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Title : For You Only 1

Pairing : Yunjae, Brothership!Wonyun, Wonkyu

Genre : Romance, Family, A bit Angst

Rating : PG13

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God

Warning : Un-betaed, BL, AU, OOC, Age and Surname Changes

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n4oK0’s notes : I thought that my bias to YunJae is lacking and I’m sad for it. Since I’m still on dead end with ideas to make a brand new YunJae FF, I’m remaking ‘For You Only’ to Yunjae version and post it.

Hope you guys like it.

Oh, almost forgot. Because I like WonKyu too, so I’ll put them in this also.

Keep Calm and Ship YunJae, WonKyu, and KrisHo 😀

Sankyu and peace all


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Being an underprivileged student has never been occurring to Jung Yunho. His life would never be astray because his father wealth will not perished in just matter of weeks. His good luck will always follow him to whenever he goes.

That’s what people thought.

It’s true that his family were so rich that they would not have to indulge a hard life. But don’t forget the word were. His father was frame by his colleague for embezzlement in his own company that he didn’t do. But the lack of evidence from the Jung’s made them have to endure many loses. Start from their house, cars, saving, and all material things that they’ve own. Follow by his father went to jail, his mother, who couldn’t handle the shock, being hospitalized, leaving only him and his only brother Jung Siwon.

As their leaving the hospital, Jung Yunho determined to be better than his father. He will not trust anyone except his family. He will make sure that his only brother will not suffer from this point forward.

Since then, the Jung Yunho who never endure hard work, have to do three jobs to survive. Being a newspaper boy in the morning, continue with delivery boy after school, and being a bartender at night. All of that so his brother Siwon could still learn in that expensive private school.




Siwon P.O.V


The door was open quietly. But I can still hear it perfectly fine. It’s my brother Yunho who just got home from his night job. I’m feeling guilty for making him do this hard work every day. Countless time I reminded him that I wouldn’t mind to change school if the school fee would be a burden. But, no. He objects the thought straight away.

I walked out to the living room to see him. And there he was, tired as hell. I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge at the kitchen and palmed it on his cheek.

“Drink it hyung.” I said while looking at him and then sit next to him on the couch.

“Thanks Wonnie.” He replied, giving me his smile shown on his handsome but tired face.

“Why are you still up little bro? You have school tomorrow.”

“So do you. And yet, you came home late every single night.”

“I have worked to do Siwon-ah.” Said my brother as he jugged down the water. I simply looked at him and then summoned the courage from the thing I’m about to say. He feels my anxiety and asked me.

“What’s wrong Wonnie?” asked my brother. I take my breath before I answer him.

“Promise me first that you won’t angry with me.”

“Why should I angry with you?”

“Promise me first hyung!” Seeing my seriousness, my brother only nods his head. I sighed and then gave him a piece of paper from my school.

“Hyung, the school fee that you pay last week wasn’t enough. The school administration called me this afternoon and says if I didn’t pay it by the end of this week, I could be expelled, so…”

“WHAT!! But I told them I would pay them as soon as possible. I already save enough money just give me time until next week. I have to talk to your school tomorrow and…” Cut my brother as he standing and walk around and rambling.

“Hyung!!” I cut his rambling and stare at him with sadness in my eyes. I really feel worthless and guilty because he’s only thinking about me all the time.

“I’m not finished. Listen to me first.” I said and that makes him sit on the couch again.

“As I was saying before you interrupt me, if I didn’t pay the rest of the school fee by the end of this week, I could be expelled, so the school offers me something.”

“What offer?”

“I could tutor a student. And if the student passes his exam and all, I could get my scholarship back.” I explain to my brother leaving a single detail of it. I saw him smile because of the news and hug me tightly while caressing my hair. I hug him back because I miss his hug. He’s rarely being with me since our family get into this situation.

“That’s wonderful news Wonnie. I’m so happy for you.” He said while still hugging and caressing my hair. After a couple of minute he let go and stare at me.

“So, this tutoring, will it be done after your school hour? What time will you be home from now on?” asked my brother. I’m a little bit scared and nervous to tell him the condition of the offer.

“Hyung, there is one condition to that offer.”

“Condition?” Oh my God. My brother is really going to kill me now. I gulped and tried to speak.

“I will stay as a home tutor starting tomorrow.”

“WHAT!!” he yelled and looked at me with his angry eyes.

“I’m sorry hyung, but it’s the only way that the school would release us from any school fee. It’s just for a few months, because the exam is nearing. And it help our budget too hyung, since they’re going to pay me. You don’t have to do that night job anymore. You have more time for studies and for yourself.” I said while trying to persuade my brother agreeing to the offer.

“Siwon-ah… You’re willing to leave me? Your only brother? Siwon-ah, we only have each other now, so we have to stick together. I don’t like this. Forget about the offer. You’re not going anywhere” He said while looking at me with sad eyes and may I dare to say, a little bit of disappointed. Once again I feel like the worst brother that my brother ever had as I tried to convince him again that this offer is the best way so far.

“It’s just few months hyung. I will come home every weekend. This student really needs help in English. And I’m good at it. Really good. And we could use the money hyung.”

“Stop it Wonnie!!” He yelled again at me. I stunned for moment while waiting him to say anything after that outburst.

“I’m not approving this. You’re not going anywhere. And I told you to stop worry about money. I can handle it. If the school won’t give time until next week, I will pay it this week. I will get another job or loans. Don’t worry Wonnie. Okay.” He said gently but firmly this time, showing to me that he can handle the entire problem by himself.

I couldn’t stand it as I let my tears run down. I rarely cried, but seeing your only brother, your only love person deals with hardship everyday just for making you happy is too much for me.

“Hyung. Please, let me help you. The offer is the only way to lessen our problem. I can’t stand seeing you work job after job just for me, especially that night job. Please hyung…” As he sees me cried, I can tell he wavers a bit. But after that he gets a hold of himself and disagrees once again.

“No Wonnie, don’t worry about me. I’m fine. Just tell the school that your brother doesn’t agree with this tutoring and he will pay the fee this week. End of discussion.” He said while wipe the tears in my eyes and cheeks with his thumb and them brushing off my hair, making it slightly unruly.

“But hyung…” I pleaded once again but he cut me off.

“End of discussion Wonnie. I’m tired. I’m going to sleep, and so do you. You have school tomorrow.” After he said that, he walked to his room and closed the door. He doesn’t hug or kiss me goodnight again. The hug from before is the only one I get since our family turned in to this chaos. I also walked to my room after make sure the front door looked and lie to my bed. I cried again that night, missing the warmth of my brother.

End Siwon P.O.V




Siwon walked slowly to the administration office to say the news about Yunho refusal of the offer. He keeps thinking why Yunho seems too worried to let him leave. However, he loves his brother more than anything and he will not disappoint Yunho.

He sees one of the school administration staff and asked if the principal could see him now. The staff checks it out first, and minutes later she came back and tells Siwon he could see him now.

Siwon nervously enter the principal office. He sees the principal were not alone. He’s with his spouse and son, the one who supposed to be tutored by Siwon. All of them are smiling when they saw Siwon enter the premises. Siwon feel slightly awful because he would make that smile disappear with his rejection. Siwon bow to all of them before Kim Hankyung, the principal told Siwon to sit down. Siwon take a seat beside the principal son.

“So, I believe that you bring me good news Siwon-ssi.” Utter Hankyung from his seat behind his large desk. He keeps that smile which makes Siwon feel more nervous. Siwon stare at Hankyung, the beautiful man that stand behind Hankyung, and last Hankyung’s son. He takes his breath and voiced out his decision.

“I’m sorry to say this sir, but I’m afraid I have to decline your offer.” Said Siwon. Everyone in that room look shock with Siwon decision. Hankyung stand up and walk to Siwon. He then sits across from Siwon. He stare Siwon for a long time before he start talking, asking for explanation from the boy.

“Is there any reasons behind your rejection Siwon-ssi? I think the offer would benefit both of us. Are the payment didn’t suite you? Or…”

“No sir. This is not about that.” Cut Siwon before Hankyung take conclusion on his own.

“It’s about the condition of the offer. My brother wouldn’t let me stay at your house during the tutoring.” Explain Siwon.

“And why is that? It’s just for a few months.” Hankyung still won’t understand why Siwon and his brother didn’t agree with his offer.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong, Hankyung son, is still trying to comprehend the situation. He feels worry if Siwon won’t accept his father offer. He will definitely flunk his exam in English and if he failed, although there will be a retest, he will not be accepted in his chosen university.

The university he choose clearly stated that he have to exceed in every subject without a retest. Even though he doesn’t understand what is the connection between English and Music, although some of the songs is sung by that langugae (Jaejoong wants to take Music as his major), but Jaejoong thinks it’s kind of ridiculous that they’ll not accepting him because of that reason.

Then this comes up. Siwon’s rejecting his appa offer. Jaejoong sees himself not entering the university he always wanted. He feels panic all of a sudden. He looks to Siwon for a while and suddenly holds his hand while kneel in front of him.

“Siwon-ah! Please help me!” pleaded Jaejoong while holding Siwon’s hands tightly. Siwon feels guilty that he couldn’t help Jaejoong since Jaejoong is always kind to him even though he knows the condition of his family.

For information, ever since Siwon and Yunho’s father went into jail, all of Siwon friends treat Siwon differently. They avoid even bully Siwon, all of them except Jaejoong and his cousin Kim Kyuhyun.

That’s why, when Hankyung offer him to tutor Jaejoong, even if he’s a hoobae of Jaejoong, he gladly to accept it. However, he has to thinks about his brother, Yunho. Siwon looks Jaejoong in the eyes and smile forcibly. He let go the hands and help Jaejoong to stand up.

“I’m sorry hyung. I’m terribly sorry. But I have no other choice. I couldn’t leave my brother and stay in your house. Perhaps if you could arrange tutoring after school then maybe I could persuade my brother to agree to this offer.”

“But Siwon-ah, you know I can’t do that. After school hour, I have singing practice. That’s why I asked you to stay in my house so you could tutor me after I finished practicing and on weekend. And I also could ask you question without having to find you first.” Argue Jaejoong so Siwon would change his mind. But Siwon won’t budge. He simply bow to all of them and walked out the room. Jaejoong still won’t give up that easily. He follows Siwon outside.

“Siwon! Wait! Can’t you think it over? Maybe I could talk to your brother and convince him.” Said Jaejoong while trying to catch up to Siwon who walked so fast. However when he manage to catch up to Siwon, he sees Siwon just stand there looking to one of the staff who handling school fee.

“Siwon-ah..?!” called Jaejoong. But Siwon just stare to that one spot. Jaejoong follow Siwon stare and see the most handsome guy talking to the staff. Jaejoong doesn’t realize he’s blushing while staring at the guy.

“Yunho hyung.” Said Siwon. Jaejoong look up to Siwon and back to the guy and immediately apprehend that guy as Siwon’s brother.

I don’t know that Siwon’s brother is so handsome. He’s also tall with dark hair and muscular proportional body. Although is a shame his eyes and face are so sad and tired. Jaejoong thought at the same time as still staring at Yunho.

Siwon ignore Jaejoong calling and went to his brother. Yunho hears when Siwon called him and look at back at him. He smile seeing Siwon appear to be happy to meet him.

“Hyung, what are you doing here? Aren’t you working?” asked Siwon. Yunho only smile and mess up Siwon’s hair. Yunho school schedule is a little different from Siwon, his school finished faster than Siwon’s school.

“Here you go Jung Yunho-ssi, Jung Siwon invoice for this semester. You only pay half of it Yunho-ssi. I’m sorry but we couldn’t wait until next week. You have to pay the rest in two to three days from now.” Explain the staff as giving Yunho the school fee invoice. Yunho look back to the staff and instantly open his bag to get his wallet. He gave the money to the staff whereas she counted it. She frowns when the nominal isn’t the same as what written in the invoice.

“Yunho-ssi, I’m sorry. These still don’t cover up the payment.”

“I know. But can’t you just wait until next week. I promise I will pay the rest.” Whilst Yunho is arguing with the staff, Jaejoong heard all of that. He walks closer to the brothers and places his arm in Siwon shoulder so he conscious that Jaejoong is still there. Siwon looks to him, which brings him manner to introduce his brother to Jaejoong.

“Oh Jaejoong hyung, I would like to introduce you to my brother, Jung Yunho. Yunho hyung, this is Kim Jaejoong, my sunbae.” Said Siwon. Yunho then avert his stare to Jaejoong and what he sees make his heart stop for a second.

Yunho thought he saw the most beautiful yet cute in some way kind of man. They stare at each other quite long without saying a word until Siwon cough slowly to get their attention. Both of them looks to Siwon and tried to hide their blushing face. Yunho recover first and bow to Jaejoong.

“I’m sorry, where my manners. Jung Yunho, Siwon’s brother. Nice to meet you.” Said Yunho with a smile that melts every girl and even some boys. The same smile that makes Jaejoong blushing again. He bow also to Yunho and introduce himself.

“Kim Jaejoong. Nice to meet you too Yunho-ssi.”