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Title : Girls 8

Pairing : Yunjae, Minsu (ChangminxJunsu), Wonkyu, maybe other pairings

Rating : PG 13

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God and also shoujo manga ‘Girls’ belong to the genius Kyoko Hikawa-sensei

Inspired : Shoujo Manga with the same title “Girls” by Kyoko Hikawa

Warning : Un-betaed a.k.a. Typos, GS, OOC, AU

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Previous Chapter

“Yes sunbae. They are dating. She’s Hyunnie girlfriend.”

“Oh I see.”

“Enough said about Seunghyun. I should take you to the train station. It’s late sunbae. We still have school tomorrow.” I nodded my head to what she said. Apparently she didn’t want to talk about Seunghyun and his girlfriend which only have one meaning and that is, she still loves Seunghyun. Oh dear God. This will be tricky for me to get Jaejoong attention. But, I will not give up. As long as she still single, I will get her. And by God, I will make that happen.

( 。・_・。)(。・_・。 )

Few Weeks Later – Preparing School Culture Festival

Kyuhyun takes a box full of decoration to accessories her class in the upcoming school culture festival. Their class is going to make a small café. She walks to one of her classmate who holding a chair for someone else. That someone is nailing the decoration paper and stuff on the highest wall.

“Hey, are these the right decoration?” ask Kyuhyun while she put down the box beside her classmate who is holding the chair. However, instead of answering, he asked back to Kyuhyun.

“Kyuhyun-ssi, can you replace me for a while. I need to go the toilet really bad.” Said the classmate and immediately went outside the class to go the toilet. He didn’t wait for Kyuhyun to answer. Kyuhyun watch at her classmate and mumbling to herself.

“Okay, that’s weird.” Said Kyuhyun and doing what the classmate was doing before, holding the chair for the one who putting and nailing the decoration.

“Hey Shindong! Give me another one of those…” the one who’s speaking to Kyuhyun halt his own sentence. He clearly surprised to see Kyuhyun instead of his friend before. Kyuhyun also feels the same. She looked surprised to see Siwon who is the one currently responsible for nailing the decoration paper on the highest wall. Kyuhyun thinks that Siwon will be probably left and not helping their class.

The two just stare at each other until Siwon snap out of his shock and after a few seconds change his face into a mocking scowl.

“What are you doing here evil girl? Where’s Shindong?” ask Siwon. His voice full of annoyance and that makes Kyuhyun annoyed as well.

“Gone to do his stuff, I think. Why?”

“Why are you asking me back?! You really get on my nerves girl!”

“Ditto.” Siwon gritted his teeth, irritate by Kyuhyun behavior. He feels like blowing things up when he notices a significant decoration that place beside Kyuhyun. With a full grown smirk, Siwon pointed the decoration and said,

“Oh, by the way, is that you’re doing? Quite an accessories…” halted Siwon when he sees Kyuhyun look quite proud although it was just for a moment because the next thing is,

“For an evil and barbaric girl like yourself.” Said Siwon mocking Kyuhyun.

For a moment nobody said anything, which is weird for Siwon because Kyuhyun never backed down from their fight. Yet, Siwon brush off the weird feeling and keep saying things that he thought will make Kyuhyun angry.

“And for your information Cho, what Jaejoong-ssi said the other day is completely false. I don’t like you. Not a bit. So go away. I don’t need your help here.” Said Siwon finally while keeping his back facing Kyuhyun. Siwon want to hide his blushing face away from the girl.

Although he always said that, Siwon know that every word is a lie. Siwon know that since he saw Kyuhyun for the first time, he already likes the boisterous girl. Yet, Siwon didn’t know how to make Kyuhyun attention altered to him. The only way he could think off is having a fight with the girl and that he’s been doing this whole time.

Siwon expect this time Kyuhyun will said something back but the weirdness become more intense when Kyuhyun only sighed and turn her body around after saying things to Siwon that makes the boy feel slightly guilty.

“You know what?! I think if you’re not such an asshole, I might consider you as my friend because you’re the only one who could stand up against me. You are strong and I like strong guy. But, clearly you hate me so much. So, adios amigo. Put this accessories yourself then. I’m out of here.”

“Wait Kyu…!!” Siwon tried to stop Kyuhyun from leaving. However, he forgot that he’s standing in a chair and clearly could not make such a big movement. Therefore, when he turns around to halt Kyuhyun, he lost his footing and the rest is,

“Watch out!!!”

“Oh my God!! It’s our decorations!! It’s ruined!!”

“Someone help them!!”

A group of screaming people and two bodies fall down together.


“It looks so swollen Kyu. I think you should have somebody to take you home. You can’t walk with a feet like that.” Jaejoong said that while keep brushing Kyuhyun’s hair like a mother would do to her child when he/she was in pain. Kyuhyun smile a little responding to Jaejoong suggestion although she’s also cringed a little bit because of the pain in her ankle.

Kyuhyun’s ankle got a fissure and bump so the girl couldn’t walk for at least two weeks without any help. She got that because of her fall with Siwon earlier while Siwon only got a scratch on his cheek.

Jaejoong and Junsu came right away to the infirmary after one of their classmate told them about the accident. They tend to Kyuhyun injury and wait for her until the class end for today.

“Joongie, you go home. I will take Kyunnie home. Minnie sure will help me.” Suggest Junsu after the silence that occurs between the three best friends.

“No Suie. I think I should take Kyunnie home. You have a date today. I’m not going to make Changmin sunbae feel sad because we take his precious baby away.”

“It’s fine. Minnie wouldn’t mind.”

“No Suie baby. You should have some fun with Changmin sunbae.”

“I don’t want have some fun when Kyunnie hurts like this.”

“She will be fine with me.”


“Hey. I’m okay. I could go home by myself.” Said Kyuhyun tried to interfere with her best friends squabble. However, the look from the both of them that said ‘you keep out of this and stay quite’ make Kyuhyun hold up her hands and shut her mouth.

Jaejoong and Junsu keep quarrelling about whose going to take Kyuhyun home when one deep voice interrupting the non-important fight.

“Um… Sorry to bother… But, I think I should take Kyuhyun home.”

Both Jaejoong and Junsu looked at the owner of the voice and found Siwon stand in front of them with dejected face. He looked sorry when his eyes meet Kyuhyun’s brown eyes. Jaejoong and Junsu seem surprised at first with the offer but they immediately smile and face Kyuhyun, waiting for her answer.

“No thank you. I’ll just wait for either Jae or Suie finish with their argument. Beside, you house if opposite of mine.” Kyuhyun answer without looking into Siwon eyes. She’s still feels kind of disappointed with their last argument before the accident. Kyuhyun feels sad thinking that Siwon really hate her so much.

Jaejoong and Junsu sighed deeply with Kyuhyun’s answer. They know how Kyuhyun feels right now. They also know that even Kyuhyun keep saying that she dislike Siwon, in her heart, the young jagged girl still a girl who will someday like a boy. And that boy turns out to be Siwon, Kyuhyun’s biggest enemy or so it seems.

Jaejoong and Junsu are going to help Kyuhyun to stand when their heard a loud sound of someone’s knee clash together with the floor. The three of them looked at the sound and found Siwon doing a bowing until his forehead touch the ground. The three of them especially Kyuhyun dumbstruck with Siwon action and even more surprise when a strident voice coming from the bowing boy.

“Please Cho Kyuhyun-ssi!! Let me take you home!!” pleaded Siwon with every fiber of his.

Jaejoong and Junsu instantly smiled and help the still astonishment Kyuhyun up from infirmary bed then give her hand to Siwon. Siwon himself holding Kyuhyun hand with gentleness he never show to anybody.

“Be careful Kyu.” Whisper Siwon while holding Kyuhyun hand. Kyuhyun herself just nodded and let Siwon help her walk outside from the infirmary. Her face still showing surprise that making her big eyes keep looking at Siwon while the latter just gave Kyuhyun a wonderful dimple smile.

The two didn’t even realize that Jaejoong and Junsu giggled at their sweet moment since both Siwon and Kyuhyun are now in their own world. The two girls watch the loud but cute friend walk side by side with a boy that hopefully will make Kyuhyun less ‘dangerous’ than she already is.

Let’s hope Siwon and Kyuhyun will eventually become a couple. Shall we…?