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Title : You 1

Pairing : Wonkyu

Inspired : An Indonesia Song ‘You’ by Ten 2 Five

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God and the songs belong to Ten 2 Five and their label company

Genre : Romance, Angst

Warning : Un-betaed, GS, AU, OOC

Summary : You let me down. You broke my heart. Nothing left but pieces of you.

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“What’s going on in here?!!” Kyuhyun scream jolt up two bodies that were lying together in the bed. They are wide awake when they see a furious looking woman standing near their bed. The woman, who is lying on the bed, instantly grabbing the sheet and her clothes which scattered on the floor and then dash to the bathroom to change, meanwhile, the man who obviously in deep trouble are a little bit flustered and shaking because he knows what is going to happen to him in just a minute. However, he pulls up all of his courage to speak to Kyuhyun.

“Kyuhyun, baby, you’re home already?” Kyuhyun clearly didn’t care about the man question. She is still in a shock knowing that her man was cheating on her, again. She asked the man one more time about the situation they were in right now and she prays to God that this was just a dream

“What’s going on in here? Why are you in bed with her?” Kyuhyun look into the man eyes, searching for some explanation but looks like her prayers this time couldn’t be fulfill. When the man is silent, she knew that what she is expecting is true. That man who she loves the most was cheating on her, again. Repeatedly cheating on her. Kyuhyun shake her head a few times. She still couldn’t believe this situation happen to her again. She looks back to the man and screams angrily.

“Oh my God!! You lied to me again!! You said you’re going to change!! How could you do this to me?!! Am I not good enough for you?! Answer me Choi Siwon!!” Kyuhyun couldn’t hold back her tears anymore. The man, Choi Siwon, is the only man right now that she loves. She never sees any man beside him. She loves him so much that she willing to do anything for him. She willing to forgive his mistakes and willing to take him back despite his constant cheating. However, Kyuhyun began to think that she would never have any special meaning to Siwon.

When Kyuhyun still is trying to find some answer from her boyfriend, the woman who is sleeping with Siwon, came out from the bathroom. Without a glimpse of guilty or shame of what they did, that woman walked to Siwon and kisses him right in front of Kyuhyun, making the poor woman devastated. Although the woman has no shame, Siwon still has some humanity inside him that makes him didn’t respond to the kiss. The woman instantly knew that Siwon isn’t interested in her again. She scoffed and leaves the room quickly while purposely bumping to Kyuhyun.

After that woman left, Kyuhyun looked at Siwon with sadness in her eyes. She thinks why Siwon always do this to her? Why Siwon always thinks that Kyuhyun would always forgive him all the time for every mistake he had done? Is Kyuhyun so foolish to let herself being drown in such misery every time Siwon cheated on her? Kyuhyun let loose her tears and without any word, she leaves her share apartment with Siwon. She dash quickly make Siwon could do nothing since he still naked.

“Damn it!” he curse out loud. Siwon knew perfectly that he was screw things up once again. He bangs his head to the bed board hard enough to make him realize that it will be difficult to persuade Kyuhyun. Siwon hold his face in his hand and pull his hair as if the banging on his head didn’t enough as a punishment for his stupidity.

After a long silence, Siwon got up and walk to his bathroom to freshen up himself before going after Kyuhyun. He knows where exactly Kyuhyun gone every time they had a fight. This time Siwon would work extra hard to make Kyuhyun forgive him and he pray that Kyuhyun would still has the heart to forgive him.

Jung Residence

“I can’t believe he cheated on me again?!! What did I do wrong Jae?!! Aren’t I enough for him?! Is it because I’m not pretty and sexy like those bitches he uses to hang around with?! Well sorry for him, this is all he got when he ask me to date him!” Kyuhyun scream so loud that her voice startled a baby that sleeps in her mother’s arms.

“Huwee!!” the little baby’s crying instantly make Kyuhyun realize her mistake. Without asking permission to the so called mother whose trying to calm her baby down, Kyuhyun grab the baby, hold him tenderly and coed him to sleep again.

Jung Jaejoong, the little baby’s mother, could only look at Kyuhyun with a solemn smile. She knew that right now Kyuhyun feel betrayed constantly with Siwon misdemeanor attitude. That and being the over underestimated to her selves. Jaejoong never understood why Kyuhyun always said the she never pretty enough or sexy enough for Siwon while all the time the dimple man always said the opposite. However, those saying always made a huge question mark to Jaejoong as well. If Siwon really likes Kyuhyun so why he always cheat on her?

“Did you listen to his excuse this time Kyunnie?” asked Jaejoong when his little baby, Jung Changmin is already asleep in Kyuhyun embrace. Jaejoong then take the little baby and put him back to make shift baby bed in the couch.

“No and I don’t want to. I had enough of him lying and cheating on me all the time. I want to break up with him.” Said Kyuhyun and take a seat beside Jaejoong. Once again the tears that stop a while ago came back on its full force. Jaejoong looked sullenly at Kyuhyun heartbreaking tears. She wipe those tears away softly and then held both of Kyuhyun’s cheeks tenderly.

“Listen to me honey. Think about it first before you decide anything. You knew Siwon almost all your life. I want you to picture yourself without him when you decide you want to break up with him. Can you handle the separation?”

“Why can’t I? I’m a grown woman and I don’t need him. He is just a douche bag who always hurts me every single day. I can survive without him.” Said Kyuhyun stubbornly. Jaejoong could only smile and kiss Kyuhyun’s forehead and then take away little Changmin to his room, leaving Kyuhyun alone to ponder on her thoughts.

Unknowing to Jaejoong, Kyuhyun did try to picture herself without Siwon by her side. Almost all her life, Siwon is always by her side, whether in good or bad situation. Yes, they bicker a lot. Yes, they fights constantly with Siwon always apologize in the end. Yes, Siwon hurts her a lot with his so called gentleman attitude towards others girls. However, those things only makes Kyuhyun realize that she loves Siwon more than anything to just let him go and Kyuhyun knew perfectly well how Siwon loves her dearly even though all his ever done is making her angry and disappointed.

Yet, Siwon is the only one she got beside Jaejoong and Yunho, Jaejoong husband, since her parents passed away two years ago. Her sister was already married and chooses to follow her husband out of the country. Kyuhyun never been closed to anyone else because of her temperamental nature. Siwon has always been so patience with her all this time and that what make Kyuhyun love the man dearly.

But now, Kyuhyun doesn’t know if she could hold on for much longer. She knows that Siwon wasn’t the only one that got to be blamed in this situation. That guy is too nice or too stupid for his own good. Kyuhyun know that Siwon tend to get mislead by those women and cause an episode like the one in her apartment. Though, that is not a reason for Siwon to be let loose from his mistake because Kyuhyun always told him to be careful with those kinds of women, but he never listen. Siwon always accept an invitation because of his gentlemen politeness. Screw that! Kyuhyun hate it. She hate it when Siwon act like that. All Kyuhyun ever want is for Siwon to ignore those stupid bitches and just look at her.

Kyuhyun sighed for like a million times today. She knows that sooner or later, if the both of them didn’t work this out, then they will eventually going to be apart. Kyuhyun know if that happen, then there are going to be two hearts breaking because of the separation. Honestly, Kyuhyun didn’t want to let go Siwon, but her heart is already broken enough and couldn’t endure anymore heart break. She has to make decision although her heart and maybe Siwon’s will be at stake. She has to.

Later That Night

Ting-Tong. Ting-Tong. Ting-Tong.

The door bell ringed multiple time until it stops because the owner already open up the front door for their guest. Jaejoong open the front door and sees the distraught man that made her so called best friend and sister crying non-stop this evening. Jaejoong has this apologetic look toward Siwon because she has a bad news for him.


“Good evening Jae. May I come in?”

“If you’re looking for Kyunnie, I’m afraid you’re too late Wonnie.”

“What do you mean?” Jaejoong was just about to answer Siwon when a gruff voice answered for her.

“Kyunnie left.” Siwon looked to Jaejoong’s back and found Yunho stand with their only son. Both of them looking sleepy especially Changmin. However, their condition didn’t make Siwon feel sorry for interrupting the Jung household. He even invite himself in and walk straight to Yunho

“Left? What do you mean left?! Hyung!” Yunho sighed and mention to Jaejoong by his finger to get close and take Changmin away for bed while he dealing with Siwon. Jaejoong nodded and immediately take Changmin to put the cute baby to bed.

After Jaejoong and Changmin left, Yunho walk to a drawer near the front door and pull something from it. A letter. Yunho bring the letter and give it to Siwon when he faces the dimple man.

“You better read this. It’s from Kyunnie.” Siwon receive it without saying anything. He didn’t know how to react, discerning that Kyuhyun really left and Siwon didn’t know where to find her. Looking at Siwon miserable face, Yunho could only shakes his head solemnly. He thought that the couple was too dense and obstinate in their own senses that unknowingly to them, cause this heartbreaking episode.

Yunho want to help the two since he already though the both of them as they brother and sister. Nonetheless, Yunho also know that this time, Yunho could do nothing. They have to sort their problem on their own. Yunho sighed and then walk to the front door and open it, gesturing for Siwon that he wants the tall and handsome man to leave his house since it’s already late at night.

“I’m so sorry Siwon. I think you should better go home now. Read the letter and you go figure it something out. Okay.” Advise Yunho while Siwon only nodded then breath out to steady his depressing heart. Siwon walk outside the house and face Yunho before bowing and try to smile although his heartfelt like crying.

“Thank you hyung. Give my regards to Jae and Minnie. Good evening.” Said siwon and leave the Jung residence.

“Good evening.” Yunho said back although he knows Siwon won’t hear that. Yunho take one last look before closing the door right away.

Han River

Siwon blew a smoke from his mouth. He put aside his cigarette and continues to look ahead, facing Han River that flows gradually. He sits there near the side of Han River since he left the Jung residence. He sits there, thinking about how he should live alone right now. Yes, live alone.

Siwon already read the letter from Kyuhyun and Siwon had crying a river, blaming himself for his foolishness. Siwon crying his heart out and after that he feels nothing. He felt empty like someone just took his heart and soul away. So here he is, sitting until the sun rise, just looking straight toward the Han River without caring about the cold weather.

Siwon take the letter and reread it. He didn’t care about the first or second or any paragraph in it. He only cares about the last two paragraphs that still linger on his mind.

I let you go Siwon, I let you go so you could be happy. I let you go so you could find the love that you’ve been searching for. I let you go because I love you too much to even drag you, to even tie you down with me, with me who didn’t have the strength just to be beside you. I’m too weak to accept your weakness. I’m too selfish just to think about you matter than mine. I just can’t handle with the uneasiness my heart every time we had a fight or when you desperately asked for my forgiveness when the truth is, I’m also at fault. One thing for sure, I can’t handle the doubt that always clings to my heart, the doubt that you never love me.

Siwon. I love you. I always will. But I think it’s best for us to go separate way, to find our own way. I’m sorry. Don’t try to find me because I’m not in this country anymore. And please don’t hate me because of this. I promise, someday when we still have that red thread connecting us, I will find you. As a friend. As a sister. As someone who always love you dearly. Goodbye Siwon. I love you.

“You said you love me Kyu but you choose to leave me.” Siwon mumble to himself. He look at the letter one more time before out of nowhere he rips out the letter to tiny little pieces. Then, Siwon throw away the pieces to the river. He clenches his jaw and then stands up abruptly. Suddenly, Siwon feel so much rage. Not to Kyuhyun, not to any of those bitches, but more to himself. He feels so much anger toward himself that he feels like he wants to lash at something. Siwon look up to the sky and said something like he spoke to Kyuhyun, wherever she is right now.

“Baby, I’m sorry… But I think I will not succeed in finding that special someone. I already lost her and I never find anyone again. So, I will say this to you even if you never listen.”

“I will never find you neither you will find me. I will disappear from your life because I don’t think I could handle when you see me again as a friend or as a brother. I love you baby and I’m sorry for hurting you all this time. I love you and goodbye baby. Goodbye my love.”


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