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Title : Girls 7

Pairing : Yunjae, Minsu (ChangminxJunsu), Wonkyu, maybe other pairings

Rating : PG 13

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God and also shoujo manga ‘Girls’ belong to the genius Kyoko Hikawa-sensei

Inspired : Shoujo Manga with the same title “Girls” by Kyoko Hikawa

Warning : Un-betaed a.k.a. Typos, GS, OOC, AU

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Previous Chapter

Meanwhile at the ‘Usual Place’ restaurant, three girls were sitting together and said together to the waiter,

“A special menu of ‘Usual Place’ please.”

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It’s pouring hard today. Jaejoong, Kyuhyun, and Junsu are standing in front of their school entrance building waiting for the rain to stop. Unfortunately, the rain keeps growing harder and harder. Jaejoong sighed deeply because of this. She really needs to go home now, but she cannot leave Kyuhyun behind since she didn’t bring her umbrella today. Although they leave in different areas, they usually went to the train station together, especially in this kind of weather.

Junsu is also feeling bad for Kyuhyun, because today is the time for Changmin to monopolize Junsu. Today is the day for Changmin to take Junsu home. Since Junsu and Changmin are open to their relationship, Kyuhyun had constantly nagging at Junsu for her lack of time toward her best friends, while in reality Junsu are almost spend her time with Kyuhyun and Jaejoong. Junsu always keeps her promise to come with Jaejoong and Kyuhyun to their Sunday routine even though Changmin often against it. Junsu also come home with them and often reject Changmin offer to take her home because Kyuhyun always make this pouty lips when Changmin appears.

Changmin and Junsu had argument once because of this which in result is the defeat of Changmin since Junsu cried when she hears Changmin loud voice. Kim Youngwoon a.k.a. Junsu’s father were furious when he heard from Kim Jungsu or often refer to as Leeteuk, that his baby girl is crying because of Changmin.

Unfortunately from him and fortunately for Changmin, Youngwoon or Kangin is way from home because of his work. However Changmin had an earful of Leeteuk pesky lecture about patience in handling Junsu. Overall, Changmin apologize to Junsu while deep down he just want Junsu to pay attention to him more.

Jaejoong being the know-it-all kind of girl; sense the depression on Changmin side. She realizes that Kyuhyun are way too evil for her own good. So, to make both parties happy, Jaejoong suggest to Junsu to make a schedule for Changmin and her best friends. Jaejoong suggest that Junsu spend some time with Changmin every day before school, namely let Changmin pick her up like he usually do. Then arrange 3 days for Changmin to take her home and spend some Saturday night with him. The rest of the school days and Sunday are belonging to Jaejoong and Kyuhyun.

Jaejoong really thought all of this because she asked Junsu’s mother opinion for it. She didn’t want to impose some mother-daughter quality time if Junsu follow suit her suggestion. Jaejoong concern that she would think that Jaejoong interfere too much with Junsu life. But, on the contrary, Leeteuk agreed with Jaejoong idea because not only it would benefit everyone but she didn’t have to worry about Junsu lack of attention when she on business trip or when she too busy to notice Junsu. Then, with Leeteuk’s approval and lots of explaining and a little bit threatening from Jaejoong side to Kyuhyun, all matter regarding Junsu is settle.

So, right now, while waiting for Changmin to appear, Jaejoong and Junsu tried to think a way for Kyuhyun to go home. Jaejoong and Junsu looked at their umbrella and instantly both of them said the same thing while handing their umbrella to Kyuhyun.

“You could use my umbrella Kyu.” Kyuhyun looked flabbergasted at first but then she feels so touch with their friends’ attention toward her problems. It’s just a simple things but it still reflect the same emotion. Jaejoong and Junsu looked at each other and smile together. Then they looked at Kyuhyun for some response. Kyuhyun only smile sweetly while shake her head.

“Thank you, but no thanks. I’m fine. I could wait until it stops. Beside you need it more than I do Jae. Your house is farther than mine. And you Junsu, Changmin is a tall and big guy. I don’t want him to take advantages of hugging you while making excuse of preventing you from getting wet because of sharing the umbrella together. No way is it going to happen.” Jaejoong giggled when Kyuhyun said that, meanwhile Junsu has this red color on her cheeks.

“I think I misheard something. The big, scary, and tempered girl is being nice to someone. All hell is freeze right now.” Mock someone from behind Kyuhyun. Jaejoong and Junsu look up to see the boy who have the guts to mock Kyuhyun and simultaneously sighed because they know who it was.

“What do you want horsy?!” scoff Kyuhyun while turning her body to see the one who said that to her. The boy, who is known as Choi Siwon, looks like he about to explode because of Kyuhyun jeer. However, Kyuhyun seems don’t care if Siwon angry or not. She even folds her arms in front of her chest, challenging the said boy.

“Nothing. It’s just not in your nature to ask nice and all. I think you more the type who takes someone’s thing by force.”

“Oh. I see. If you think like that, its look like I would have to take that umbrella from you don’t I?!” Kyuhyun said while take a broom stick from Junsu who miraculously already beside her.

Jaejoong look so shock because just a moment ago Junsu is still beside her. She thinks when was the time Junsu get the chance to go near Kyuhyun and with a broom for God sake. Nonetheless, because Kyuhyun already have a broom in her hand, no doubt she will use it to the max and in no time she already swing it to Siwon while the later efficiently dodge every single of Kyuhyun’s attack.

“Come here you ugly horse!” Kyuhyun shout while chasing and swinging the broom to Siwon who laughing all the way. Jaejoong rolled her eyes at their attitudes. She really doesn’t understand why Siwon like to tease Kyuhyun when he knew exactly how Kyuhyun will react. The same goes with Kyuhyun. Jaejoong knows that Kyuhyun has a very bad tempered but why she always react to Siwon teasing when Jaejoong always said to her that Siwon just want to make her mad, that if Siwon is a huge nuisance, Kyuhyun should just ignore him altogether.

“I’m such a good friend don’t I Jae.” Junsu said to Jaejoong while scoop close to her. Jaejoong look at her first then walked to the nearest storeroom located near the school lobby. She grabs a broom stick for herself before responding to Junsu.

“Yes, you are a good friend when you thought of helping Kyuhyun in every situation. But I told you before Suie, never help Kyuhyun when she start a fight, okay dear.” Junsu only nooded her head and smile cutely.

“Besides, I think Siwon is just wanted to get Kyuhyun attention. I think he likes her.”

“Huh?” Junsu tilt her head to the left and put a very innocent face. Jaejoong smile at that and left Junsu behind to go to Kyuhyun who come right at me and,


Her broom stick and my broom stick clash together, making Kyuhyun stop her swing. She looks astounding with my move but in a second she put down her broom and claps her hands.

“Wow Jae, you’re getting good.” Kyuhyun praise Jaejoong because she easily blocks Kyuhyun attack toward Siwon. Jaejoong didn’t say a word to Kyuhyun until she put down her broom herself.

“Kyu, please control yourself girl. We’re still in school. There’s still student hanging around here. So please, behave.”

“Okay.” Kyuhyun didn’t fight Jaejoong array. She knew perfectly when Jaejoong used that sweet tone but with fierce look in her eyes, it means business, an ugly business. And Kyuhyun still love her life.

“What is this? You back out of a challenge? Come on! I could handle you alone hyena girl!” Once again Siwon tried to anger Kyuhyun with his silly remark. Jaejoong could only look amused with Siwon behavior toward Kyuhyun. Jaejoong is sure that Siwon has some feeling for her feisty friend. She walked to Siwon and smile to him while saying something.

“Siwon-ssi, if you want to lend your umbrella to Kyu, might as well say it. I think she would accept it if you ask nicely.” Jaejoong said nicely to Siwon. Siwon who understand the meaning behind those words feel very embarrassed. His face is so red and he tried to deny what Jaejoong had said.

“Wha…What are you tal…talking about. I don’t want to lend my umbrella to this evil girl.” Stutter Siwon while trying to look as usual as he used to be. Kyuhyun who heard clearly Siwon mocking feel anger all over again. She wants to pummel Siwon but Jaejoong already have her hands to prevent Kyuhyun from punch the boy. Because of that, Kyuhyun only respond with her own remark.

“Yah! Watch your mouth! Jae, he would never do that to me, I mean he clearly hates me.” Suddenly Siwon keep silent. He looks at Kyuhyun with some unreadable stare from his eyes. Jaejoong notice Siwon silent and stare only could smile to herself.

She thinks that the both of them just need a chance to get to know each other. Then, abruptly Siwon just dash off from the lobby without saying any comeback remark to Kyuhyun statement just now. He runs through the rain with his umbrella open. Junsu and Kyuhyun look at him with question in their eyes but not Jaejoong. She really is the know-it-all kind of girl.

“Well, that was weird.” Junsu said while still looking at Siwon back who vanish when he turn to left after exiting the school gate. Kyuhyun only lift her shoulder and presume on thinking how she could go home. Kyuhyun did say that she will wait for the rain to stop but she doubt if the rain would stop soon.

She looks at the skies which still so dark. She sighed and continues to stare at the rain. Jaejoong and Junsu who standing there observe their friends are also thinks hard on how to help Kyuhyun to go home. They really think hard and don’t realize that Changmin and Yunho are already behind the three of them.

Yunho who feel so bless when he saw Jaejoong isn’t left yet, took his time admiring Jaejoong flawless face, especially when she looks so concentrate right now it makes her look really cute. Meanwhile Changmin who is observing his friend could only smile and shake his head. He thinks that his friend has to grow a spine and just confess already to Jaejoong.

“You know what Yunho, just tell her already.” Changmin told Yunho directly. Yunho just shrugged and faced Changmin.

“It’s not that simple Changmin. She loves another.” Yunho stated as a matter of fact. Changmin just shake his head, disbelieving the great Jung Yunho is too afraid to say that he likes Jaejoong and making excuses about Jaejoong crush on someone else.

“Which need I remind you that he’s already have a girlfriend?! Come on. How bad would it be? She’s nice so she would not reject you badly if she doesn’t love you back.” Said Changmin. Yunho shoot him a death glare for his implication of Jaejoong rejection.

“You really are a friend.” Snide Yunho in attempt to make Changmin cowers himself but Changmin being the overconfident friends, just smile mischievously toward Yunho.

“And I’m proud of it.” Yunho rolled his eyes with his best friend’s antiques attitude. Changmin doesn’t bother anymore with Yunho and make himself known to his girlfriend.

“Hi Suie baby.” Hearing Changmin voice makes Junsu turned her head. When she see the signature smile of Shim Changmin, Junsu gave her own smile and run to Changmin.

“Minnie!!” then as expected, both of them hugging each other, making Kyuhyun and Jaejoong face palmed themselves.

“Oh please…” said Kyuhyun while giving her exasperate look toward the couple. Meanwhile Jaejoong just shake her hear hearing Kyuhyun comment to the lovely couple. She didn’t pay attention to her surrounding and didn’t notice that Yunho is approaching her slowly and undetectably. When Yunho get closer to Jaejoong ears, Yunho bend lower and whisper softly.


“Wah!! Yunho-sunbae. You startled me.” Jaejoong turned around while holding her ear. She steps backward a little away from Yunho, masking her blush because of Yunho voice. Yunho could only smile at Jaejoong’s red ears. He walked toward Jaejoong making Jaejoong walked even further away from him.

They like playing this tug and war game and it makes Junsu who saw it the whole time laugh gleefully. He even pulls Changmin and asks him to do the exact thing like Yunho and Jaejoong, making Kyuhyun, Yunho, and Jaejoong stare at them like they are crazy. (Kyuhyun: they are crazy! – Junsu: We do not. Kyu, this is fun *keep continue her things with Changmin – Kyuhyun: Whatever.)

“What are you doing here?” Yunho, who already snap out of his shock seeing his best friend getting all weird with his girl friend, ask Jaejoong. Jaejoong didn’t respond because she still staring at Junsu and Changmin with marvel in her face.

“Jaejoong-ah…” Yunho tried once more and this time he trying with whispering to Jaejoong ears more closely like he could kiss her ears if Jaejoong swift a little and that’s what happen because when Jaejoong crooked her pretty head to Yunho, she accidently give Yunho lips access to kiss her ear. Jaejoong looked so shock and hold her ear once again while stuttering in her response toward Yunho.

“Ye…yes, sunbae?”

“Sorry about that but you’re not answering my question. What are you doing here? Why aren’t you home already?” Yunho smirk his way because seeing Jaejoong blush even harder than before. Jaejoong scooted closer to Kyuhyun and that makes Kyuhyun thinks she has the right to protect her best friend from the beast she knew as Jung Yunho. Yunho lift one of his eyebrows because Kyuhyun stance in front of Jaejoong, shelter her form his view.

“Um… It’s okay sunbae. Um… we’re still here because we’re worried about Kyu. She didn’t bring her umbrella today and Junsu and I are only having one umbrella.” Explain Jaejoong while unconsciously hiding herself behind Kyuhyun back. Yunho really thinks that Jaejoong look so cute right now. Yunho smile and stated his solution toward the girls’ problem.

“Oh. Well, how about this. You lend your umbrella to Kyuhyun-ssi and you could go with me. I have quite big umbrella.”

“Or, my Junsu could lend her umbrella, since I brought my own…” Changmin cut himself off when he see Yunho giving him a death glare. Changmin gulp his own saliva because right now Yunho look so scary. He turned himself to Junsu and pulls her hands to walk away from the three of them.

“Nevermind. Suie baby, let’s go home. I miss Bakira, Tigger, Leon, Leo, and Pard.” Being the obedient girl, Junsu only let herself being dragged by Changmin leaving the school premises.

“Um. Well, bye Jae, bye Kyu.”

“Bye Suie.” Said Jaejoong and Kyuhyun together. They see their friend walked away with her boy friend and peter out in the corner.

“Okay, then it settled. Kyu, you used my umbrella. I will go home Yunho-sunbae.” Said Jaejoong come out from where she’s hiding and giving away her umbrella to Kyuhyun.

“But… but…” Kyuhyun seem hesitate to let Jaejoong go alone but Jaejoong reassure her with a smile and put her umbrella in Kyuhyun’s hand.

“Here, you take my umbrella. Well then, bye Kyu. See you tomorrow.” Jaejoong then walked away with Yunho leaving Kyuhyun dumbfounded with what just happen. Kyuhyun thinks, did she just let Jaejoong went with Yunho all by herself? Kyuhyun could only stare at Jaejoong’s umbrella and pray that Jung Yunho behaves himself with Jaejoong because if she heard something wrong happen with Jaejoong, there will someone who will turn into a punching bag.




Jaejoong’s Home – Yunho P.O.V

“Umma, I’m home.” Said Jaejoong when she arrived at home. When she didn’t get any replied, she look at me for awhile and told me to wait for a minute while she enter the apartment and try to look for her mother. I stand in the front of the door while removing my shoes. I’m here because ‘unfortunately’ I forgot to bring my monthly train ticket and also didn’t have much money to buy another. So, I want to borrow Jaejoong money in order for me to go home.

“Oh my God! Umma, what are you doing?!” hearing Jaejoong shouting like that from inside, makes me curious. Although I hesitate to enter Jaejoong’s home without permission, I still want to know what things that make Jaejoong scream like that. I search the area of apartment and when I’m nearing the living room, I found Jaejoong is holding her mother and try to sit her down on the sofa. I look around the state of the living room. It’s a mess. Its looks like the owner more likely Jaejoong’s mother wants to rearrange the style.

“You need help Jaejoong?” I asked because surely this mother-daughter need some help with all this mess. When I said that, I eventually caught Jaejoong’s mother attention. She turned her head towards me and smiles so sweetly.

“Oh my. Who is this young man Jongie?” She asked Jaejoong who currently pay attention to her mother welfare. She took notice of my presence and before she even had the time to introduce me, I took the liberty to do it myself. It’s more adequate since I want to get her mother interest and maybe someday help me in winning Jaejoong’s heart.

“Ah, where’s my manner. I’m Jung Yunho Kim ahjumma. It’s nice to see you.” I said while bowing deeply in front of her. She squeals delighted because of my greeting.

“Well, well, such a good boy. I’m Kim Heechul by the way. I’m sorry for the state of our house. I’ll try to rearrange the living room but as old as I am, I hurt my waist.”

“That what you get for trying to do absurd thing umma. Why don’t you wait for appa to help you out?!” Jaejoong said as matter of fact. I seem to understand the situation now. It’s more like a woman things to rearrange the room. My mother is also do the same. However, I think that Jaejoong has a point. Her mother should wait for a man to help her lift off some heavy weight.

“Silly girl. I can take of it of my own.” I smiled gleefully when I heard the pompous voice from Jaejoong mother. I really curious which side does Jaejoong take, because Jaejoong obviously didn’t act like her mother. Maybe it’s from her father.

“Clearly from where I see it umma, you definitely can’t take care of it yourself.”

“Well, if that the case, I think Yunho-ssi wouldn’t mind helping this helpless lady. You seem like a strong man. Sure you could lift all this things for me, right?!”

“Umma! Stop flirting with my guy friends.” Okay. Now I’m definitely sure that Jaejoong is takes on her father sides. There’s no way Jaejoong is flirting like this. However, I wouldn’t mind if she flirting with me once a while.

“But, honey, it’s just my nature. And you know that every school boy will fall for my charm. I just love making them blush when I flirt with them. So cute. And maybe you just as cute as them Yunho-ssi.”


“I’ll be flattered if you think that way Kim ahjumma.” Once again, it’s not a bad thing to make a good impression in your future mother in law (Kyuhyun: You are not going to be Jaejoong spouse Yunho-sunbae! Please take note of that! I will not allow it! – Junsu: Why not? – Kyuhyun: Suie, he’s so sneaky. He may be hurt our Jae. – Jaejoong: You’re just paranoid for nothing Kyu. Yunho-sunbae will not hurt me. – Yunho: You’re so sweet Jae. Are you by any chance already like me? – Jaejoong: Um… – Kyuhyun: Yah!! Don’t whisper in her ear like that you sneaky guy. – Junsu: I think it’s sweet. Please continue sunbae. Minnie, I want to be whispered like Jae too. – Changmin: As you wish, baby. Kyuhyun: Oh My God!! *runs because she can’t stand the cheesiness).

Where was I. Oh, make a good impression to Jaejoong mother. And I think I know where should begin. By whispering to her ear just now like I did to Jaejoong. And the result is I get a very beautiful middle aged red face.

“Oh my, such a voice.”

“Glad you like it.”

“You are playboy aren’t you?! I mean normal high school student will be blush by now. But you…” I admit, when I heard Heechul-ssi said something like that, it shock me. Did I give that playboy vibe just because my voice. Because if that’s the thing, I hope Jaejoong didn’t see me like that. I’m loyal to my loved ones.

“Umma! Stop it!” Jaejoong scream blew my mind for a moment. I see Jaejoong stare at her mother with scowl in her face.

“But, honey, he should act like a high school boy who flushed and agitate by me. Like your friend Seunghyun. Oh I love that boy. He’s so flushed when I stroke his chest.” Seunghyun. Isn’t that the guy who Jaejoong had a crush on?! He’s been here?! My thoughts are jumbling because how close Seunghyun and Jaejoong are so I didn’t pay attention to Heechul-ssi when she came near me and point her finger toward my chest and said the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.

“Are you gay?” See. I laugh at her question and tried to answer her without crack up laughing out loud.

“I’m perfectly still like girls.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“UMMA!!” The next thing I know, Jaejoong already has this scary face and fortunately it isn’t directed to me but to her own mother. Wow, Jaejoong is so scary when she’s angry.

“Ja…Jae… Baby..” Heechul-ssi seems afraid of Jaejoong wrath. Well, I often heard that if someone who always calm and friendly could become a monster when they are angry. I think this is the exact thing as those telling.

“Don’t say anymore. I can’t listen anymore. I beg you.”

“But, Jae…”

“What you can say and what you can’t say, can you tell the differences?!”

“I’m home.” When Jaejoong and her mother are still arguing, I heard someone else voice from the front door. I think that’s Jaejoong father. It still quite early to come home from an office, maybe he left early.

I could see him perfectly when he’s enter the living room. His face gave the same shock as I before when I saw the state of the living room. He takes notice of me and bows a little. I replied with the same respect and walked to him. Both of us look at the mother-daughter quarrel. I want to stop it, but Jaejoong father pull my hand and shake his head, indicating to not interfere right now.

“Just wait. Jae is quite angry. You don’t want to taste her wrath, don’t you?!” he said while plastering his friendly smile. I could only nod and stay where I’m standing and look back to Jaejoong and Heechul-ssi.

“Jae, he’s the one who didn’t give any reaction like a normal high school student. Why are you angry with me?”

“Of course I’m angry with you if you act like that towards my friends. Please umma, act your age.”

“My self esteem…”

“Just throw it to the trash.”

“Jae… You’re too much…”

“You’re the one who hurt sunbae’s self esteem first. Now apologize.” Okay, looks like it’s already gone too far. I mean, I don’t mind at all. I know that Heechul-ssi is just joking but Jaejoong seem didn’t get that.

“Um… Jaejoong. It’s fine. I really don’t mind. I…” I tried to interfere and make this quarrel stop, but I should just listen to Jaejoong’s father to back off because the next thing I know, Jaejoong scary face is directed to me.

“No! Please stay quite sunbae!”


“I told you.” I glance at Jaejoong’s father who is standing calmly in his place while giving me a smug smile. I smile back because this family is quite unique in their own way.

“Apologize umma.” Jaejoong stern voice really makes Heechul-ssi couldn’t do anything besides agreeing to what Jaejoong ask for.

“I’m sorry..”

“Louder! So sunbae could hear you!”

“I’m Sorry!!” and that scream really takes the toll out of me. This family is really hilarious. Jaejoong is really hilarious. I laugh until my stomach hurt.


“Sunbae…?!” Jaejoong look at me with question mark in her eyes. I shake my head tried to clear my mind and my laughter before I replied to her.

“Not bad Jae, not bad. Hahaha…” However, I still couldn’t control myself. Jaejoong is really different when she at home. This is new information for me and maybe a good way to court Jaejoong. I mean, I know that I don’t want to be in Jaejoong bad side.

After Dinner time

Jaejoong and I enjoying the night weather on her apartment balcony. I was still there because I was invited by Heechul-ssi and Hakyung-ssi, Jaejoong’s father to have dinner with them. They said that it some kind of payment for my service because earlier I’ll help them rearranging the living room. I was gladly to accept such invitation and I’m quite pleased seeing Jaejoong blushing every time I ‘accidently’ touch her and whisper in her ear.

Both of us feel the night breeze together. It’s such an amazing experience, since I never this close to Jaejoong. I looked at her who close her eyes and let the wind brush her hair and face. Jaejoong really looked breathtaking beautiful. My heart beats really fast when I see this image. I really want this girl to be by my side not just because she’s beautiful but I really love her. Her personalities and her flaws, to me is a part of her that makes her this gorgeous.

Suddenly, I remember what Heechul-ssi had mentioned before. She mention about Seunghyun and it triggers my curiosity and jealously toward that guy. I have to know if Jaejoong still like Seunghyun. I gather my courage to ask Jaejoong about it.



“Did you very close to Seunghyun? I heard your mother mention about him.” I can see changing expression of Jaejoong when I mention Seunghyun. She hesitate a bit to answer me but then she give me a forced smile and replied.

“Oh, he’s my childhood friend. We hang out regularly.” She answers casually, but I know that she really agitated in discussing her crush with me. So, to make this much easier, I pretend that I didn’t know the whole stories about Seunghyun and his relationship with that girl from the same club as Seunghyun.

“Oh. I often saw him with a girl recently, did they dating or something?” Jaejoong once again give me the silence until a minute pass she turned to me and response.

“Yes sunbae. They are dating. She’s Hyunnie girlfriend.”

“Oh I see.”

“Enough about Seunghyun. I should take you to the train station. It’s late sunbae. We still have school tomorrow.” I nodded my head to what she said. Apparently she didn’t want to talk about Seunghyun and his girlfriend which only have one meaning and that is, she still loves Seunghyun. Oh dear God. This will be tricky for me to get Jaejoong attention. But, I will not give up. As long as she still single, I will get her. And by God, I will make that happen.