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Title : For You Only 5

Pairing : Yunjae, Brothership!Wonyun, Wonkyu, Hanchul

Genre : Romance, Family, A bit Angst

Rating : PG13

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God

Warning : Un-betaed, BL, AU, OOC, Mpreg, Age and Surname Changes

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Previous Chapter

Jaejoong really want that because he really like Yunho. That he really love Yunho.


Is it love?

The last though brought Jaejoong to a realization. He’s doing this not just because he feels guilty and wants to help the brothers. He’s doing it because he loves Yunho.

“Oh my God.” Jaejoong hold himself and try to clear his mind. He doesn’t believe himself that he would falling in love to a guy he just met. The worst part of it, the guy he’s falling in love is the guy who hates his whole family and himself to the core.

Jaejoong couldn’t even think any worse situation than this. He’s really in serious problem now. On the other hand, this new feeling for Yunho makes him determined to be accepted by Yunho. At least if Yunho couldn’t love him, he would not hate him. Although the thought of Yunho didn’t love him, make his heart hurt so much.

Keeping aside the negative thought, Jaejoong encourage himself to win Yunho heart. And with this new determination, Jaejoong smile a little and will try again to persuade Yunho, force him if necessary, to accept his help and maybe his love. Jaejoong couldn’t wait for the next morning to come.

( 。・_・。)(。・_・。 )

Yunho P.O.V

I woke up as usual to do my activities although I’m feeling a little bit exhausted. Maybe it’s because last night ordeal. I’m really frustrated by Jaejoong fortitude to make me accept his offer. Why is he still trying to force his way toward us? I’ve made it clear last time that I don’t want to have any connection or whatsoever with him and the rest of his family. I don’t need his help.

Right now, I’m trying to forget every issue regards our family feud. It’s better if I pay no heed to them all together. But, no! Mr. Nice guy in Siwon’s room right there, have to interfere in my business. Although, truthfully, I’m quite content seeing him again, after he’s been residing in my head for the last few days. I want to hate him; tough on the other hand I want to meet him. Yeah, sue me for being hypocrite.


Every since I met him, I knew that I’m attracted to him. But I never thinks that this attraction would grow to something more. And I realize this strong feeling for Jaejoong emerge when I saw him being bully by those jerks yesterday. I feel anger because someone else touches him. I feel I have to protect him. I care about him although my attitude doesn’t show that much.

Is this love?

If it is, then maybe I’m already in love with him since the beginning. I don’t deny my feeling if I realize it. But, one thing for sure I don’t think I can be with him. I still couldn’t let go the fact that his family destroyed mine. Even tough, it’s not his fault in the first place I can’t shake it off the knowledge that Jaejoong share the same blood as my family nemesis. I don’t want him to suffer if he’s with me because I’m always going to have this hatred toward his family. I don’t know if I ever going to forgive them.

I know hating Jaejoong and the rest of his family beside Youngwoon is never going to diminish our wretchedness in life. Nothing would come out from hatred. I know that. However, I need something to alter my anger, my anguish, and my self-pity for not being able to do something for my parents, for Siwon. Those needs drove me to the way I am now.

Hating the Kims is the only way for me to make peace with myself, even though after knowing Jaejoong, I kind of forget that aim, because the more I convince myself to hate him the more I can’t take my mind of him. And last night, seeing him really work off himself to convince us that he has no bad intention makes me realize something in my heart.

Something that makes me thinks that he and maybe his father really are wanted to help Siwon and me. This contradictive thought makes me aggravated. I don’t know what am I supposed to do right now.

“Argh!! Enough with this. I need to prepare myself. I got work to do.” I mutter to myself while getting ready to face another hectic day.

End Yunho P.O.V




Yunho come out of his room already freshen up and ready for work. Afterward, he’s heading towards the kitchen to make breakfast as usual. Yet, when he got to the kitchen, he sees that breakfast was already served. For afar, it’s just three plates of fried rice and three glasses of milk but the smell of the fried rice really mouthwatering. He walks to the kitchen and look at the breakfast once more, to make sure he see right. He confused about who makes all of this because he so certain that Siwon couldn’t cook like this, ever. That guy is just a simple cook like himself. So who was it?

“Oh you’re up.” Utter Jaejoong behind the kitchen counter. In his hand there are two lunch boxes. He smiles brightly at Yunho who still looks between him and breakfast confusedly.

“Did you make all of this?” asked Yunho slowly. Jaejoong just smile and walked to Yunho then pull his hand and place him to the nearest chair in the dining room. The kitchen and dining room in Yunho’s apartment are design as one place, so Jaejoong could put the breakfast quickly. He never answers Yunho and that makes Yunho a little bit irritated. He grabs Jaejoong arms, when he busy putting all the utensils.

“I asked you a question Jaejoong-ssi. Did you make all this?” state Yunho again but with infuriated in his tone. Jaejoong keeps smiling although he’s a little bit scared by Yunho’s tone.

“I am. I’m so sorry if I use your kitchen and stuff in the refrigerator for breakfast without your permission.” reply Jaejoong, sitting in front of Yunho. Yunho just look intently at him for awhile and sighed.

“Why?” he inquired again. He really couldn’t understand the mind of Jaejoong. Why he still so nice is after all the things Yunho had done and said to him?

“Why what?” Jaejoong solicited back, clearly puzzle by Yunho question. He tilts his head a little to the left, making his visage look cute. Yunho glance at Jaejoong but not for long. He couldn’t stop his blushing for showing up. Jaejoong face is too cute, too beautiful for his heart to ignore. Luckily Jaejoong didn’t notice the changing in Yunho’s face at all. Yunho took a deep breath and let it out, trying to calm his heart. He tried to make his thoughts go away by engross Jaejoong in a conversation.

“Why did you do all of this? I thought I make it clear last night that I don’t want your help. I don’t need your help.”

“It’s just a simple breakfast Yunho-ssi. I’m just wanted to say thank you for saving me yesterday and for letting me sleepover last night.” Jaejoong tried to convince Yunho to accept this token of gratitude of his.

“But..” Yunho said while shaking his head to counter Jaejoong. But right now Jaejoong definitely won’t accept no from Yunho. He cut Yunho off before he could say anything else.

“Stop! Just take it will you?! Please. I made it just for you and Siwon. At least try it, if you don’t like it then you could throw it away.” Impel Jaejoong so Yunho can’t say anything.

“Fine.” Yunho halfheartedly agree with Jaejoong effort this time. He looks once more to the plates in front of him and scoop a spoonful of fried rice. He tastes it. Jaejoong anticipated with Yunho reaction because this is the first time Jaejoong cook for someone else other than his parents and other family members. He learns to cook the fried rice from his father, Hankyung, and it totally delicious. His parents seem to like it but Jaejoong worried if his cooking isn’t Yunho’s favored. Jaejoong want to make something else, yet the ingredient are limited so that’s all Jaejoong could come up with.

“How what’s it? Is it taste good? I’m sorry if it taste horrible. My parents usualy like it so I think it’s quite okay for you and Siwon. Bb.. but, if you want, I could go the nearest convenience store and buy you guys breakfast.” Jaejoong asked and rambled at the same time while crossing his finger waiting for Yunho reaction, but he got nothing. Yunho has a blank expression. And then he glances at Jaejoong.

“Do you want the truth or not?” asked Yunho. Jaejoong knew exactly what Yunho implied with that question. He looks disappointed in himself because he didn’t do this right.

“Is it that bad?” sulk Jaejoong. Yunho only smile at this because he knows Jaejoong think he didn’t like the breakfast while it’s the opposite. Yunho love the fried rice. But the pout and sulk Jaejoong show right now made Yunho want to tease the beautiful guy. And seeing how Jaejoong bite his lips effected Yunho to unconsciously brush Jaejoong hair like he was a child.

Yunho smile sincerely at Jaejoong that made Jaejoong awed by how lovely Yunho looks. Jaejoong are dumfounded by Yunho action toward him and let the bigger guy to do as he likes. Jaejoong didn’t want this moment to end because this is another time Yunho being civil and caring with him.

“It’s good Jaejoong-ssi. Never knew you’re such a good cook.” praise Yunho, making Jaejoong blush and smile. Jaejoong then start to eat, accompany Yunho.

“Jaejoong hyung, what are you doing?” asked someone which is Siwon. Siwon gawk at the both of them. He really couldn’t believe that Yunho could be civilized to Jaejoong early in the morning because just last night he decants all of his aggravation to Jaejoong.

“Hey Siwon-ah. Breakfast is ready. Why don’t you come eat with us?” told Jaejoong to Siwon. But Siwon only stand there still gawking at them. Yunho notice Siwon qualm face, chuckle a little bit.

“He never eats this early Jaejoong-ssi. He usually eat when I already gone for work. Which remind me, I have to get going.”

“But you didn’t finish your breakfast yet.”

“It’s okay. I’ll take your lunch box instead. It’s just a sandwich right?!”

“Yeah. Yah! Don’t look at me like I’m going to poison you!” bawl Jaejoong because Yunho seem to be teasing him again. He’s pouting his lips again. Yunho laugh at Jaejoong’s childish act. He once again brushes Jaejoong hair and pat Jaejoong on his shoulder then walked out the house, not forgetting about his lunch box.

Jaejoong watch Yunho’s back disappear behind the front door. He smile and touch his shoulder and hair, where Yunho’s hand have been touched him. Falling in love makes every touch worthwhile. And Jaejoong got that experience. He forgets about Siwon who already awake from his shock seeing his brother and Jaejoong eating breakfast together. Siwon smirk knowingly to Jaejoong and get closer to him.

“Well..well..hyung, last night I thought I have to console you again because Yunho hyung might act crude to you but you move fast. Already flirting with each other huh?!” tease Siwon making Jaejoong blushing hard. Jaejoong hits Siwon in the back of his head lightly.

“I’m not flirting.”

“Then what are you doing?”

“I’m just making him breakfast and accompanying him before he gets to work.”

“Uhuh.. Okay.. I believe you.”

“I’m just helping him. And I made it for you too. Taste it.”

“It does smell great hyung but I doubt it safe for me to eat for Yunho hyung didn’t finish the fried rice and he also warn me of your lunch box as well. Ck, ck, hyung, do you have bad intention to us?” tease Siwon and as the result he get a slap in the back of his head.

“Yah!!” yelled Jaejoong. Both of them stare at each other before laughing together and enjoy their breakfast. Jaejoong and Siwon really enjoy each other and for a moment overlook the entire situation.




Siwon P.O.V

“Bye guys. See you tomorrow.” I said goodbye to my new friends in my new high school. They’re really different from my previous friends, if I could state them as my friend. My new friends are not well mannered boys like the ones in my previous school, but they fun to be with. No misjudging because of my father in jail, no bullying because they’re afraid of Yunho hyung (okay that out of context), but the most important thing, they accept me for who I really am. I can be myself when I’m with them. I’m really grateful to change school to here.

I walked to the bus station on my way home. I’m not realize a car have been following me since I got out from school. I notice it when someone I know, came out from the car. He runs to me and next thing I know, he hugs me.

“Wonnie, I miss you.” He said while burying his head deep in my chest. I take a good look of him but do nothing. I just stand there, allowing him to hug me.

“Kyunnie.” I said knowing well who hugs me like this was. After all I already used to his hugs. I feel wetness in my school shirt where he’s buried his face. He’s crying.

“Why you suddenly quit from school? Hiks..hiks.. Wh..why didn’t you contact me at all? A..ar.. are you still mad at me? Hiks..hiks.. Yo..you said you’re not mad at me.” He stuttered because of his crying. I stare at him gloomily. I must have made him very worried as for him to shed tears for me like this. Yet, I know I should keep my distance from him.

“What are you doing here Kyunnie? And stop crying. I hate seeing you crying. You know that.”

“I’m here to see you. Hiks..hiks.. Ca..can’t I s..see.. you?”


“Pl..Please do..don’t say a..an..anything. Just let me hold you.”

“Kyuhyun-ah” I utter softly, letting him hugs me even though I’m not hugging him back. I don’t want to rise up Kyuhyun hope in me. After a moment, I let go of his hold and wipe away his tears. I stare at him for a few seconds before I let go completely.

“Kyuhyun-ah. You need to go home.”

“No! I don’t want to leave, until you tell me why you quit school! Don’t you know that I’m worried sick about you?!” He said stubbornly. I sighed at this.

“Please Kyunnie, just forget about me.”

“Forget about you?! B..but.. You and I are..”

“Were Kyunnie. Were. I can’t continue this relationship and you know why.”

“It’s because you’re still mad at me.” He point it out that thought. I stare at him with uneasiness. I really don’t want to hurt him like this, but I also don’t want to make our situation more difficult than they already are. Not with my brother and Youngwoon feud.

“No, Kyunnie.. I…” I tried to reason with him, yet again, he cut me off before I finish talking.

“Then what Wonnie?! What? You know I love you. That incident when you accuse of cheating, I’m sorry I didn’t told the truth. I was so scared of being expelled that time. I know I’m a coward Wonnie. I should do something when they accuse you instead of me, but..”

“I know Kyunnie, I know. And I don’t blame you. I love you too. I can’t possibly be mad at you. But, our situation, it’s a bit complicated.”

“Then why Wonnie?” I don’t say anything. I think that Kyuhyun already knew the answer.

“Is it because of my appa?” he asked to make sure of his assumption. I could only nod. I can’t lie to him. He starts crying again and this time I don’t try to wipe his tears. I’m simply leaved him when the bus I was waiting is coming. I never turned around to look at Kyuhyun. I couldn’t.

“Siwon. Please…” he said sadly. I could still hear him but I pretend I don’t care. I just walked in to the bus and let the bus take me away from Kyuhyun. As the bus drove away, I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore. It hurts so much because I can’t be with someone I love.

Kyuhyun and I were having a secret relationship. No one but us knows about it. Not even Jaejoong hyung. It’s not like I intentionally hide our relationship. After all, at that time I’m dating the son of one of the trusted colleagues of my father.

Nevertheless, the circumstances make me decide to conceal it even more. I don’t have the courage and heart to tell my brother least my father about Kyuhyun and I. Kyuhyun was against it at first but he’s accept my decision after he saw how badly my family react to his father during the ordeal.

Although hiding my relationship was hard enough but it’s worth it because I still could embrace Kyuhyun in my arms and cherish him with all my love for him. Luckily for me too that my brother never seen Kyuhyun in person. He only knows his name. So when my brother occasionally drops by to my previous school and he saw me with Kyuhyun, he never gets suspicious.

Now, I ended my relationship with Kyuhyun. Not because I stop loving him, on the contrary, my love for him grew and grew even further, or because he did something that will always thwart me although I’m always forgive him, but because I want to save all the heartache that will come. With my brother revulsion toward the Kims, I will never allow Kyuhyun to deal with despondency of that revulsion. He could never bear with that. Even with the mischievous brat attitude of his, he’s still too kind and soft.

That’s why, I will let him go. He needs someone who could protect him all the time. He needs someone who could be with him without any flaws because I can never be disappointing my brother more than I’ve already done.

End Siwon P.O.V




Jaejoong P.O.V

“Young master, we have arrived.” Said my driver, signaling me that I have arrived at the brothers’ apartment. I got out after I say thanks to the driver and told him to pick me up again when I call him. I don’t want to impose Yunho’s generosity again by staying over.

I walk happily while bringing some food and snacks for my tutoring today. I smile constantly, remembering the phone call earlier from Siwon. He said that Yunho had called him when he was at lunch and said that he allowed Siwon to help me with my studies. I nearly fainted when I heard the news. Yunho finally let me get tutor by Siwon.

Although I’m still disappointed that Yunho won’t accept any payment for his brother service. He said that he allowed Siwon to tutor me only because he wants to get even with my father who has been helping Siwon when he still schooled in my school. Nevertheless, I accept it as a form of reliance from Yunho to me. And I will work harder to make Yunho open his heart again and maybe, if I’m lucky, he will find a way to love me, as soon as I confess to him.

God! Give me courage.

When I arrive at the brother’s apartment front door, I instantly knock it. In a minutes or so, the door open, showing a disheveled Siwon with a sad expression on his eyes. He scooted over to let me in. I follow him, headed for the living room.

There on the table, Siwon already set up some books and tutor material for today. He and I sit across from each other. I look at Siwon and ready to start asking question because of his appearance when he cut me off.

“Please don’t ask any question hyung. I’m just not in the mood to tell anything right now.”

“But Siwon-ah..”

“Please hyung. Let it go. Can we just start our session right now? You don’t have much time right?! The exam is in a couple of months. We should get going now.” He said while looking like he’s wearied with the entire thing happen to him. I sighed and nod, preparing myself for our session for today.




“That was so hard Siwon-ah. You’re so mean to me.” I whine because of Siwon strict method of tutoring. He really is like a mean, merciless kind of teacher. He’s totally opposite when he just a simple student and friend. Siwon didn’t even give me a time to rest until I finished the entire problem. And sometime he calls me names when I’m not answering his problem correctly.

“I’m not mean hyung. I’m just being realistic. You worst than any junior high scholar.”

“Yah!! It’s not my fault that English is not my forte. I’m so confused with the grammar and all of that.” I gripe with Siwon has just said. English is really hard for me. Siwon only shake his head and sighed.

Abruptly, Siwon’s phone is ringing. He stands up to take the phone and answer it. I look at Siwon from afar. It’s a couple of minute with Siwon talking to someone on the phone and the next thing I knew, Siwon is shouting and start crying. I straight away go to his side and hold him when he slides down to the floor. His phone was forgotten and lay around in the floor. I took the phone because I can see it’s still connected to the other parties.


“Yoboseyo. Who is this? Where is Siwon?” asked the person on the phone worried. I answer him while holding Siwon who keeps weeping in my arms. Its must be a bad news. I hope it’s not about Yunho. Please God.

“I’m Kim Jaejoong, Siwon’s friend. Siwon a little bit preoccupied. Can I help you or something? And who are you?”

“Oh thank God, Siwon is not alone! My name is Choi Jiyong. I’m Siwon’s mother doctor. I’ve been trying to contact Yunho, but that boy isn’t answering his phone. So I have no other choice but to call Siwon. Is he crying?”

“Yes Jiyong-ssi. Siwon is crying. What happen?”

“I see. Poor boy. Could I ask you a favor dear?” Jiyong-ssi asked me back; completely ignore my question regarding Siwon state of distress. I’m curious about what happen, but right now I have to take care of Siwon first. I could ask the question later. I answer Jiyong-ssi request.

“Of course Jiyong-ssi. What could I do?” I offer him. Jiyong-ssi silent for a moment then sighed and start talking again.

“I think that boy in shock but I need him to be in hospital right away. Could you take Siwon to the hospital, Jaejoong? And if you don’t mind, could you also try to contact Yunho for me? I have to make some arrangement regarding their mother.”

“Alright Jiyong-ssi. Could you text me where hospital it is? You could text to Siwon’s phone for the mean time.”

“I will. Thank you dear. You are very helpful.”

“Umm.. Jiyong-ssi, could I ask what happen?” I tried to ask Jiyong-ssi again about the news that makes Siwon devastated like this. I heard Jiyong-ssi sighed and if I’m not mistaking he sob a little.

“Siwon’s mother passed away.”

End Jaejoong P.O.V