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Title : For You Only 6

Pairing : Yunjae, Brothership!Wonyun, Wonkyu, Hanchul

Genre : Romance, Family, A bit Angst

Rating : PG13

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God

Warning : Un-betaed, BL, AU, OOC, Mpreg, Age and Surname Changes

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Previous Chapter

Jaejoong P.O.V


“Yoboseyo. Who is this? Where is Siwon?” asked the person on the phone worried. I answer him while holding Siwon who keeps weeping in my arms. Its must be a bad news. I hope it’s not about Yunho. Please God.

“I’m Kim Jaejoong, Siwon’s friend. Siwon a little bit preoccupied. Can I help you or something? And who are you?”

“Oh thank God, Siwon is not alone! My name is Choi Jiyong. I’m Siwon’s mother doctor. I’ve been trying to contact Yunho, but that boy isn’t answering his phone. So I have no other choice but to call Siwon. Is he crying?”

“Yes Jiyong-ssi. Siwon is crying. What happen?”

“I see. Poor boy. Could I ask you a favor dear?” Jiyong-ssi asked me back; completely ignore my question regarding Siwon state of distress. I’m curious about what happen, but right now I have to take care of Siwon first. I could ask the question later. I answer Jiyong-ssi request.

“Of course Jiyong-ssi. What could I do?” I offer him. Jiyong-ssi silent for a moment then sighed and start talking again.

“I think that boy in shock but I need him to be in hospital right away. Could you take Siwon to the hospital, Jaejoong? And if you don’t mind, could you also try to contact Yunho for me? I have to make some arrangement regarding their mother.”

“Alright Jiyong-ssi. Could you text me where hospital it is? You could text to Siwon’s phone for the mean time.”

“I will. Thank you dear. You are very helpful.”

“Umm.. Jiyong-ssi, could I ask what happen?” I tried to ask Jiyong-ssi again about the news that makes Siwon devastated like this. I heard Jiyong-ssi sighed and if I’m not mistaking he sob a little.

“Siwon’s mother passed away.”

End Jaejoong P.O.V

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Yunho P.O.V

I was doing some packaging when I heard one of the workers told me that my boss was calling me. I walked over immediately to his office because I know perfectly well how he would act if I don’t follow his order. As I step in his office, I notice that there is someone beside my boss. He’s wearing some expensive suit and quite handsome.

I know this man. He is my father’s lawyer and quite close friend. He’s name is Choi Seunghyun. His wife is also our mother’s doctor. Although he’s almost the same age as my father, he still looks young. As tall as me, maybe taller with icy face yet he has a warm heart. His dark eyes are penetrating me as if he’s trying to read my thoughts. I bow to both of them.

“You wish to see me sir?” I asked politely. My boss only nods his head and stroll toward me. He pats my shoulder like he was giving me some sympathy. That manner confuses me greatly and all of a sudden I feel something is not right. I think Seunghyun-ssi is here to tell me something important.

“Yunho. Seunghyun-ssi especially came here to tell something important for you. I think you should listen to what he’s going to say to you. Seunghyun-ssi, you could use this room as long as you needed.” said my boss. I see Seunghyun-ssi bow to my boss as my boss leave the room. He then turned his body and facing me.

“I think you should sit down first Yunho.” He told me while gesturing me to take a sit across from him. I complied and sit, waiting for him to start talking. He takes a deep breath and gives me a piece of paper. I took the paper and look at it. He signaling me to read it and I did.

My eyes wide open as if they are pop out of its socket. The paper tells me something that would make our family life more wrecked that now. I feel my tears coming out and next thing I know, I already snivel myself out.

It can’t be.

Why terrible things are always happen to our family? Are we doing dreadful deeds in our past life or something? Seunghyun-ssi came near me and gave pat in the back.

“I’m so sorry Yunho.”

“How can this happen, Seunghyun-ssi?” I tried to calm myself. I will not break down at a time like this. I have to think about Siwon and my mother.

“There was a riot in prison two days ago. You should know this because it’s been on the news.” Seunghyun-ssi explained to me slowly. I take a glance at Seunghyun-ssi and shake my head indicating that I didn’t know about that.

“I rarely watch television now. I’m too busy at worked and school.”

“I see. I’m sorry I have to tell you this Yunho, but your father was one of the people who got hurt during the riot. He got stabbed during the riot. I don’t know who stabbed him and why. The warden still investigates the cause of the riot.” Seunghyun-ssi stares at me first before continuing. He wants to make sure if I still listen to him. I nod my head to show that he could continue his story.

“I know the detail as soon as the warden contacted me about your father. I rushed to the prison to make sure that it is your father before I came here to tell you about this news. I’m so sorry Yunho. Although your father still alive, he’s in coma right now. And we couldn’t predict when he’s going to wake up. His injuries are very perilous. I’ve already make some arrangement for your father to be hospitalized under Jiyong’s supervision.”

“The prison allows that?” I asked astounded that Seunghyun-ssi could pull a string like that. He gave me a slight chuckle, seeing my stun face. He still put his hand on my shoulder. This time he squeezes it softly.

“Yes. After all, your father was always having the best behave.” Said Seunghyun-ssi, smiling at me, dwindle my anguish hearing my father got in a coma. I tried to smile at him but, my facial is a little bit stiff right now.

One thing on my mind is how I’m going to tell Siwon and my mother, if she could hear me, about this news. I’m concern about the state of my mother. She is already in shock because of father’s verdict. I don’t know how she is going to handle this. My mind blown away when I heard Seunghyun-ssi phone is ringing. He stands up and answers it.



“Yongie. What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“Hanbyul, Hyunnie..Hiks..hiks..”

“What happen?”

“She passed away last night.”

“WHAT??!!” when Seunghyun-ssi shout like that, I instantly stand up and walked to him. He notices me and gesturing me to keep silent and go back to my sit. I keep silent but I still stand near him.

“Honey. Tell me you’re joking.”

“I’m not Hyunnie. Siwon..Siwon a..are already here w..with his fr..friend. Hiks..hiks..”

“Calm down Jiyongie. I couldn’t understand you perfectly if you still crying like this.” Seunghyun-ssi said to his wife slowly. I know that the person on the other side is Choi Jiyong, Seunghyun-ssi’s wife. He always calls his wife like that. I stare at Seunghyun-ssi to give me explanation because I know for sure, if Jiyong-ssi calls like this, it will be regarding my mother condition.

“Is that Jiyong-ssi, Seunghyun-ssi? Is my mother okay? Tell me!” I demand to him. He looks at me with his gloomy eyes. With that looks, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I grab his phone and talk to Jiyong-ssi.

“Yoboseyo Jiyong-ssi. It’s Yunho. Is my mother okay?”


“Yes. It’s me. Is my mother okay, Jiyong-ssi”

“Yunho. Hiks..hiks.. Wh..where have yo..you.. been? I’ve been tr..trying to call you s..si..since this morning, but you ne..never pick up.”

“Calm down Jiyong-ssi. I’m sorry; I was too caught in my works. So, is my mother okay?”

“Your mother Yunho…”

“Yes. She’s fine right. Tell me she’s fine.”

“She passed away last night, Yunho.”

“What?! You’re joking. Tell me you’re joking!!”

“I’m so sorry Yunho.”

“NO!! IT CAN’T BE!! YOU’RE LYING” I scream my lungs out. And after that I couldn’t hold on my body anymore. I weep on the floor screaming for my mother.

Why God? Why my mother? Why did you give us this misery?

First my father is in coma and now my mother passed away. I couldn’t take it anymore. I constantly cry my heart out while Seunghyun-ssi tried to soothe me. He takes his phone back from my hand.

“Jiyongie, I will take Yunho to hospital right now. I’m hanging up now, okay?!”

“Hiks..hiks.. But Yunho..”

“Boojae! Please calm down. We have to stay strong for the boys. Yunho is going to be alright. Now, I’m hanging up now, okay?!”


“Please look out for Siwon while we heading there.”

“Okay Yunnie. Please look after Yunho too.”

“I will. Bye.”


After Seunghyun-ssi hang up, he turned his attention towards me fully. He helps me stand up and guide me to the couch. I’m still crying. It’s too much for me.

“It’s just a hoax Seunghyun-ssi. Your wife is making fun of me. It’s sick you know. My mother is still asleep in hospital right now. No way had she suddenly died. I don’t believe it.”

“Yunho, calm down. I don’t think Jiyong would do something like that.”

“No…No…No… This is a joke! I don’t believe my mother left us forever! There’s.. hiks..hiks… th..there’s no w..way it wo..would happen. I…” I start crying again.

“Yunho, listen to me.” Said Seunghyun-ssi while holding to my shoulder. I tried to lift up my head to face him. My eyes are still watery so I wipe away the tears to be able to see Seunghyun-ssi clearly.

“I know it’s hard for you. I know how you feel right now. But you have to calm down.” Seunghyun-ssi told me that while squeezing my shoulder for showing comfort. I shake my head, still not believing why this happen to our family.

What am I supposed to do now? What about Siwon? Siwon? Siwon!

“Seunghyun-ssi. Is Siwon known about this?” I asked worriedly about Siwon wellbeing. He must so distraught right now. I need to be beside him. Seunghyun-ssi stand up, picking his briefcase and walk toward the door.

“He is. He’s already in the hospital right now. I will take you there. But promise you’ll try to calm down.” he said calmly. I nodded and stand up as well, wiping away the tears marks on my face. I really have to be strong for Siwon. He’s all I got right now.

“I’ll try.” I said, following Seunghyun-ssi outside the room. Before we go to the hospital, I ask permission from my boss and he gave it right away. After that, Seunghyun-ssi and I without delay go to the hospital.

End Yunho P.O.V




Jiyong looks busy in handling some things regarding the death of Choi Hanbyul, Yunho and Siwon’s mother. He looks tired at the same time poignant about this matter. After the things are settled, he went to Hanbyul bed, where Hanbyul still lying in there waiting to be moved to the coffin.

He move closer to Hanbyul body, remove the white sheet, and graze her pale face. He start shed tears again. He touches softly Hanbyul’s face as if he was afraid that he would wake up Hanbyul which is impossible.

“I still can’t believe you’re gone noona. You’re just wake up yesterday. I’m still remembering that you smile brightly at me after you woke up. Why you suddenly go like this? Why suddenly you got a heart attack like that? Don’t you care about the boys? How they would cope with you not being here? Oh.. Hanbyul” Jiyong keeps on crying not aware that Siwon and Jaejoong are already behind him.

Siwon walked fuzzy to where Jiyong are standing. He looks so agonizing that make Jaejoong want to cry. Although, Siwon looks like he’s about to cry, no tears come out of his eyes. He just stands there beside Jiyong, staring at his mother lifeless body. Siwon do what Jiyong did to his mother face.


That’s the only word come out of Siwon mouth. Nothing else. Jaejoong move close to Siwon and take his body and hug him. When Siwon feel someone else hands held him, he broke down at once. Jiyong who sees this could only skim Siwon’s hair softly. Their moment come to an end when Yunho and Seunghyun barge in the room. Siwon who see his brother is instantaneously went up to his brother arms.

“Hyung.. Hiks..hiks.. Umma, hyung..”

“I know little brother, I know.”

“Why is she leave us hyung.. hiks..hiks.. Why? How we’re.. How we’re going to tell appa about umma hyung?” expect Siwon dejectedly. Seunghyun who heard Siwon question want to say something about their father condition, but Yunho looks up to him sharply, saying that Siwon doesn’t have to know right now. Yunho heated gaze makes Seunghyun revoke his intention.

“Hey baby brother.. Let me handle appa. It’s okay. It’s going to be okay. Let umma rest in peace Siwon-ah. She suffered enough. She’s with God right now.”

“But..but.. I’ve ne..never.. hikss..hikss.. I’ve never going to see her smile again hyung. I’ve.. I’ve never g..get.. hikss..hikss.. get the chance to hug her.. Umma!!” that’s the final blow.

Siwon couldn’t hold his sorrow any longer. He never gets the chance to see, talk, or even hug his own mother since she’s been hospitalized. Siwon crying out loud, never care for his surroundings. All he cares about is how he’s going to survive without her mother.

Yunho hold Siwon tightly. He’s too shed his tears, looking at his brother wailing for his loss. He remembers what Seunghyun told him before came here that he needs to calm down. Now he realizes what those words means. He has to calm down for Siwon. He has to be strong for Siwon. He has to.

Jaejoong also crying because he felt the grief of the brothers had. Seeing Yunho and Siwon holding and in tears like that, makes him want to go there and alleviate them. But he couldn’t do anything, afraid of their reaction. After all, he still remembers that part of their suffering right now is because of his uncle.

“Yunho.” Jaejoong heard someone call Yunho name. It’s the man who Yunho came in to. Jaejoong didn’t recognize him, but by him standing close to Jiyong side intimately, he could tell that this man is somewhat related to the Choi. Yunho turned his head toward Seunghyun. Yunho doesn’t say anything, but Seunghyun know he is listening to whatever Seunghyun is about to speak. Seunghyun deeply sighed and pat Yunho back for comfort before saying something.

“The preparation for your mother funeral is done. If you want, I could replace you for the whole ceremony.”

“No. Thank you Seunghyun-ssi, but I will do it.” Yunho said with a more calm expression. His tears are already stopping. He still holds Siwon close to him. After a while, Yunho looks at Jiyong, asking if he could take care of Siwon while he attending the whole funeral ceremony.

“Could you take Siwon somewhere, Jiyong-ssi? I need to prepare for the funeral.”

“Sure. Let’s go Siwon-ah.”

“Wonnie. Go with Jiyong-ssi. I will be with you after this, okay.” Siwon only nod and go with Jiyong-ssi. Yunho stand there for a couple of minutes just staring at his mother pale face. He bends down to kiss his mother forehead and close the white sheet.

“Goodbye umma. Don’t you worry about Siwon. I’ll be there the whole time he needs me. Don’t worry about appa too. He’s fine. He’s going to be fine. Rest in peace umma. I love you.” With that Yunho walked out the room with Seunghyun. Jaejoong who been there all the time, came close to Hanbyul bed and bow for the last time.

“It’s a shame I didn’t get the chance to know you Hanbyul-ssi. It would be lovely to know my future mother in law.” Said Jaejoong tried to ease his desolation. He wipes away his tears and continues to say his goodbye to Hanbyul.

“I’m apologizing on behalf of my family. Maybe it’s too late, I know, but it’s all I can do. I will look after your sons. Especially Yunho. I love him. And I hope you will give your blessing from up there. Good bye Hanbyul-ssi. Rest in peace.” Jaejoong follow Yunho and Seunghyun out of the room. He glances towards the bed once more and close the door.




Seunghyun P.O.V

I watched the sons of my best friend looking tough handling the last guest who come to give them their condolences. After their mother burial, they always stay by each other, like their giving support to one another. And now, they look as if they never cried so badly when they knew about Hanbyul death. They really are the sons of Choi Dongwook.

Remembering Dongwook, makes me think about the incident that got him into coma. The warden told me that the riot was purposely intention to begin with. That’s why I need to know the reason behind that. Clearly someone is trying to kill Dongwook because he is building a case over his frame. I help him because I know he’s innocent. I lost the case the last time but not this time.

Dongwook and I have already gathered sufficient evidence that would make Youngwoon be put in charge for his crime. All we need is Dongwook and several testimonials to back up the charge. However, since Dongwook clearly in no state of testifying, I need to postponed the charge and wait for things to change. Argh!! This is so frustrating! Not to mention Hanbyul is deceased. I really need to focus on the boys. They need me more than the case.

“Seunghyun-ssi.” I rouse up when Yunho called me. He still has that blank expression since the funeral. He tried his best to look calm and strong. I really salute this boy for his resilient heart. I turned my head toward him.

“What is it Yunho?”

“I just want to say thank you for arranging all this. I couldn’t do it by myself.”

“It’s nothing Yunho. Your parents are good friend of Jiyong and I. They really help us through a lot of problems and been support us.”

“Well.. I still want to say thank you.”

“What are you going to do now Yunho?”

“I don’t know. Moving on I guess. Take care of appa in the hospital. He’s all we’ve got right now since umma not here anymore.” He said while staring at nothing in particular. Seeing Yunho looks confused about his next step, I think it would best to suggest him the things I want to give to him the first time we take notice of Dongwook verdict.

“You know Yunho, my offer still stand. You and Siwon can still take it.” Yunho hesitates about what I’m going to say. He turned his head to me.

“I don’t know Seunghyun-ssi. It’s really a good offer, especially for Siwon, but it’s a lot to consider.”

“Is this about your appa?”


“Don’t worry about your appa, Yunho. I can take care of him.”


“Look. Your father was the one who suggest it. I think you should accept it. He really thinks the best for you and Siwon.”

“He was the one who suggest that offer?”

“Of course he is.” I said without a doubt. His father really is suggesting that.

“I know for one thing Yunho, I will not be ungrateful person. Your father was the one who support Jiyong and I when we really need help although at that time we’re didn’t close. He’s really kind to us.” I stop talking for a while, staring at Yunho to make sure that he’s paying attention. When he does, I continue.

“And it’s time for me to pay back. Please Yunho, please let us help you now. It’s the least I can do to pay your father kindness. You’re already rejected our help the day your father went to prison and your mother hospitalized. It’s time to let someone else share your burden. It’s time to let go Yunho. Accept the offer.” I ceased my depiction. I really hope that this time he would come to an understanding to my offer. And when I see him nod his head, I feel so relief.

Finally, I can help these boys.

“I’ll take your offer Seunghyun-ssi. Thank you. But, can I finish my senior high here? It’s still a couple of month. And I also make a promise to someone to let Siwon help him in his studies.”

“Sure Yunho. But I want you to stop working and live in my house from now on.”

“I don’t want to impose your household Seunghyun-ssi. And I need to take care of Siwon. If I don’t work, how am I going to fulfill his needs?” he demand. I look at him and pat him in the back.

“I told you Yunho, you have to let me help you. You don’t have to work again. I will fulfill Siwon needs and so are you. And I don’t take no as your answer.”

“But..” he tried to argue me but I beat him up to it.

“No but. Jiyong already send someone to your apartment, packing your things and Siwon also.” Yunho sigh deeply. He only nods to show his concurrence toward my intention.

“Fine. I’ve always lost against you.” Yunho said routed. I smile the first time since I heard the news about Hanbyul and Dongwook news. I give Yunho a friendly hug and he hugs me back. After that, he went to fetch Siwon.

I think he want to say about moving to my house and the offer. For a second, I feel that Yunho is coming back like he was used to. And if he’d do, I’m really happy. That boy has through a lot hardship since Dongwook mistreatment. Yunho lost himself over the month, but now, I hope he will find his happiness and could really be the big brother that Siwon love and miss.

End Seunghyun P.O.V




Yunho find Siwon sit next to Jaejoong outside the ceremony room. Jaejoong has his parent standing not far from their seat. Yunho looks intensely at Jaejoong’s parents, but he remembers that he wants to move on and hatred only makes him weary and making him not likes himself. After all, he’s going to start a new life. He would start with them.

He walked to them and when they notice Yunho getting closer to them and standing in front of them, they seem astound because Yunho bow to them. Hankyung and Heechul couldn’t hide their shock. They just stand still.

“Good evening Hankyung-ssi, Heechul-ssi. Thank you for coming.” As soon as Yunho say his greeting, the Kims rouse up from their shock and bow to Yunho back.

“I’m sorry for your loss Yunho-ssi.” Hankyung said his condolence. Heechul could only be silent, unable to speak out his sorry. Yunho nods to Hankyung and glances at Heechul. Siwon and Jaejoong who stay quiet the whole time start to stand as well. Siwon move to his brother side. Yunho acknowledge him first and then look at the Kims once more.

“Thank you. And it’s maybe a little bit out of circumstance, but I’m sorry if my attitude before offend you. It’s childish of me to take the blame on you three.” The Kims is truly gawking right now, not to mention Siwon also. He never thought that his brother would do something like apologizing to the Kims. Jaejoong also thought the same. He doesn’t know how to react to Yunho behavior. He’s between confused and happy at the same time.

“No need to apologize Yunho-ssi. You’ve the right to be angry at us. We should be the one apologize since one of our family cause you so much grief.” Hankyung said while approaching Yunho and pats him on the back. Yunho smile a little to Hankyung.

“It’s okay Hankyung-ssi. I put that in past now. Maybe a little hard to forget everything that has been happen but I want to move on. We want to move on.” Yunho state while turned his head toward Siwon.

“And since you all here, I have something to say. It’s involving Jaejoong-ssi tutoring with my brother.”

“What’s wrong Yunho-ssi?” Asked Hankyung. He knows that Jaejoong had start tutoring with Siwon today.

“We’re moving from our apartment starting today. So, Jaejoong-ssi will have to come to our new place. I will tell the address later.” Siwon looks bewilder hearing that they are going to move from their apartment, but he keeps tacit, let Yunho finished his talking.

“Oh. I see. It’s not a big problem. I thought that you’re going to cancel the tutoring.”

“It’s nothing like that. I’ll already promise to let Siwon helps Jaejoong-ssi and I will fulfill that promise until the end.”

“Until the end? You’re saying as if you’re going away Yunho-ssi.” Hankyung is curious about Yunho statement. He feels like Yunho has a bigger plan than just telling them about Jaejoong tutoring.

“The truth is we’re going away.” Yunho confirm Hankyung assumption and that makes everyone in there stun. Siwon looks at Yunho with question marks in his eyes. He never heard about this.


“I got an offer from my father best friend to continue my study in the States. We both are.” Yunho continue, ignoring Siwon.

“Hyung!” That makes Siwon a bit annoyed and demands an explanation. But Yunho just signaling Siwon to keeps quiet. He glances once more to face the Kims and carry on his elucidation.

“And I’ll already agree to that. So basically, the tutoring with Siwon is the last time we going to see you all.” Concluded Yunho. Jaejoong is disbelieving his ears when Yunho said he’s going to the States.

He’s going to lose Yunho before he could ever have him?

Is it for real?

Did God play him right now?