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Title : For You Only 2

Pairing : Yunjae, Brothership!Wonyun, Wonkyu, Hanchul

Genre : Romance, Family, A bit Angst

Rating : PG13

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God

Warning : Un-betaed, BL, AU, OOC, Mpreg, Age and Surname Changes

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Previous Chapter

“Hyung, what are you doing here? Aren’t you working?” asked Siwon. Yunho only smile and mess up Siwon’s hair. Yunho school schedule is a little different from Siwon, his school finished faster than Siwon’s school.

“Here you go Jung Yunho-ssi, Jung Siwon invoice for this semester. You only pay half of it Yunho-ssi. I’m sorry but we couldn’t wait until next week. You have to pay the rest in two to three days from now.” Explain the staff as giving Yunho the school fee invoice. Yunho look back to the staff and instantly open his bag to get his wallet. He gave the money to the staff whereas she counted it. She frowns when the nominal isn’t the same as what written in the invoice.

“Yunho-ssi, I’m sorry. These still don’t cover up the payment.”

“I know. But can’t you just wait until next week. I promise I will pay the rest.” Whilst Yunho is arguing with the staff, Jaejoong heard all of that. He walks closer to the brothers and places his arm in Siwon shoulder so he conscious that Jaejoong is still there. Siwon looks to him, which brings him manner to introduce his brother to Jaejoong.

“Oh Jaejoong hyung, I would like to introduce you to my brother, Jung Yunho. Yunho hyung, this is Kim Jaejoong, my sunbae.” Said Siwon. Yunho then avert his stare to Jaejoong and what he sees make his heart stop for a second.

Yunho thought he saw the most beautiful yet cute in some way kind of man. They stare at each other quite long without saying a word until Siwon cough slowly to get their attention. Both of them looks to Siwon and tried to hide their blushing face. Yunho recover first and bow to Jaejoong.

“I’m sorry, where my manners. Jung Yunho, Siwon’s brother. Nice to meet you.” Said Yunho with a smile that melts every girl and even some boys. The same smile that makes Jaejoong blushing again. He bow also to Yunho and introduce himself.

“Kim Jaejoong. Nice to meet you too Yunho-ssi.”

( 。・_・。)(。・_・。 )

Jaejoong couldn’t concentrate because of last week incident. The incident that ruin his ‘get to know Mr. handsome with nice heart lips’. He still clearly remember Yunho enraged face although in some way those face still look handsome to Jaejoong. He can’t seem to erase Yunho face out of his head. And also the fact that Siwon’s being avoiding him since that incident. Usually, he, Kyuhyun, and Siwon would have lunch together. However, his thoughts are full of Yunho rather than Siwon avoidance.

“Hh.. Why is he so handsome even when he’s angry like that? Wait I should not think of him that way. Argh!! Jung Yunho leaves me alone! Don’t keep come appearing in my head!” Bawl Jaejoong to himself while holding his head and drop it on the table and shaking it quite violently.

Kyuhyun, who’s with him during lunch break, just stare confusedly at his cousin weirdness. He slowly stands up and tries to get away from Jaejoong because honestly, Jaejoong look scary to Kyuhyun.

“Where are you going Kyunnie?” Suddenly Jaejoong asked Kyuhyun while stare at the slightly taller boy. Kyuhyun only smile forcibly and sit down once again.

“Just want to go to class hyung.” Kyuhyun answer slowly tries to keep distance from Jaejoong. Jaejoong sees this and couldn’t help to laugh at Kyuhyun silliness.

“Don’t be afraid Kyuhyun-ah. I’m just just being silly.”

“But you rarely being silly except when you encounter those elephants and hello kitty stuff. This time you are acting a little bit more exaggerating than before. Something bothering you hyung?” asked Kyuhyun cautiously. Jaejoong just blew his bangs and doesn’t answer Kyuhyun. He just continuing daydream about Yunho. Kyuhyun could only shake his head regarding his cousin attitude.


The bells ringing, inform to all student that their lunch are over and they should go back to class straight away. Jaejoong and Kyuhyun stand up and walked slowly to their class when Jaejoong sees Siwon also walked to his class. Suddenly Jaejoong ran to Siwon and drag him to a small park in the back of school gym. Kyuhyun who manage to overcome his shock couldn’t get Jaejoong on time because he already disappear when Kyuhyun conscious of what just happen.

Meanwhile, Siwon only let himself be drag by Jaejoong to the place where Jaejoong take him. He doesn’t even struggle nor do anything to release Jaejoong hold on his hand. He just simply let him do what he wants. Jaejoong stop when he reaches his destination. He then let go of Siwon’s hand and just look at him with earnest in his eyes. Siwon tries to avoid Jaejoong eyes the entire time. Jaejoong couldn’t stand the silence anymore tries to make Siwon look at him by lifting Siwon face so he could see Jaejoong straight in the eyes.

“Siwon-ah, why are you avoiding me lately? Is it because of last week?” asked Jaejoong anxious to hear Siwon respond. Siwon still doesn’t acknowledge Jaejoong question, instead this time he tries to free his hand from Jaejoong grip and when he’s released himself, he turn away and walked from the spot. Jaejoong couldn’t believe that Siwon would directly avoid him like this. Since last week, Siwon subtly avoid him with various rationales that make sense. But this time he just walked away as if he doesn’t even know Jaejoong.

“Siwon-ah.” Jaejoong tried to call, but the junior one doesn’t even stop his step.

“Siwon-ah!” Jaejoong tried louder this time only to get the same silent and the sound of footsteps walking further from him.

“Siwon! Stop right there!” This time Jaejoong yell to prevent Siwon leaving him. Siwon stop for a while but then he just continue absconding the place.

“Jung Siwon! If you don’t stop right now, don’t even dare to enter this school again!” Jaejoong, because of rage and desolation, said something that he will regret the next minute. And so he does. After those word came out of his mouth, he regret it straight away. He uses his hand to close his mouth. He doesn’t mean to threaten Siwon with the thing the boy so desperately tried to maintain.

Hearing Jaejoong threat, Siwon stop his steps and turned around. Jaejoong expected that he would see Siwon being angry with him but on the contrary Siwon smile although his eyes look sad.

“You don’t have to do that hyung. I’ll already give my resignation letter to the school today. This is my last day at this school” Siwon say. Jaejoong gasp hearing the news. He doesn’t understand why the situation is getting worse and worse. He simply wants Siwon to tutor him. Jaejoong unconsciously walked to Siwon. He needs explanation. Is it really because of last week incident? When Jaejoong get closer again to Siwon, he holds Siwon so the boys won’t run away. He will not let go until the boy tell him the truth behind all of this.

“Siwon-ah. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything I said back there. I was just.. I was just so angry because you keep avoiding me, leaving me in the dark.. Why? Why you quit from the school Wonnie? You work so hard. Even when you lost your scholarship, you didn’t give up. Why now, when all I ever wanted from you is you to tutor me for my exam. It’s simple as that. So why? Tell me. Don’t make me confuse like this.” Plead Jaejoong. Siwon look at his sunbae and one of his best friends for a second and sighed. Siwon nodding his head, indicating that he will tell Jaejoong all of it. He pulls Jaejoong with his other hand that is free from Jaejoong grip and took him to a bench near the small pond and sits on them.

“I’ll tell you everything hyung, but you have to promise me that you won’t tell anyone about this. Not even Kyuhyun. Can you do that?”

“Okay. I won’t tell a soul.”

“Okay. This is going to be long story hyung. Brace yourself.” Tease Siwon, making Jaejoong smile a little bit. Siwon also smile and prolonging his story.

“If you ask about my resignation and rejection for your offer has got to do with last week incident, you were right hyung.” Jaejoong look at Siwon, tried to comprehend. Jaejoong remember clearly last week incident as if it’s just happen this morning.

Flashback – Jaejoong P.O.V

“Kim Jaejoong. Nice to meet you too Yunho-ssi.” As soon as I said those words, my father, Hankyung walks out from his office. I think he’s intended to chase after Siwon and I. For a minute he look relieved that both of us are still in the administration office but the next thing is, he face paled when he sees Yunho standing there. Yunho also looks surprise to see my father there. He turned his face toward Siwon asking for some explanation. Siwon saw his brother perplexity and refine who my father is.

“Ah hyung. This is Kim Hankyung-ssi. Our principal. Sir, this is my brother Jung Yunho.” Introduce Siwon. Yunho only nod and bow a little bit to my father. My father do the same while tried to hide his anxious because of Yunho. I notice his restless because he grips his hand on his trouser. He always do this when he nervous. I confused why my father looks so nervous when he sees Yunho. But I get the answer when suddenly Yunho speaks to my father with such tension. He looks so angry and aghast at the same time towards my father.

“Long time no see Hankyung-ssi. I don’t know you were the principal of this school. Ah, maybe I’m to concern with my father issues to acknowledge such detail. Or maybe because you rarely come to the court when my father were struggling to defend himself for a crime he didn’t commit!!” yell Yunho angrily. Siwon, who first doesn’t know why his brother so angry, finally get the message. He then alters his stare to my father as if he’s looking for some clarification of what his brother said.

“You are one of the Kim Family members who destroy our family?” asked Siwon slowly. He seems so betrayed. I couldn’t understand a thing so I voice out my confusion to my father.

“What is Yunho-ssi talking about appa? What court?”  

“Oh, your lovely son doesn’t know a thing, is he?!. Don’t worry Hankyung-ssi. I’m not evil as the rest of your family. I will not shatter apart your son perfect life.” Yunho said with mockery in his voice. I really don’t like his voice when his speak to my father. I don’t like someone who just meet and suddenly lash out like that although he so handsome and have a nice smile.

“Please don’t be rude to my appa Yunho-ssi. You just met him.” I said, clearly pointing out that I don’t like his attitude toward my father. Yunho look at me for a while and divert his face to my father once again. He obviously ignores me. When I tried to say something again, he walked past me and grab Siwon hand, make Siwon turned to face his brother.

“Does the offer came from them Wonnie?” asked Yunho and Siwon only nod to answer his question. Seeing Siwon answer, Yunho tried to calm himself. Then he looks back to my father sternly.

“I guess now you would understand about our rejection toward your offer. Although for a second I didn’t know it were you who offer it and it obvious that Siwon doesn’t know who you are. Who you really are.” Yunho stated calmly. I think he doesn’t want to create a scene in here seeing that everyone in the administration office is looking at us.

“Thank you for your generosity to help me and my brother. But, I have to decline it. It simply because we aren’t saint to just forgive what your family put us through. I also think that I don’t have to worry about Siwon’s fee anymore.” Siwon is shocked to hear his brother statement. But I more confused because I swear to God, I saw a glimpse of relieve when his brother said that.

“I hope this is the last time we will meet you and the rest of your family.” When Yunho finished talking, I’m sure he takes a glance at me but I guess it’s just my imagination, because the next thing I know, both of Siwon and Yunho stroll out the administration office, leaving my father and I to our thoughts.

End of Flashback & Jaejoong P.O.V

Jaejoong remember those callous words, those angry stare that Yunho gave to Hankyung. He feels so irritate for the fact that he’s the only one who didn’t know a thing about the problems between Siwon’s family and his family. His thoughts were disturb by Siwon voice, signaling that he would continue his story.

“Hyung, you already know the condition of my family right now right?!” settle Siwon to make sure Jaejoong understand what’s his talking about. Seeing Jaejoong nod, Siwon carry on with his story.

“Well, the reason why my father is in prison right now because he was frame by his colleague. My father trusts this man very much. Even my hyung trust him. However, I don’t know him well enough because I rarely involve myself to our family business.”

“So, why is this have got to do with my father and court Siwon-ah?”

“Let me finish first hyung. Geez, you always like that. Don’t interrupt someone when they still speak. Sometime you talk too much.”

“And you always are this bipolar type. One minute you like an angel and the other hand you change completely different. I see Kyu’s influence you with his sarcastic and blunt attitude Siwon-ah.” Both of them chuckle as they tease each other and after they done laughing together, Siwon continue his tell-a-tale.

“To shorten my story hyung and to answer your question, the man who frames my father is your uncle Kim Youngwoon, your mother’s brother.” Jaejoong feel like he is struck by lightning when Siwon mention his uncle. His dearest uncle. He doesn’t know what to say to Siwon, because he doesn’t know how to react, how to feel towards this matter. Jaejoong is quite shock right now to say or do anything so he just listen to Siwon.

“Honestly, I don’t hold any grudge to your uncle hyung because I barely know him. The only things that I feel ever since my family collapse like this are worthless, guilty, sad, but never angry. I couldn’t get angry to your uncle because he must have a reason for doing that. I couldn’t get angry to my own father for his reliance toward your uncle, making him vulnerable of being frame. And I definitely couldn’t get angry to your father, because he was the one who help me during the incident that cause me to lose my scholarship. If it wasn’t from him, I would be expelled.”

“Speaking of that Siwon-ah, you never told me who was the one cheating on that exam and accuse you otherwise. As if you protect him/her or something. Is he/she someone I know?”

“It’s not important hyung. Let it go.”

“But, Siwon..”

“Let it go hyung.” Stated Siwon firmly, so Jaejoong would leave the issue alone. Jaejoong could only nod and gesturing for Siwon to go on with his story. Siwon takes a deep breath and release it before continuing. He looks as if he wants to let go a huge burden.

“But, it’s a different story for Yunho hyung. He hates all of Kim Family. Well, not that I could blame him for, cause Yunho hyung maybe the second person who feel betrayed by your uncle.” Siwon said while he tried to hold his tears. Jaejoong never saw Siwon like this before. He looks like he about to crumble.

“Through the ordeal of accusation, investigation, court, and the verdict, Yunho hyung would always stand strong. His believe that his hold responsibility for all of the things that happens to our family, which I think it’s not his fault.” Siwon said while brushing his hair to feel use of his hand. He trembles a bit when he talks about his family, especially Yunho.

“After our father went to prison, he takes the responsibility as the head of our family because our mother is still in the hospital. He takes good care of me. Never complain and just pampered me with everything he could give me.” Siwon smile between telling his story and reminisce his memory with Yunho. Jaejoong who pay attention to Siwon since the beginning could feel the love and care Siwon have for his brother.

“Yunho hyung is the one who suffer the most because of all of this. I know that, but he insists that I was the one who suffer and need to protect all the time. I love him so much hyung. So much, that sometimes seeing him takes three jobs and always takes me as his number one priority, hurt me so much.” Finally Siwon couldn’t hold his tears. His feel so worthless because he couldn’t do a single thing to help lessen the burden of his brother. He feel guilty for making Yunho abandon himself just to make sure Siwon get all of his needs. And mostly, Siwon feel sad, because his relationship with Yunho is not the same as it was before. They still love each other and close brother, but Yunho was so busy, he sometimes forgets that his brother needs to feel his love and care mentally.

“Oh Wonnie..” Jaejoong feel guilty hearing what life Siwon and Yunho have because of his uncle, although Jaejoong still have to confirm whether his uncle truly that bad or not. Right now, the thing that Jaejoong could do is hold Siwon in his arms and tries to comfort him. Siwon calmed down a bit because Jaejoong hug. He erases his tears with his hand and look up to Jaejoong.

“That’s why, when he tell me to resign from this school, I instantly do it. I’m relieved actually that I could go out of this school, because since I lost the scholarship, Yunho hyung is working like crazy to pay the fee. But now, I could help him somehow.”

“So you really are going to leave this school?” Siwon nods, responding to Jaejoong question.

“I’m sorry hyung, because I couldn’t help you with the exam. This will be the last time I would be able to see you.” Jaejoong stun by Siwon news of not meeting each other anymore.

“Why? I mean I could still see you at your house right?!” Siwon shake his head indicating that it’s impossible to meet at his house.

“Yunho hyung won’t allow that and I would obey it. So this is goodbye hyung. Thanks for everything and sorry for avoiding you. I intend not seeing you anymore since last week, so I won’t have to say goodbye. But now I’m glad I could see you one last time.” Jaejoong couldn’t believe it. He is never got to see Siwon again. He has to do something. He doesn’t want to lose a friend like Siwon.

While Jaejoong busy with his thought, Siwon already stand up and walking away from Jaejoong. When Jaejoong wake up from his day dreaming, Siwon wasn’t there anymore. He still doesn’t believe this is happening to him. Jaejoong original plan was just get a help from Siwon on his English and passed his chosen university exam. He didn’t plan that his offer would open problematic issues like this and certainly didn’t plan to make his best friend quit school.

Because of that, Jaejoong determined that he have to see and talk to Yunho. He has to convince him somehow that not all of the Kim family is bad. But first, he has to talk to his parent and uncle. They have some explaining to do.


( 。・_・。)(。・_・。 )

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