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Title : For You Only 3

Pairing : Yunjae, Brothership!Wonyun, Wonkyu, Hanchul

Genre : Romance, Family, A bit Angst

Rating : PG13

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God

Warning : Un-betaed, BL, AU, OOC, Mpreg, Age and Surname Changes

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Previous Chapter

“I’m sorry hyung, because I couldn’t help you with the exam. This will be the last time I would be able to see you.” Jaejoong stun by Siwon news of not meeting each other anymore.

“Why? I mean I could still see you at your house right?!” Siwon shake his head indicating that it’s impossible to meet at his house.

“Yunho hyung won’t allow that and I would obey it. So this is goodbye hyung. Thanks for everything and sorry for avoiding you. I intend not seeing you anymore since last week, so I won’t have to say goodbye. But now I’m glad I could see you one last time.” Jaejoong couldn’t believe it. He is never got to see Siwon again. He has to do something. He doesn’t want to lose a friend like Siwon.

While Jaejoong busy with his thought, Siwon already stand up and walking away from Jaejoong. When Jaejoong wake up from his day dreaming, Siwon wasn’t there anymore. He still doesn’t believe this is happening to him. Jaejoong original plan was just get a help from Siwon on his English and passed his chosen university exam. He didn’t plan that his offer would open problematic issues like this and certainly didn’t plan to make his best friend quit school.

Because of that, Jaejoong determined that he have to see and talk to Yunho. He has to convince him somehow that not all of the Kim family is bad. But first, he has to talk to his parent and uncle. They have some explaining to do.

( 。・_・。)(。・_・。 )

Jaejoong drop his body on the sofa on his large living room. He was very tired with what’s been happening lately. When he heard Siwon’s story, he felt liable to the matter. If Siwon’s story is true, then his family really is the causes of someone break down. How would he face Siwon and Yunho.

He mess up his hair frustrated because he still confuse whether to trust his best friend or his own family. He has to meet and talk with his uncle or at least his parents. As a twist of fate, Jaejoong’s mother, Heechul, walked out from his bedroom heading to the kitchen. Jaejoong is quickly after his mother to the kitchen.

Heechul, who doesn’t realize that his son already home, leisurely walk to the refrigerator to take some juice. When he turned around intending to grab a glass for his juice, Jaejoong are already standing in front of him. He staggers so much when Jaejoong, out of nowhere, standing in front of him like that. Because of that, he dropped the juice. Luckily nothing spill on the floor.

“God! Jaejoong! You scare me! What are you doing creeping on me like that? You’ll almost give me a heart attack” reprimanded Heechul because Jaejoong really scare him. Jaejoong doesn’t say anything, he just stare at Heechul for a moment while watching Heechul bend down to take the cartoon juice and set it on the kitchen counter, take two glass and pour the juice down. He is giving one glass to Jaejoong which he takes it although he doesn’t drink it but settle it down on the kitchen counter. He takes a moment for Heechul to finish his juice before he start asking some question to Heechul.

“Umma.” Call Jaejoong calmly, tried not to make Heechul cautious.


“I want to ask you some question. And I want you to be perfectly honest with me.” Said Jaejoong which make Heechul knit his eyebrow.

“Why are you so serious? I’m always honest to you.”

“I know that. But promise me you would answer my question with honesty. Nothing to hide.” Urge Jaejoong because he needs to know the truth so bad. He has to know it so he could help fix this situation.

“Alright. I promise. Geez Joongie, you making me nervous.” Tease Heechul to lighten up the mood. He feel quite agitate with Jaejoong behavior.

“Okay, first of all, you know Jung Siwon right?!”

“I do. He’s the boy who supposed to tutor you for your exam but couldn’t.”

“Yes. That’s him.”

“What about him?”

“Do you also know that Siwon’s father is sent to prison right?”

“Yes. I’m aware of that. But I think you didn’t care about that. Is it about that boy issue? Jaejoong, we can’t be prejudice to someone like that. I thought that boy is your best friend.”

“No..no.. Umma. That’s not what I meant. I don’t care if Siwon’s father is a murderer or something. Don’t change the conversation, umma. I’m just asking if you know about the situation of Siwon’s family especially his father.” For a moment Heechul seem like he’s thinking about something. Jaejoong could see in his mother eyes that this man is hiding something.

“Umma, tell me the truth. Is it our fault that Jung’s family gone bankrupt? Is it our fault that their father went to prison and their mother hospitalized? Is it uncle Youngwoon frame Siwon’s father?” After hearing those questions from Jaejoong, Heechul feel weary. He couldn’t support his body and choose to sit in one of the chair in the kitchen. He closes his face with his palms and start trembling.

Seeing his mother reaction, he knew that Siwon was telling the truth. His family is the one who destroys Jung’s family with cruel way. He also couldn’t hide the tremor because of this reality. He took a sit himself right beside Heechul.

“Why umma? Tell me why, why do such thing to a person even a family? Why we make their life miserable? Do you know how hardssip Siwon and Yunho-ssi have to face each day?!” yelled Jaejoong angrily. He couldn’t stop or hide his feeling right know. He feels betrayed, guilty and mad at the same time. He really doesn’t know how to face Siwon and Yunho. How he could apologize for what their family done. He let his tears run down.

Meanwhile Heechul still cries with guilt. He knows he’s also at fault in this matter. He should stop his brother, Youngwoon from doing it. But he also knows, at that time it was the only way because his family were also in jeopardy of being bankrupt. He lifts up his face and tries to face Jaejoong, his only son, while looking in his eyes, asking for understanding and forgiveness.

“You have to understand Joongie. It was the only way. We are also in the bridge of bankruptcy. Your uncle, Yoongwoon make a terrible mistake in his business. His invest his stock and all his money to a bad business deal. Our family was dealing with a huge debt to a loan shark. There is no other way. Your uncle has to get all of that share money, the only one he left with the Jung, his business partner. But in order to get all of it, the head of the Jung have to be put away so Youngwoon could take over their company.” Explained Heechul, hoping that Jaejoong would see from his point of view. Heechul tries to wipe away his tears. He would face his son strongly.

“Oh my God, umma! Did you hear yourself?! You knew about uncle Youngwoon scheme and do nothing about it?! We’re talking about screwing other people life! I can’t believe this. All this time all of you are hiding this thing from me and let me befriend the one who we mistreatment!” shout Jaejoong uncontrollably, while rub out his eyes to stop the tears for falling. But seem like he’s failing to do so, because like having its own thought, his tears keeps falling down. He is very angry and disappointed with his family that they are able do such thing. He gaze at Heechul with so much pain and heated in his teary eyes.

“Do you know how months the brothers have to survive on their own? And they didn’t even think of getting even with us. Well, the older brother clearly hates all of us. But do you know that the younger, my best friend, he doesn’t hate us. He said that uncle Youngwoon must have a good reason for doing that to his family.” Ranted Jaejoong. He doesn’t feel the need to be polite to his own mother right now. What he’s done with his uncle Youngwoon is unforgivable. He doesn’t blame Yunho for directing his hate and sorrow to his family.

“Why didn’t you ask help from other people umma? There’s always a way besides doing this misdemeanor. You could ask appa, right?! I know for sure he will help you.”

“I can’t Joongie. What would your appa’s family said when they know that Youngwoon are totally fail in his business and going bankrupt. They don’t even like me. They surely would make your appa leave me because they think I don’t match up to your appa. And with your uncle’s problem, they definitely have a solid reason for making your appa leave me.”

“I would never leave you Chulie even the whole world said otherwise.” Said someone, who turned out to be Hankyung. He’s standing in front of Jaejoong and Heechul, still holding his briefcase.



“Why you tell me that thing when the Jung is already dealing with the court, Chulie? I could help you and your brother. You just have to ask me.” Hakyung said with dejected voice. Until now, he couldn’t figure out why Heechul never ask for his help. He feels so sad and disappointed that Heechul doesn’t believe him with his problem and choose to do something like that.

“I don’t want to burden you with my problem Hannie. Especially this is my brother problem. I don’t want you to know that our family is crumbling.”

“But I’m your husband Chulie. I love you and only you. I would do anything for you. Even helping your brother.” Hankyung looks very tired because he has to deal with this matter that obviously is very easy to settle if his wife and brother in law wasn’t such a pride person. He stare at Heechul to see his reaction, but Heechul just sit there while bend down his head, unable to look Hankyung straight in his eyes.

“Are our vow when we married is just a mere talking, Chulie? Don’t you realize that you and your brother act are ruining someone else’s life? Those are young boys who struggling to maintain their life, Chulie. Young boys who have to struggle to maintain their family together as one. Do you even know how I feel every time I saw Siwon-ssi tried his best to face his problem at school? All the bullying, the wrong accusation of being cheating on exam and his scholarship being taken away didn’t diminish his will to finish school.” Said Hankyung. He really had enough of this guilty feeling. He tried his best to protect Siwon at school as a form of atonement for a crime he didn’t even do it but feel like he has a part in it.

“Do you know how I feel when I saw Yunho at the administration office last week, when he pleaded for a lenient for paying the school fee? It broke my heart so much Chulie. That boy works so hard just to make sure his brother get the proper education. I never say anything to you before Chulie, because I think we could fix this by helping them with the offer or anything else, without them knowing. But I think Yunho is conceded to the people who related to Youngwoon. Right now, I don’t know what to do.” After saying this, Hankyung walked to his bedroom, leaving Jaejoong and Heechul to their own thoughts.

Heechul could not say a word to counterfeit his husband words. He know he make a terrible mistake by doing nothing to prevent his brother action toward the Jung. He should ask his husband for help. He should not worry for Hankyung’s family to disown him or something because deep down in his heart he knew Hankyung will always stay by his side. His ambivalent behavior really ruin everyone life. Not only the Jung but his husband and son, who clearly been subjected by the Jung hatred.

Heechul could not stop from crying. For months, he thinks that everything would be alright if he keeps silent because Hankyung never mention anything to him about this when he tells about Youngwoon undertaking. Now he knows why and he could not feel anything except remorse.

Jaejoong who saw everything happen between his parents could only hope that they can overcome this. He knows that his father and his mother just need some time dealing with all of this. Right now, Jaejoong’s mind is full of thought on how to lessen the brothers’ hardssip. He makes a decision that he should go to Siwon’s place regardless of his warning about Yunho’s lack of hospitality. At least he should apologize on behalf of his family, because he was sure that no one has said anything to the Jung since the verdict. He would face Yunho no matter what.




Yunho P.O.V

Today is going to be more hectic than ever. Since last week ordeal with the Kims, I have so much in my mind that I almost neglect my little brother. I don’t know if he’s quitting his previous school and join my school is good news because I still want him get the education he deserve. Siwon is so smart. Genius maybe. So, I don’t want him to throw away his gift by laying around in some adverse high school like my school. But, there’s nothing I could do to prevent his quitting. In fact, it was my decision to make him quit his school because truthfully, the fee of that school is crazy. I barely survive with all of the expenses with my three jobs.

However, the main reason is that I want to sever any connection to the Kim family. It’s enough dealing with their misdeed to our family. I thought that even Siwon went to that school, he wouldn’t get near the Kims least befriend one. How wrong I was. I need to loose all end and just want them to leave us alone so I could concentrate in taking care of my family right now. I still hate them to the core, but I never lower myself as undergoing revenge.

As usual routine, I wake up, take a shower, make breakfast for Siwon and I, and went to work. I have to delivery those newspapers to our customers. After that, I go straight to school. I never go to school with Siwon because it’s obvious he still asleep. After school, I stroll directly to this delivery company and at night I take the job as a bartender.

Although it seem impossible for high school student to work at a bar, I’ll still manage somehow, because the bar‘s owner is my father best friend. He always helps me during my difficulties in saving money for Siwon school fee and my mother hospital bill. He often loan me some money if I really need it, but I tend to give it back right away when I have extra money from customer tips or bonuses from my other works.

This morning isn’t any different from other morning. Although, I feel like emotionally drained, I still get up early like always, get ready, prepare everything, and then go to work. However, when I open the door of my apartment, I saw the boy from last week, Jaejoong I think, sitting on the floor next to my apartment.

What is he doing in here this early? I thought because he looks like he has been sitting there for quite some time. Seeing he nods his head sleepily. When he heard I open the door, he wakes up and stand up straight away, putting his smile to me. I look at him as he was an idiot. I cross my hand in front of my chest and look at him without interest.

“What are you doing here? It’s still too early to bother people. Go home!” I order him roughly, while closing my apartment and walk pass him.

“Wait!” He shout try to gain my attention. I turned around and stare at him impassively.

“What now?! I don’t have all day. I have to go to work. Please just leave.” I said more calmly this time because he looks so cold with his body shivering. He just bobs down his head while he said something. I couldn’t hear a thing because he keeps his head hidden.

“What?! I can’t hear you?!” I said tried to hear him. And in order to do that I move closer to him until I could smell his hair. His hair is smell like apple.

“I.. hel..u..” he tried again, but still I couldn’t hear a thing. I lost my patience and yelled at him.

“What?! Speak louder and lift your head!” I yelled and suddenly he lifts his head up to look at me. That’s when we face each other closely. Our distance are just a few centimeter. Our noses even touch because we’re so close. We look at each other eyes, forget to blink.

Once again, I have to admit that this boy is extremely beautiful. His puff check were red because of the cold weather (Author: It’s because of you Yunho – Jaejoong: Shut up!) and his red lips are tempting me to taste them. We stand and stare each other until I hear someone open my apartment from inside. There, I saw Siwon peeks out his head and look at me. He doesn’t recognize Jaejoong because Jaejoong is having his back facing Siwon.

“Hyung?! You’re still here? Are you the one who yell just now? What happen? Who’s there?” asked Siwon sleepily. He just woke up, that means I’m going to be late if I don’t go now.

“Darn!! Wonnie, I’m going now. Don’t be late to school. Bye!” I said and then run as fast as I can. However I can’t erase that lovely face who staring back at me. Argh! Forget him. He’s one of Kims. Stop thinking about his face Yunho! You hate him! Yeah, you hate him.

End Yunho P.O.V




Siwon P.O.V

I look at my retreating brother, in hurry to go to his first job. I still couldn’t help him because he still forbids me to take any jobs. He said that I have to concentrate on my exam, which he also has to duel to. He’s a senior for God sake but he’s doing three jobs while still being a student. He supposed to study not walking around serving people. I momentarily don’t realize the person whose being with Yunho hyung earlier. When I notice him, he still is standing back facing me.

“Excuse me. Are you a friend of Yunho hyung?” I asked. Hearing my question he turned around. I surely surprised to see Jaejoong hyung standing in front of me. Didn’t I tell him to stay away from us? What is he doing here?

“Jaejoong hyung! What are you doing here?”

“Siwon-ah…” he responds my question with a tremble voice. He must be cold. How long is he wait for my brother to show up?

“Come on hyung. Get in! You must be cold. I could make you some hot tea before I go to school. I still have time.” I offer him some hospitality. He then nod and follow me to come inside the house.

I told him to sit down at the couch while I prepare myself and making him a hot tea. Twenty minutes later, I came with two mugs of hot tea in my hands. I give it one to Jaejoong hyung.

“Gomawo Siwon-ah.” He said while accepting the mug. He drinks it a little then put it down on the table in front of him. I’m curious about the reason why Jaejoong hyung come to our place. Before I could sound my curiosity, he beat me to it.

“Is Yunho-ssi always works this early?” he asked. I’m actually surprise because the first thing he asked is about Yunho hyung. I sighed. I’m not a fool. I’m indifferent sometime but definitely not a fool. I’m aware of Jaejoong hyung attraction toward Yunho hyung. And I bet on my beloved guitar and stick drum that I still have, the only thing I protect, that Yunho hyung is also feel the same. But, I think it will be hard for the both of them.

“Why the sudden curiosity hyung?” I asked him back, not minding at his question. I still want to know what his intention is. He gulped because of my question. He looks at me for a while and then averts his face to somewhere else.

“I.. I..”

“You what hyung?”

“I want to apologize on behalf of my family.”

“Hyung. I already told you. Let it go. Leave us alone.” I said raucously. I didn’t mean to sound like that, but I have to make Jaejoong hyung understand that my brother needs time and peace from everything that involve the Kims. Jaejoong hyung appears stun with my voice intone. He never hears me talk like that to him.

“But, I could not let it go Siwon-ah. I can’t. Please, let me make it up for the both of you. At least accept my offer to tutor me. I know you need the money for your mother, because I heard she’s being hospitalized for months.” Argue Jaejoong hyung. He still tried to persuade me. But, I’m not the head of the Jung family. I’m shaking my head indicating that his offer is impossible.

“I’m not the one who makes the decision here hyung. You have to talk to Yunho hyung. However, I’m sure he will decline it.”

“Then let me talk to Yunho-ssi.”

“You have to wait until tonight hyung. He’s working every night also.”

“He’s working at night? Wait he works early in the morning and he works at night too. Is he resting well?” asked Jaejoong hyung worried. I chuckle seeing him unconsciously concern about Yunho hyung health.

“Yes, he’s working at night. And no, he’s not resting well. He only sleeps about 3 or 4 hours.” I would laugh at Jaejoong hyung weird face if this is not a sensitive subject, because to be honest, I’m worried too about Yunho hyung health.

“Oh my God Siwon-ah! Why you’re not told him to take care of himself too? He’s your brother.”

“Don’t you think I’ve tried? He’s so stubborn hyung. Really stubborn. He doesn’t listen to what I said if it concerns himself.” We both silent after I said that. Jaejoong hyung seems so worried. Oh hyung, if our family isn’t in this feud, I think you would suitable for Yunho hyung. Then hastily, Jaejoong hyung grab my hands and look determined about something.

“Siwon-ah. I will talk to Yunho-ssi. I will be back to your place after my rehearsal today. I already schedule all of my activities, so you don’t have to stay at my house. I will be the one came here. I will make Yunho-ssi agree to my offer. Please cheer me on, Siwon-ah.” He said confidentially while showing his lovely smile. I don’t know why, but I have a mixture feeling about this. But I will support him, if he’s so sure he could melt my brother frozen heart. I wish you luck Jaejoong hyung.

End of Siwon P.O.V


( 。・_・。)(。・_・。 )

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