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Part 2 : Dragon’s Bride

Pairing : Krisho, Taoho, a bit Wonkyu, Minho

Genre : Romance, Family, Drama

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God

Warning : Un-betaed, GS, AU, OOC, OC, Age and Surname Changes, Rated M for language




That girl. That beautiful, fragile yet somehow also a strong-willed heart girl. That girl that had the courage to punch me the first time we met. That girl who intrigued me to know her better since then. That girl who I love since the first punch until now with all I’ve got. That girl. That girl, Cho Joonmyeon or…



“Hey, where have you been? I’ve been looking around the medic department to search your whereabouts.” She said with that damn-yet-beautiful-angelic smile of her to her best friend, Do Kyungsoo.

“Sorry, Ho. Chanyeollie had got a hand of me and unwilling to let me go. So I have to sit tight until his class started.”

“And you had to skip class. Way to go Kyung.”

“Hehehe… Sorry…”

“Hhh… It’s fine. I’ve already made notes from our class just now. Here you go.”

“Oh baby Ho, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You’re the best!”

“Yeah, I know.”

I know it too baby. My Suho is always good to everyone even some people didn’t appreciate it.

Did you ask why I claim Suho as my own? It’s simple. She is mine. Well, it’s not like the said person known about it, but everyone else does. I make it clear that Suho is off limit to everyone except me and her girlfriends. Even those so called girlfriends of her are strictly just to Kyungsoo and Minseok. The rest, will and I said will never get closer to my baby Suho without my permission.

How am I supposed to do that without being notice by Suho herself? Again, it’s simple. I stand close to her and give those people my trademark killing glare that has the guts to be near my beautiful Suho.

Like what I’ve been doing right now, as I saw that punk getting near Suho.

“Baby Su.” I called her, making that cute beautiful head turned around and smile at me although as soon as that smile bloom, it turned to a frown, a cute frown.

“Kris. Your tie isn’t tied. Please make sure your presentable enough so you don’t get into trouble. And stop calling me baby Su. I’m not a baby.”

“It loosen up by itself baby. And I will always call you that, so just bear with it.”

“Oh my God.” She complains but walks to me and grabs my tie and then tied it nicely around my neck. She has done that while keep lecturing me about tidiness of a student.

“You should aware that this school has rules.” She said. I looked at her for a while before get my nose closer to her hair.

“One of them is keeping your uniform neatly.” She continue saying her complain of my untidiness while tying my tie.

Keep being close to me baby and I’ll make sure that everyone here knows who you belong too.

“So, please Kris. Try to do that.” She ended her ritual complain with a pat on my tie and a cute smile. I smile back before confidiently set my hand to her hair and trace it down to her ears and settle there before I cup her white cheek in the palm of my hand.

“And let the chance to be this near with you. No way baby Su. I will naked if I could make you dress me up.”

“Kris! Stop it! It’s embarrassing.”

“What?! It’s true. I would love to have your fingers trail down my chest baby.”

“Stop it! You’re making fun of me. You supposed to say that to your girlfriend, not me, you big oaf.”

“I am.”



“I’m not your girlfriend.”

“You’re soon to be.”

“Not if I have a say in it, you loser sunbae.” Said that punk out of nowhere. Really?! One day, I will kill that kid. He’s so fucking annoying.

As soon that foul mouth said those words, I diverted my glare to the biggest pain in the ass. I challenge him to fight me with just a gaze. A strong and full of loathing gaze.

“Watch that tongue freshmen, or you might lose it. Painfully.” I threaten him seriously but lo and behold, this punk doesn’t seem dither a bit while others will just run as soon as saw me. This kid has guts, I’ll give him that.

“Try it. If you can, asshole” See. He does have guts and stupid. Because he just sign his death note.

“Are you daring me boy?!”

“Yeah, in fact I am. What are you going to do about it?!”

“Oh… You will see kid. You’ll see and when you see it, I know you’re going to regret it. So punk, still have the courage to challenge me?”


“No, he’s not. Tao mind your manner please. Kris still your sunbae, respect him. And you Kris…”


“Hhh… Just take me home. You finished already with your class right?!” said Suho while trying to save this ugly panda from my wrath. Well, well, who am I to defy my queen order. That kid is so lucky.

I nodded to her question and immediately grab her hand and pull her to me. I wrap my arm around her waist to actually look likes I’m hugging her from behind. I feel so pleased when I could see the hatred come from the kid as soon as I did that. This is so much fun and to make it even more fun…


“Kris!!/Why you?!!”

I kiss her lips although for a seconds. But it’s enough to make that panda burn with jealousy. See that punk. Not even you have the courage to kiss Suho. Not when you so cowardly with your baby steps in courting this beauty.

Hm… Take that Huang “Panda” Zitao. You should think twice with whom you’re dealing with. I’m the badass leader here in EXO University if not all of this area. I’m the vicious and deadly. I’m Wu “Dragon” Yifan.

No one messes with the Dragon and his beautiful bride.

No one.





n4oK0’s notes : This is a quick update because I’ve already have this and one upcoming part. So, for the meantime, I hope this would satisfied my dear amazing readers quench for FF ^^v

Gomenasai for typos (as always) and the weird storyline.

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