it because of Seunghyun relationship with Jiyong going smoothly or because I’ve been handling so much task in my hand regarding school and club activities. Either the reason, I feel drained.

“Jae, we get the tickets. Come on.” Kyuhyun calling wake me up from my daydream. The three of us went inside one of the studio and take our seats.

“This movie is about a father and child’s overflowing love, a touching film that will cause a storm of deep emotion. Which one suggested watching this movie?” I asked eventually.

“We both did.” They answer simultaneously. I looked at them suspiciously because it’s odd for them to choose this kind of movie. But, like I said before, I will go along with their choice this time.

As the movie play, I watch it with so much feeling I felt these days. The movie really is a touching film that could make your heart fluttered with sympathy to the characters. I watch intently because for some reason that movie reminds me of my actual situation with Seunghyun.

How I longing for Seunghyun to notice me while he himself longing for Jiyong. How I feel when I gave that postcard for him so he have the chance to be close to Jiyong when I want to be close to him. How I should act when Seunghyun and Jiyong finally be together when in reality I want to be in Jiyong shoes. Why it is Seunghyun couldn’t understand my feeling? Why he chooses Jiyong? Why he can’t love me?

Before I shout out those question, I’ve already know the answer. It couldn’t be help. I wasn’t the one who could make Seunghyun smile so beautifully. I wasn’t the one who could make Seunghyun happy. And regardless what happen, in the end all I want was Seunghyun could smile and be happy. That’s all matter.

All of that thought keep jumbling in my head, making some emotion come out of me. Next thing I know, I crying out myself, let loose some emotion that keep building inside my heart. The tear was like a rain pouring heavily. I sob and tried to sweep away the tears that keeps stubbornly fall from my eyes. However, this tear is like a sign for me to let it all go. It’s a sign that I have to move on.

After the movie ended, I fell refreshed somehow. I don’t know exactly why. Is it because I let myself cried when I couldn’t these last few days or is it because I make myself understand that Seunghyun was never going to be mine in the first place and I’ve acknowledge that.

“Um… Was the movie that bad?” Kyuhyun question alert me of my two best friends behind me. I turned around and look at them with confound face.

“When I watch action movie, I get in high spirit.” Kyuhyun said that while scratching the back of her head, like she’s expecting a response from me or something.

“It’s the same with me when I watch comedy, Jae.” Junsu also said while holding her hand bag tightly to hide her nervousness.

“But, Jae always says anything is fine, although you too have your taste.” Kyuhyun continue again while attempt a smile at her face alongside with Junsu who have the same expression and response to Kyuhyun statement.

“So, we thought, why not try that one? Since we never watch that kind of movie.” Somehow I understood that they are worried about me. They choose the movie that possibly I like in return to make me happy. I smile back at them.

I don’t understand why I’m this oblivious when it came to Seunghyun. I have great friends by my side. They will be there as long as we have each other. I really thanked them because I don’t know what will happen to me if you girls aren’t with me.

I feel happy and when I thought about that I started to get my spirit back. I walked up to them and link both or my arms in each of their arms. I smile brightly to them as I drag them to the direction of our usual restaurant. But before that, I don’t forget to say,

“Thank you.”

Monday – At club room

“Okay, for next project of our club we will be shooting the park and taking some photo. That will be all.” Yunho-sunbae wrapped up our meeting for today and dismissed us. Kyuhyun, Junsu, and I were the last to come out from the club room. I’m still putting my notes in my bag when I hear Yunho-sunbae voice in my ear.


“Y…yes sunbae. What is it?” Really. Yunho-sunbae voice is so good, kind of sexy. It’s so alluring to hear. I feel so embarrassed when he whispers like that in my ear.

“It’s Pochi.”

“Huh?” Pochi? What about that dog? I look at Yunho-sunbae with perplexity written clearly in my face.

“He wagged his tail at you last Friday. Why don’t you go see him?” Yunho-sunbae informs me. Right there, I realize again that I missed some important things that surround me. I nodded to him and walk to where Pochi is. When I get there, I saw Pochi notice me and he immediately stand up and stare at me. I walked closer to him and stare at him back.

“I’m sorry Pochi. I didn’t notice your greeting.” And lo and behold, true to what Yunho-sunbae had told me, he really is wagged his tail. I smile at his reaction and lower myself so I can pat him.

Perhaps, I was so wrapped in my problems that I overlook many things, wonderful and beautiful things. But I couldn’t see that. Wonder how long I was like that. I’m thankful that I’m aware of it now. I have my friends. I have Pochi too. So I have to keep my spirit high because if I continue depressing over Seunghyun I might missed those wonderful and beautiful things again and hurt myself in the end. Girls’ needs to be self composed.

End Jaejoong P.O.V




Yunho P.O.V

Well, it’s like Jaejoong is back to the way she is. I’m glad to see that, although I have something to worry about now in my way of courting Jaejoong. Her friends especially Kyuhyun is tough to handle. But, I’m worry about her later. Right now, I need get to the teacher room to take the teaching material. When I arrive at the teaching room, I see a couple of teacher is behind their desk. I bow down to them and walk straight to the store room. After I get what I want, I excused myself. But before that, one of the male teacher is said something to me.

“You have a nice voice.”

“Excuse me?”

“You can use that to win a girl’s heart. You just have to whisper in her ear.” I’m just smile and bow down to him and walked out the room.

“I’m already doing that.” I murmured to myself while leaving the teacher room. Yes, I’m already doing that and I intent to use it until I get Jaejoong. Hope it will happen soon enough.

End Yunho P.O.V




Meanwhile at the ‘Usual Place’ restaurant, three girls were sitting together and said together to the waiter,

“A special menu of ‘Usual Place’ please.”