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Title : For You Only 4

Pairing : Yunjae, Brothership!Wonyun, Wonkyu, Hanchul

Genre : Romance, Family, A bit Angst

Rating : PG13

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God

Warning : Un-betaed, BL, AU, OOC, Mpreg, Age and Surname Changes

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Previous Chapter

Siwon P.O.V

“I’m not the one who makes the decision here hyung. You have to talk to Yunho hyung. However, I’m sure he will decline it.”

“Then let me talk to Yunho-ssi.”

“You have to wait until tonight hyung. He’s working every night also.”

“He’s working at night? Wait he works early in the morning and he works at night too. Is he resting well?” asked Jaejoong hyung worried. I chuckle seeing him unconsciously concern about Yunho hyung health.

“Yes, he’s working at night. And no, he’s not resting well. He only sleeps about 3 or 4 hours.” I would laugh at Jaejoong hyung weird face if this is not a sensitive subject, because to be honest, I’m worried too about Yunho hyung health.

“Oh my God Siwon-ah! Why you’re not told him to take care of himself too? He’s your brother.”

“Don’t you think I’ve tried? He’s so stubborn hyung. Really stubborn. He doesn’t listen to what I said if it concerns himself.” We both silent after I said that. Jaejoong hyung seems so worried. Oh hyung, if our family isn’t in this feud, I think you would suitable for Yunho hyung. Then hastily, Jaejoong hyung grab my hands and look determined about something.

“Siwon-ah. I will talk to Yunho-ssi. I will be back to your place after my rehearsal today. I already schedule all of my activities, so you don’t have to stay at my house. I will be the one came here. I will make Yunho-ssi agree to my offer. Please cheer me on, Siwon-ah.” He said confidentially while showing his lovely smile. I don’t know why, but I have a mixture feeling about this. But I will support him, if he’s so sure he could melt my brother frozen heart. I wish you luck Jaejoong hyung.

End of Siwon P.O.V

( 。・_・。)(。・_・。 )

Siwon looks at Jaejoong restlessly from his apartment window. The reason was because since this afternoon, Jaejoong never leave from his place in front of the apartment building, waiting for Yunho. Siwon had tried to persuade Jaejoong to wait in their apartment but Jaejoong reject lightly. He said that he doesn’t want to get Siwon into trouble, if Yunho know he let Jaejoong stay inside their place.

Jaejoong understand perfectly that Yunho doesn’t like having connection with the Kims and he doesn’t like his brother to make friends or be close with the Kims. So he decides to wait outside. Although it is very cold right now, the thought of the cold weather never occurred to Jaejoong because he’s more worry of Yunho late night jobs. Like Siwon had told him earlier, Yunho are often come home midnight sometimes before dawn because of his job. And true to his word, until this particular midnight, no sign of Yunho everywhere near the apartment.

Jaejoong blew out air from his mouth to his hands and rubs himself to keep warm. He already waits seven hours in this place since he got back from school. Because he knows he will be waiting for a long time, he get himself prepare before going to the brothers’ apartment. He ate takes out dinner first and bought lots of coffees to accompany him. He is resolute that today he must talk to Yunho about his offer. And he will try his hardest to make him agree with this offer. He will not leave this premise without Yunho saying yes to it.

Jaejoong looks around the neighborhood. It’s not shabby or anything but it’s sure famous for dangerous place. He remembers when he watches the news sometime ago, that there are several gangs and thugs laying around in this neighborhood. Although Jaejoong is a guy, he still couldn’t hide the fear he felt every time a group of people walks in front of him and staring at him. He hopes that Yunho could get here anytime soon. He already feels so tired and sleepy. Not to mention he so scared when a pair of men he saw earlier is back and standing not far from him, checking him out.

The God is still looking after Jaejoong when a silhouette of a tall guy appears from around the corner. Jaejoong anticipated that person to be Yunho. He gazes at that person acutely, he forgot about the two men who staring at him and right now walking to Jaejoong. Jaejoong feel goose bump when he sense hot breath in his neck and immediately turned around only to find that the men who keep staring at him are already in front of him. One of them is having a beard that looks dreadful and grimy, while the other one has a scar on his right cheek.

“Hey sweetie. What are you doing here this late?” leers the beard guy while trying to touch Jaejoong’s face but got sway away by Jaejoong. He looks at the men with fear in his eyes. Jaejoong walk backward slowly so the two guys won’t be able to touch him.

“Oh don’t be afraid. We’ll not hurt you.” Said the scar guy, whereas succeed in grabbing one of Jaejoong’s arms. Jaejoong more scared of these scary men because they smell like alcohol. They must be drunk.

“Please let me go.” implore Jaejoong. He really scared that these guys will try to do something bad to him. He keeps try to lose his hand from his captor but to no avail. Jaejoong felt tears are forming in his eyes and that got noticed by the assaulters. Both of them laugh out loud and taking a step closer to Jaejoong.

“Hey, don’t cry beautiful. We’ll going to have some fun with you. When we’ve done with you, I let you cry all the time you need. Hahaha!!” said the scar guy whilst pulling Jaejoong to his arm and drag him somewhere.

“No!! Let me go!! I’m not a girl!! I’m a boy!!” shout Jaejoong scared for his life. He shouts like that because he thought that they are mistaking him from a girl. He screams to them, telling that his not a girl at the same time attempting to free himself from the scar guy hold. But he’s not strong enough and got drag away.

“We know.” murmured the beard guy with a nasty smirk which makes Jaejoong open his doe eyes widespread. He continues to try to free himself but the men are not his match, add up to his weak body that already tired from waiting Yunho too long. Jaejoong imagine bad thing that could happen to him. The tears are already watered his eyes falls successfully to his cheeks. There’s nothing he could do to fight them.

Someone help me! Yunho! Pray Jaejoong.

Then suddenly someone grab Jaejoong’s shoulder, makes Jaejoong and the assaulters held up. The men turned their back and look surprised and a little bit terrified when they saw who the one that held them up is.

“Let go.” Say the person with calm but full of intimidation to the two offenders. Yunho’s face looks hard and ready to beat up someone or in this case the two men. Seeing Yunho, they immediately let Jaejoong go. Both of them raise their hand in front of their chest signaling that they don’t mean any harm to Jaejoong. But Yunho know otherwise.

“Hei, Yunho! You here, Man. What’s up?!” said both of them one by one, trying to make Yunho least scary than he already is. Yunho only look at them heatedly while approaching Jaejoong who can’t stop trembling and crying.

“Are you okay?” ask Yunho serenely and try to see if Jaejoong had injury or something. Jaejoong just nod his head, unable to face Yunho, because he was so embarrassed that he couldn’t defend himself. Yunho not trusting Jaejoong a bit, unexpectedly grab his waist and clasp him near him, so that Jaejoong face is in front of Yunho’s neck. Jaejoong instantly froze and stop crying because this is the closest he’s get with Yunho beside this morning incident. Once again, Jaejoong is blussing so hard that his face is so red like a ripe tomato. Luckily, Yunho didn’t look at him at all. His attention is on the two men in front of them.

“Don’t bother him, you hear me! He’s my boyfriend. Tell that to the rest of you. Now be gone!” after Yunho yell at them, they scramble away, leaving both Yunho and Jaejoong still in their position.

When the guys couldn’t see anywhere, Yunho drew his hand away from Jaejoong. For a moment Jaejoong feel lost when Yunho didn’t close to him. He likes when Yunho embracing him just now. He looks at Yunho and he was astonished when Yunho look at him back. Yunho look like analyzing Jaejoong from head to toe and out of nowhere, Yunho take off his jacket and put it on Jaejoong and just walk to his apartment, leaving Jaejoong stand there alone, staring at the back of Yunho’s body. Jaejoong try to put right back his thought and when he could comprehend the situation, he ran to catch up to Yunho.

“Yunho-ssi!!” call Jaejoong so Yunho could wait for him. But Yunho ignore him completely and just keep on going to his apartment. Jaejoong keep running after Yunho who almost made it to his apartement because his log legs, while Jaejoong has to struggle in catching up with Yunho.

When he’s running throughout the ladder, out of the blue he slips. And nest thing he knew he fall down the ladder. Fortunately he still could hold on to the handle bar so he doesn’t roll down until the bottom of the ladder. Unfortunately, Jaejoong’s hand got a scratch from holding to the handle bar to hard. It was just a slight scratch but nevertheless it makes Jaejoong’s hand bleed.

“Auch.” He said while holding his own hand that keeps bleeding. Yunho who heard Jaejoong screaming in pain, twirled his head and found Jaejoong sit in one of the ladder, clutching his bleeding hand in his other hand like that. Without realizing his own action, Yunho dash over to Jaejoong side and hold his bleeding hand gently.

“Are you alright?! Oh snap! Your hand is bleeding quite severe.” Said Yunho concerned about Jaejoong wound. He is holding Jaejoong hand to check any damage possibilities. Jaejoong feel blissful when he heard Yunho’s worried tone and action regarding his wellbeing.

“It’s okay Yunho-ssi. It’s just a scratch. It will be fine when I lick it.”

“You’re bleeding hard Jaejoong-ssi. You have to go to the hospital. It’s not going to fade away with just a lick.” Stern Yunho. He a little bit annoyed with Jaejoong ignorant outlook towards his own body. Jaejoong once again feel embarrassed because he just got scold by Yunho because of what his said.

He waggles his head down so Yunho didn’t see his dire face. And then, without warning, Yunho grab Jaejoong body. He lifts him up with bridal style. Jaejoong got a shock for the first time since he knows Yunho. If Jaejoong are in some kind of anime television show, he must drop his jaws to ground and have a mark of sweat on his head.

Jaejoong couldn’t believe that Yunho who loathe his family to the fact that he would never engage himself with the Kims, is now holding Jaejoong like a damsel in distress. Yunho is holding Jaejoong like a princess. Like a dear one.

Like a lover.

Jaejoong’s face could not be redder than now. He is so not going to over this. He never thought that Yunho would do this to him. But, Jaejoong didn’t complain about it, he even circles his unwound hand to Yunho’s neck to make sure he didn’t fall.

Yunho brought Jaejoong to his apartment. Yunho glance to Jaejoong and see the red face of Jaejoong. He smiles a little. Yunho found Jaejoong so adorable with red face and fidgety attitude.

“Siwon! Open up! My hands are full right now!” call Yunho when he reached the front door of his apartment. He hears someone approaching the front door and in a matter of second Siwon was already at the door. He stunned himself seeing his brother haul up Jaejoong in that manner. He was lost for words and just stands there.

“Wonnie, could you move aside a little please? I need to go inside.” Ask Yunho interrupted Siwon thought when he sees his little brother just stand there.

“Oh.. What..? Oh..Oh! Yes, Sorry hyung.” Said Siwon, moving aside from the front door to let Yunho and Jaejoong in. As soon as Yunho enter the apartment, he quickly take Jaejoong to the living room and put him on the couch. After that, he goes to his room to take the first aid kit and go back to the living room.

He sits in front of Jaejoong with the first aid kit, taking some ointment and bandage. Without saying anything, he tends to Jaejoong wound tenderly, making Siwon speechless and Jaejoong blushing even more. Looks like Jaejoong need to go the doctor after all of this. His heart has a problem, because it’s pounding faster and faster each time Yunho gazes at him and showing his concern to Jaejoong.

Whereas Yunho tend to Jaejoong, Siwon could only stare at his brother, thinking about something. He never understands how his brother’s head worked. It’s obvious his brother detest the Kims with his whole being, but right now he sees Yunho taking care of someone who is related to his nemesis. Deep down, Siwon feels really glad that his brother showing some emotion beside those hatred, agony, sadness, and the idea that he have to take the entire heavy burden to himself. Siwon have a feeling that Jaejoong presence near his brother could change him like he was to be, although if Siwon have to admit, he feels a little bit jealous because he isn’t the one who could make his brother like this.

Before the whole situation happen to his family, Yunho is a loving and charming person. He never said anything bad about someone although the said person is badmouthing him or doing bad deed to him. He’s patient and always forgives anyone if they made a mistake. But, dealing with betrayal, adversity and taking the responsibility as the head of family in such young age make Yunho the way he is now.

He is cautious, tend to get angry easily (but not with Siwon), and never show positive emotion. Siwon rarely sees his brother smile happily over this few months. Siwon never saw the spark again in his brother eyes. Now, he only sees the dullness and fatigue in Yunho eyes. Looking at Yunho in this particular moment brings Siwon sweet memories that he had with his brother when they still have their whole family.

“Thank you Yunho-ssi.” Jaejoong voice break Siwon’s thought and make him stare at Jaejoong who smile brightly to Yunho. Yunho only nodding his head and went away bringing the first aid kit back to his room. Jaejoong once again could only stare at his retreating back, while Siwon take a sit next to Jaejoong. He pats Jaejoong shoulder to get his attention.

“Are you alright hyung? What happen? How did your hand became like this?”

“I’m fine Siwon-ah. Just got a little scratch. Don’t worry.”

“Don’t worry? Hyung, you just got a bleeding hand and you told me not to worry?! Seriously hyung, what happen? Why are you and Yunho hyung together just now?” asked Siwon impatiently because Jaejoong seem refusing to explain the detail why he got the injury.

Jaejoong only mess up Siwon hair with his uninjured hand and smile. Not wanting to tell Siwon about the incident that just happen to Jaejoong. They talked for more or less fifteen minutes when suddenly there is a noise from the kitchen. Siwon walk away from the living room to the kitchen followed by Jaejoong, checking out for Yunho. And right out in front of the refrigerator, gulping a bottle of mineral water is Yunho, already wearing his gray sleeveless t-shirt and sweat pants. Yunho notice the stare that he got from the two boys and try to ignore it. Siwon feel that his brother is acting like he was before he’s interacting with Jaejoong.

“Hyung?” try Siwon to make his brother see him. Yunho didn’t disappoint Siwon when he looks up to Siwon, signaling him to continue speaking. Siwon is about to ask about why Jaejoong and Yunho together just now when Jaejoong cut him off first.

“Yunho-ssi, I’m sorry to bother you this late, but can we talk?” asked Jaejoong with hesitation show perfectly through his voice. He still worried that Yunho would said harsh thing to him and Jaejoong couldn’t bear with that. Yunho avert his eyes from Siwon to Jaejoong with skeptical look on his face. He smile crudely toward Jaejoong, makes Jaejoong feel heartrending because Yunho is back to his usual self. He hates Jaejoong again.

“Talk? What talk? I don’t have anything to discuss especially with one of the Kims.” Yunho said making Jaejoong sadder because Yunho is definitely won’t have anything to do with him even is just a simple talk. But Jaejoong keep trying to make Yunho sees that his intention is genuine.

“Please Yunho-ssi. It’s only need 10 minutes, ah no, 5 minutes.” Plead Jaejoong. Nevertheless Yunho is really a stubborn guy. He looks at Jaejoong closely until his face almost touch Jaejoong’ face.

“Red my lips Jaejoong-ssi. I DON’T WANT TO.” And after saying that, he walk past Jaejoong and headed to his room. Yunho thought that Jaejoong would give up because of his resilient towards all of Jaejoong attempt to make peace or whatsoever he was going to do next. But Jaejoong as willful as Yunho, is still trying to make Yunho listen to him.

“Will you just listen?!” yelled Jaejoong while holding Yunho arms before he could go any further. Yunho guise is not good. He’s annoyed because Jaejoong so thick headed.

“Fine, humor me.” state Yunho irritated, although in the end he yield to Jaejoong whim. But still, he is really needs his sleep. He’s so tired these last few days and dealing with Jaejoong right now is making him so exhausted.

“Okay. Thank you. You know that I need someone to tutor me for my university exam right?!”


“And you know that I need your brother for that.” Tattle Jaejoong because he so nervous that obviously make Yunho angrier.

“Will you just get to point please?! I’m tired and I have to go to sleep now. I have worked tomorrow, not like you.” snarl Yunho impatiently.

“Okay.. okay.. My God.. I just want to say that could you please allowed Siwon to tutor me? And don’t interrupt me.” Jaejoong said quickly because he sees that Yunho want to disrupt him.

“I know about the Kim and the Jung ordeal lately and I know you despise us so much. I know what my uncle did to you was horrible and I also disagree with that, but my family isn’t all like that.” Said Jaejoong, letting Yunho’s arms go and carry on with what he’s going to say. He needs Yunho to trust him, at least tolerable with him to be close to Siwon and eventually close to Yunho.

“My appa for example, is really wanted to help you guys, especially Siwon. The offer is sincerely just to help you and not to mock you or suppressed you. Please Yunho-ssi, just believe in us this time.” Yunho scoffed hearing Jaejoong talk like that to him. He gaze Jaejoong fierily.

“I will not trust the Kims again. I will not trust anyone beside Siwon.” Yunho made his stance firmly. Jaejoong stare at him with sadness because Yunho won’t ever consider trusting anyone except his own family. Yunho really close his heart.

“Please Yunho-ssi. I know it’s hard but…” tried Jaejoong once again but unfortunately, luck was not his forte because the next thing he knows, Yunho is screaming at him.

“Stop it! Just stop it!” yelled Yunho to cut off Jaejoong’s argumentation.

“Don’t you dare talk about hard with me! You have no idea what we’ve going through because of your uncle. You’ve no idea at all. So just stay out of it!!”

“I just want to help you. Is it wrong?”

“With all due respect, which honestly I don’t have, I don’t need your help Jaejoong-ssi and neither is your father help. I can take care of myself and Siwon better than anyone.” state Yunho with sarcasm in his tone. Jaejoong couldn’t say anything. He keeps silent because he’s so upset and sad at the same time with Yunho perseverance toward this matter.

Yunho glance at Jaejoong and found his face full of dejection and a little bit angry. Yunho feel a tug in his heart seeing Jaejoong like that but he chooses to disregard it and continue walking to his room. Siwon who just stand there witnessing Yunho and Jaejoong argue about the offer, start speaking before his brother enters his room. Although he never got far because Yunho also cut him off.

“Hyung.. I think we should..”

“Don’t! Just don’t Wonnie.”

“But Hyung, They can hel..!”

“Siwon!!” that stop Siwon from talking. He stares at Yunho with disbelief and fear in his eyes. Yunho never yell at him like that before.

“Just.. Just go to bed please. You have school tomorrow.” Said Yunho softly this time. He feels a little bit guilty when he saw Siwon standing frozen and look anxious at him. Siwon break off from his shock and could only nod. He pulls Jaejoong hand and directs him to his room. But before that he asks permission from Yunho first if Jaejoong could stay over for the night.

“Hyung, it’s late. Could Jaejoong hyung stay here for the night? He could stay at my room.” asked Siwon. Yunho just sighed and nodding his head and enter his room quietly. With that, Siwon turned his head to face Jaejoong who still keeps silent.

“Hyung.” Call Siwon tried to wake up Jaejoong from his daze. Jaejoong turned his face toward Siwon. Siwon feels terrible because Jaejoong wretchedness right now was cause by his brother. He pats his shoulder and led him to enter his own room.

“You can share the bed with me hyung, but if you uncomfortable, you could used the bed by yourself.”

“And you? Where do you sleep?”

“The couch or the floor here.” Said Siwon, pointing the floor beside his bed.

“Oh no Siwon-ah. I’ll use the couch. You used the bed. I’m the one imposing here.”

“Don’t worry hyung. Just use the bed. You’re the guest.”

“No. It’s better if we share the bed.”

“It will be cramped hyung.”

“Doesn’t matter. It’ll be warmer right.” Tease Jaejoong tried to loosen up the tension. Siwon and Jaejoong look at each other and chuckled together. They can’t laugh out loud because Yunho will get angry of their disturbance.

“Let go to sleep hyung. But before that, I think I should get an extra blanket, pillow, and maybe some night wear for you.” Siwon said while getting the thing Jaejoong need for this sleepover. Whereas Siwon taking those things, Jaejoong sit on Siwon’s bed and start thinking about what happen this day.

He’s thinking about Yunho’s protective attitude while he’s saving him. He feels so secure and saves in Yunho’s arms. The way he chase out those ugly person. He even calls Jaejoong his boyfriend to make them never bother him again. That one surely won’t be forgotten by Jaejoong. Then, when Yunho is gently taking care of Jaejoong wound. He looks really concern about it.

But in a minute, his attitude change. He became the stubborn angry man. The man who doesn’t trust anyone. Jaejoong feel drained out all of a sudden. He really don’t know how to make Yunho realize that he really want to help him. That he really want Yunho to acknowledge him. That he really want Yunho to trust him because he want to be his friend.

Jaejoong really want that because he really like Yunho. That he really love Yunho.


Is it love?

The last though brought Jaejoong to a realization. He’s doing this not just because he feels guilty and wants to help the brothers. He’s doing it because he loves Yunho.

“Oh my God.” Jaejoong hold himself and try to clear his mind. He doesn’t believe himself that he would falling in love to a guy he just met. The worst part of it, the guy he’s falling in love is the guy who hates his whole family and himself to the core.

Jaejoong couldn’t even think any worse situation than this. He’s really in serious problem now. On the other hand, this new feeling for Yunho makes him determined to be accepted by Yunho. At least if Yunho couldn’t love him, he would not hate him. Although the thought of Yunho didn’t love him, make his heart hurt so much.

Keeping aside the negative thought, Jaejoong encourage himself to win Yunho heart. And with this new determination, Jaejoong smile a little and will try again to persuade Yunho, force him if necessary, to accept his help and maybe his love. Jaejoong couldn’t wait for the next morning to come.


( 。・_・。)(。・_・。 )

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