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Part 1 : Dragon or Panda

Pairing : Krisho, Taoho, a bit Wonkyu, Minho

Genre : Romance, Family, Drama

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God

Warning : Un-betaed, GS, AU, OOC, OC, Age and Surname Changes, Rated M for language




Daniel Wu and Grace Huang was once a happy married coupled until both of them made a serious mistake. Cheating.

They had lots of arguments, fights that sometimes result in minor physical injuries, and eventually they choose to end their early married for just 5 years with a divorce.

Divorce. One word that not only hurtful to both Daniel and Grace but also to their loved ones. And in this case, their children, Yifan or Kris who is only four at that time and Zitao or Tao who just turned two when they decided to separate.

Early age to know that mommy and daddy weren’t together anymore. Too young to understand that their family aren’t going to be a normal family because Yifan and Tao will only have one mother and one father by their side.

Daniel and Grace agreed to take one of their children, with Daniel bring Kris with him and Grace bring Tao with her since Tao, who is younger, definitely need her mother more.

Because of the circumstance, unwillingly the brothers have to separate as well as their parents. Live their life as a child with single parent and unfortunately forgets that they have a sibling. This occur because of Daniel and Grace silly agreement to not tell anything about themselves, trying very hard to make Kris and Tao believes that both of them are single child and their other parents is no longer with them a.k.a. passed away.

This act works because of Kris and Tao young age and years after years associate with just Daniel and Grace.

Now, as both boys turned 20 and 18, they meet again with different lasr name, Wu Yifan and Huang Zitao. Kris and Tao.

Same college – the younger is a freshman and the older is a sophomore, same attitude as both of them are label as bad boys, same situation – lonely but rich as hell due to Daniel and Grace overload work and busy schedule, and same love interest that makes them rival.

Rival for one love, one beautiful young lady with angelic smile, one soul that although so tough but easily to succumb to others pain, one heart to battle for, one name.

Cho Joonmyeon or Suho as her nickname. She’s been given that nickname because she is like a guardian angel to the Chinese-Canadian brothers. She is the daughter of very famous editor in chief of one of the sophisticated fashion magazine, WK Fashion Magazine – Cho Kyuhyun.

Suho is also a victim of parent separation. Her parents divorce two years ago due to a misunderstanding. Yet, her mother – Kyuhyun, was too stubborn to acknowledge her false accusation and still want to divorce with her father – the business typhoon of Choi Group and the owner of WK Fashion Magazine, Choi Siwon.

Choi Siwon – Suho’s father – failed to keep their marriage so he chooses to stay in England with Suho’s older brother – Choi Minho. Even though he still loves Kyuhyun with his life, Siwon respect her wishes to separate and spilt their children custody. Siwon could only wish that someday, Kyuhyun could look passes her ego and all that has been happening to them then came back to his side.

Maybe because of same family situation – although Kris and Tao is out of picture since they thought their other parent are dead, or maybe because of Suho’s fairness attitude to them. Maybe just because they got love at first sight bug with the same girl, no one knows.

One thing for sure, both Kris and Tao love Suho to the max. Despise they misdemeanor attitude, in front of Suho, they instantly change to tame dragon and hyper panda. No one could make the bad boys of EXO University behave rather than the lovely white-milky skin princess, Suho.

The question is, does Suho also love one of them? If she does, who’s the lucky one? If not, how will they face it?

The answer? You guys tell me.





n4oK0’s notes : Promise is promise. I made this to fulfill one of many unfulfilled request. Maybe not all yet it’s nice to know that I could at least write one to my lovely eonnie – Indy eonnie.

Eonnie, I could not grasp the song of Until You by Shayne Ward and turn into FF. So please accept this as replacement. And for Rina eonnie, Sita eonnie, Anies eonnie, Yola, Vie, and Lya… Thanks. Really thank you.

I have the plot, I have the somewhat blur ending, but I think this FF will continue regarding the comments and Nao’s mood.

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