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Part 3 : Panda’s Companion

Pairing : Krisho, Taoho, a bit Wonkyu, Minho

Genre : Romance, Family, Drama

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God

Warning : Un-betaed, GS, AU, OOC, OC, Age and Surname Changes, Rated M for language




She’s all I can see. She’s all that I could think off. She’s the one. She’s the girl that I love.

My sunbae, Cho Joonmyeon or people would call her Suho, a guardian angel.

Like her name, she’s really a life definition of an angel although nothing could be that precisely but she’s near that term. She’s kind, sweet and nice. Not to mention she’s one of the most beautiful girl in EXO University. I don’t need to go on the detail because describing her would just make me downing the university floor with blood.

It would harm my reputation because I nosebleed when I tell everyone of how beautiful she is.

I fell for her since the day I saw her. It’s love at first sight. Cliché, I know but you get what I mean when you dealing with it yourself.

I love her and I would do anything to make her mine. Anything, even if I have to fight head to head with the notorious Wu Yifan or Kris. He’s the number 1 badass in this university if not the whole city.

He’s dangerous. I know that. He’s stronger than me even with my strength and ability to do martial art; I know that if I really challenge him to a real duel, I would lose.

Yes, he is that strong. I witness his savage way when he send someone from his class year to a hospital, nearly died at that time. Because of that, he almost got himself into a prison. Luckily, the victim didn’t press charges. I never knew why, must be the influence of the Wu family.

Yeah, even his family is that strong and powerful.

I’m a trouble maker myself, my own families are quite famous, I’ll admit that, but Wu Yifan is a different story. He could kill someone if he want to but something or should I say someone, prevent him to do that. Not his family. That someone is no other than my beloved Suho noona.

“Suho-ah!” speaking of which, that’s my love, Suho noona.

“Hey, where have you been? I’ve been looking around the medic department to search your whereabouts.” She said with that damn-yet-beautiful-angelic smile of her to her best friend, Do Kyungsoo.

“Sorry, Ho. Chanyeollie had got a hand of me and unwilling to let me go. So I have to sit tight until his class started.”

“And you had to skip class. Way to go Kyung.”

“Hehehe… Sorry…”

“Hhh… It’s fine. I’ve already made notes from our class just now. Here you go.”

“Oh baby Ho, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You’re the best!”

“Yeah, I know.”

I know it too Suho noona. You always nice to everyone even those ungrateful pricks tend to hurt you. That’s why I fallen in love with you. You are always helpful to other people despite their bad attitude.

Oh God. How I want to be near her always. Sometime I wish I could be Wu Yifan. That giant always beside Suho noona every freaking second he could get. I’m really envious to him on that one. Just like right now.

Damn it!

She’s so close to him because she’s fixing his tie. That sly bastard! Always have his way to make Suho noona pampered him like a girlfriend do. I want her to do the same to me, yet because I just know her, I couldn’t possibly acting like her long-time friend. That prick has the advantage on that because he knows her since their freshman day.

“Kris. Your tie isn’t tied. Please make sure your presentable enough so you don’t get into trouble. And stop calling me baby Su. I’m not a baby.”

Yeah asshole! Stop calling Suho noona baby. She’s not your baby. She’s my baby.

“It loosen up by itself baby. And I will always call you that, so just bear with it.”

Damn It. Bastard! Stop acting like you’re her boyfriend! You just a friend of her!

“Oh my God.” I could see Suho noona complains but walk to Kris and grab his tie and then tied it nicely.

I know exactly his intention making Suho noona tied his tie. He’s just want people to understand that Suho noona belongs to him.

Well, tough luck dude. I’m never going to accept that easily. Not without a fight.

“Stop it! You’re making fun of me. You supposed to say that to your girlfriend, not me, you big oaf.”

“I am.”



“I’m not your girlfriend.”

“You’re soon to be.”

“Not if I have a say in it, you loser sunbae.” I said when I sees that his attempt in flirting with Suho noona almost succeeds. Why did I say that? It’s because my white-milky skin princess cheeks are turning pink. I knew that instant that Suho noona feel shy with that loser comment.

Ugh! He’s so fucking annoying.

“Watch that tongue freshmen, or you might lose it. Painfully.” He threatens me seriously with that strong and full of loathing gaze. I know he challenge me and I’m ready to take that challenge.

“Try it. If you can, asshole” Hah! See that! I have the guts to say it in your face old man!

“Are you daring me boy?!”

“Yeah, in fact I am. What are you going to do about it?!”

“Oh… You will see kid. You’ll see and when you see it, I know you’re going to regret it. So punk, still have the courage to challenge me?”


“No, he’s not. Tao mind your manner please. Kris still your sunbae, respect him. And you Kris…”


“Hhh… Just take me home. You finished already with your class right?!” said Suho noona while trying to save me from that dangerous dragon wrath. I expect a strong objection but nothing happen. I thought that although Kris tame around Suho noona, he will say something or even punch me in the face first. Yet, he just nodded and the next thing happen, makes my blood boils with anger.

He grabs my angel hand and pull her to him. He wraps his arm around her waist to actually look like he’s hugging her from behind and giving me that nasty stare, like he’s mocking me. But that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part is when that crazy son of a bitch kiss Suho noona on the lips although briefly.


“Kris!!/Why you?!!”

Fuck you Wu Yifan! I’m not scared of you. You think you have win this but you wrong. Like I said, this is not over. I won’t back down without a fight. I love her too. As much as you do, even more. So I will face you, head to head for Suho noona.

I’m Huang “Panda” Zitao. I’m maybe gentle but I’m still in the bear family. I will take Suho noona from your grasp.

I will have my companion beside me.

You have my word.





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