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Title : For You Only 7

Pairing : Yunjae, Brothership!Wonyun, Wonkyu, Hanchul

Genre : Romance, Family, A bit Angst

Rating : PG13

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God

Warning : Un-betaed, BL, AU, OOC, Mpreg, Age and Surname Changes

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Previous Chapter

“Until the end? You’re saying as if you’re going away Yunho-ssi.” Hankyung is curious about Yunho statement. He feels like Yunho has a bigger plan than just telling them about Jaejoong tutoring.

“The truth is we’re going away.” Yunho confirm Hankyung assumption and that makes everyone in there stun. Siwon looks at Yunho with question marks in his eyes. He never heard about this.


“I got an offer from my father best friend to continue my study in the States. We both are.” Yunho continue, ignoring Siwon.

“Hyung!” That makes Siwon a bit annoyed and demands an explanation. But Yunho just signaling Siwon to keeps quiet. He glances once more to face the Kims and carry on his elucidation.

“And I’ll already agree to that. So basically, the tutoring with Siwon is the last time we going to see you all.” Concluded Yunho. Jaejoong is disbelieving his ears when Yunho said he’s going to the States.

He’s going to lose Yunho before he could ever have him?

Is it for real?

Did God play him right now?

( 。・_・。)(。・_・。 )

Jaejoong P.O.V

“Okay hyung. That’s our last session. You’ll already understand the basic of it. I think you should be fine. The exam is 2 days from now right?!” asked Siwon while ship shaping the books.

He smile in agitation and I know the reason why. I only nod and start immaculate my books to my bag. It’s been almost 2 month since Yunho dan Siwon’s mother funeral. Next week they’re going to leave Korea to the States. That’s mean I have only 5 days to hang out with them, since I will concentrate on my exam.

My choice of college is a little bit late in enrollment exam. I’ve already graduate from high school and already been accepted in my second choice of college, so if I didn’t make it to the first choice, I still going to college. Although I will be very disappointed and guilty at the same time because I will let down my parents, Siwon, who teach me very hard, and Yunho, who so kind enough to let his brother teach me despite the family feud.

Speaking of Yunho, I don’t see him today. He used to accompany Siwon and I tutoring although he’s never said anything, since he’s and Siwon already have been accepted in one of the prestigious college and school in the states, he has a lot of time. That is his activities nowadays along with studying business or visiting his father in the hospital. Hhh.. If I remember that day when Yunho told Siwon about their father condition, my heart just broke again when I saw the expression on Siwon’s face.


Yunho and Siwon are standing together in front of a hospital room that has a label which said Jung Dongwook. There is an officer sitting there completely ignoring both of them. Maybe because he’s already know that the two of them are the sons of the person he was guarding. Siwon face look confused. He glimpse to Yunho, asking for an explanation.

“I’ll tell you inside Wonnie.” Yunho answer Siwon question look shortly. After that, he went to the officer and asked permission to visit his father. The officer just waves his hand signaling that the both of them can get in. Receiving the approval, Yunho then open the door. But before that, he takes a quick look to me and gesturing his hand to follow him inside. I was shock actually that he called incite me to follow him. I thought that he would just flout me like I never even been in the same room.  

We enter the room quietly; afraid to perturb Yunho and Siwon’s father, though it seems impossible since their father is in coma. In that room, we see a man lying in the hospital bed with tubes and machine attached to his body. The heart beat machine indicates that the man is still breathing although his eyes are closed. Yunho saunter to his father bed side and take a chair to sit on it. Siwon could only be follow suit his brother but he chooses to standing behind Yunho.

“Appa.” Called Yunho softly. I looked at the brothers with concern in my eyes. I don’t know how they can endure this kind of situation. I really don’t think that the brother would be this tough in handling the death of their mother and the mishap of his father.

“How are you?” Yunho asked while trying to hold back his tears realize that his father cannot answer him. Siwon only stares at his father, trying to take in what’s been happening to him.

“Silly me. Of course you feel kind of tired and whitish since you just laying here all the time right?!” said Yunho with a tiny laugh, trying to soothe the tension. Yunho continue speaking whilst his hand caressing his father hair and face.

“I’m here to tell you that Siwon and I will go through with your wish to study in the state. I know, I should have just accepted it the first time Seunghyun-ssi suggests that, but I couldn’t leave you and umma alone. We’re in this together as a family and we’re will make it out as a family.” Hearing Yunho said that makes my heart break at the same time beat faster.

My heart breaks because I know whose fault it was to make this family undergo such suffering. Meanwhile, my heart beat faster because I realize that I love this man more and more. How can he treasure his family so deeply is beyond me? I don’t care if he doesn’t love me back but I’m sure I will love him until the end. I never feel this way toward other people and I think I wouldn’t feel the same feeling I have toward Yunho to other person.

“So, this will be the last time we would visit you. I hope when we back, you already are able to greet us with your smile appa. I’m sure Seunghyun-ssi and Jiyong-ssi would take good care of you.” Yunho voice stirs me up from my musing. I look at Yunho who changing place with Siwon so Siwon would be able to face his father easily. Siwon doing the same thing as Yunho did earlier, caressing his father hair and face. But the difference is that Siwon doesn’t hold back his tears. He is openly crying in front of Yunho and I.

“Appa..hiks..hiks.. I.. I.. mi..miss you..s..so.. bad. Why are you like this, appa?” His voice is tremble because he’s crying so hard. Without realizing what I do, I instantly beside Siwon and embrace him tightly while my hand caressing his arm.      

“Siwon-ah, it’s alright. Don’t cry. Your father will be sad if you cry like this.”

“I don’t understand hyung. Why is appa always suffering like this? He is a good man. He never hurt anyone. Why he’s the one who only suffer like this? Why not just me? Why him? I’m the one who’s not a good son! I’m the one who betrayed appa by going out with his enemy’s son! So, it should be me who’s laying here not him!” Siwon went rambling out of control.

I’m shock to hear Siwon said that. At first, I don’t understand a thing about what he said, but after looking back through our days in school, I realize that what’s he mean by his father enemy’s son is actually Kyuhyun, my cousin, uncle Youngwoon’s son.

I turned my head for a while to see Yunho reaction, but I found Yunho just stand still, staring at Siwon’back with only sadness in his eyes. Not anger or feel betrayed. After I confirmed that Yunho would not do anything to his brother yet, I turned my attention back to Siwon. I think even though Siwon strong enough; he still couldn’t face the fact that his parents, especially his father right now, have to put up with situation like this and with the guilt he’s feeling right now.

“I know it’s hard for you Siwon-ah. But you have to be strong for your father. How can he be rest and get well soon if you make him worry like this? I think your father will be very sad to see his younger son crying and blaming himself like this.” I tried to console Siwon, tried to make him calm enough. Then, out of nowhere, Yunho hand put his hand in Siwon head, stroking his hair.

“Jaejoong right Wonnie. Appa will only be worry if you like this. Remember what appa said, no matter what happen, no matter what obstacles ahead of us, we will always face them with our head high. Don’t let appa down with you blaming yourself like now. What happen in the past is in the past. We already decide to forgive about the mistake of the Kims, so don’t make yourself down like this. Where’s the almighty horse Ma Siwon that appa so proud of? Hm?” hearing Yunho said that seems like making Siwon apprehend something. He instantly stops crying and wipe away his tears. He let go my hold on him and stand up to face his brother.

“I’m sorry hyung. I tend to forget important things like that. Like you said we’ll face this head on. Appa will be fine. He has to.”

“He will. Trust Seunghyun-ssi and Jiyong-ssi, okay. They will take care of appa for us.” Yunho said while smiling to Siwon while Siwon nodded his head and give Yunho a brief hug. I’m smiling too when I saw that heartwarming scene. I’m so glad that Siwon feel much better. It’s a good sign for the two brothers to start a new life together.

After a few minutes talking to their father, the brothers bid their farewell to him, but promising that they would visit every day until the time they have to go. They knew that they’re not going to see their father in a while, so they want to make every single minute that they can conjure up, were spend with their father.

After that, we walked out from the room, not forget to bow down to the officer who just cast Yunho and Siwon a quick glimpse. Then the three of us walked out the hospital to the lobby, where my car and driver already waiting for me. I offer them a ride back home to Seunghyun-ssi house, but Yunho refuse it.

“Thank you Jaejoong, but we’re fine. You already help us earlier when you take us to the hospital. We can take the bus from here.”

“But, at least let me take you to the bus station.”

“No need Jaejoong. It’s just around the corner. We can walk.”


“Yunho hyung is right, hyung. We’re fine on our own. You should go home now. It’s getting late. You don’t want your parents to be worried don’t you?!”

“I.. Ah, alright. You take care, both of you.”

“We will.”

“Alright then. See you tomorrow for the tutoring Wonnie. Bye.”

“Bye hyung.” Siwon said while waving his hand to me. I smile before get into the car where my driver already waiting for me. He shut the door of my car and saunter to the driver seat and start the engine. I open my window and giving both brothers a smile. I saw Yunho smile at me too. I wave a little and close up the window when the driver moves my car the street.

I sighed and start thinking to myself. Yunho and Siwon will be gone in a few months. I don’t know how to react when they’re going to depart. I still cannot pull myself together to confess to Yunho. Hhh.. What should I do? He’s leaving and I’m too scared to confess because I’m afraid of his rejection. I’m afraid if he back to hate me again. I really couldn’t stand that. Oh, God. I really wish I could read minds right now, so I can figure it out if Yunho loves me or not.

I’ve notice some changes with his attitude towards me, like just when our visit in hospital, Yunho had called me without formal honorific anymore. Is he really didn’t mind me beside him anymore? If it does, I will be so happy.

I keep thinking to myself while the car just move forward takes me back home. I really have to do something before they left to states. I don’t want to regret anything because of my cowardice. No matter if he hates me or not, I have to tell Yunho about my feelings. I smiled to myself because of my new determination. Hope, that God show his miracle to me.

End of Flash back

That’s what I decide and I’m intending to do it when I’m first come here for tutoring. That’s what I’m been saying myself over and over again. However, the reality isn’t the same as I hope for. I never get the chance to just being alone with Yunho, although he always there when I’m around but I just can’t simply find the right time to tell him about my feelings. Now, I can’t seem to find him after our session of tutoring are over.

Siwon wouldn’t tutor me again because he will be busy packing his stuff and all for the flight to the states. Like I told before, I only have five days left for confessing to Yunho and it seems that time are running out when I couldn’t find Yunho anywhere. I tried to ask Siwon where his brother are, but Siwon only shake his head and said that he didn’t know either.

“He’s probably in the hospital, hyung. Arrange everything regarding appa with Seunghyun-ssi before our departure.”

“I’ll already check Wonnie, and he’s already been there. In fact Seunghyun-ssi told me that Yunho have been gone from the hospital 2 hours ago. Where is he?”

“Why don’t you just call him?”

“I tried but I only get his mail voice. I’m worry.”

“Relax hyung. He’ll be fine.” I only nod my head slowly. I just can shake this sudden worry I feel. It’s not because I have a bad feeling that something going to happen with Yunho, it’s just that Yunho never go without telling his brother and he’s always pick up my call recently.

Where is he?

In the middle of my musing about Yunho, I heard Siwon’s phone ringing. I instantly look at Siwon and urge him to pick up the phone, hoping that the person whose calling is Yunho. He stares at his phone, slightly confuse because there is no name of the caller, but he still answer it.



“Kyuhyun.” When Siwon said that name, I almost drop my phone that I’ve holding since I’m trying to call Yunho. I stare at Siwon and found his stiffness in his face.


“What do you want? I told you we’re over.” The tension in Siwon voice makes me shiver. Siwon never talk like that before. He sometime said sarcastic remark but never this cold. Did Kyuhyun say something that makes Siwon angry or something or something?


“There’s nothing to talk about, Kyunnie. I’ll hang up.” I so curious about what they are talking right now that even make me forget a little while about Yunho whereabouts.


“What’s so important, Kyunnie? I sorry, but I really don’t have the time. I’m busy with something.” Oh, God! Their conversation makes me want to know so badly. What is the important thing Kyuhyun want to tell Siwon? I really want to get Siwon phone and put it on a speaker.


“Slowly, Kyunnie. I can’t understand if you panic like that.”


“WHAT?!!” Siwon scream makes me grip his hand unconsciously. I gaze at him to find some answer, but he just raised his hand, signaling me to keep quite while he keeps talking to Kyuhyun. Siwon action only makes me nervous, but I follow his instruction to keep silent.


“Is he still there, Kyunnie? Did he already meet your father?” Who the one Siwon and Kyuhyun is talking about? Is it Yunho? Is Yunho there at Kyuhyun’s house?


“Okay. I will be there as soon as possible. Please call me if something happen.” Siwon stand up when he said that. He went to his room while still speaking to Kyuhyun while I’m waiting for him to be back.

“Okay. Thanks, Kyunnie. Bye.” After a few minutes, he returns after hang up his phone talk with Kyuhyun. He walks straight to the coat closet and wear his coat. I immediately follow suit his action after gathering my books to my bag. When we reach the front door, I halt Siwon by grabbing his arm.

“What it’s exactly happening Siwon-ah? Please tell me!” I urge him to tell me what happen. What is he’s been talking about with Kyuhyun just now? He didn’t answer, instead he let go of my hand of his arm and open the front door. I quickly follow him and when we reach my car he stops. My driver who see me already near the car, come out from the driver seat and instantly open the passenger seat. I don’t come in like that. I still have to make Siwon answer my entire question first.

“Siwon-ah! Please tell me.” I tried again and this time he turned around and faces me.

“Calm down hyung. I’ll tell you on the way to Kyunnie’s house. Now, can we use your car to get there?”

“Absolutely. Come on.” We both enter the car while I told my driver to take us to uncle Youngwoon’s house. He drives straight away to the direction I’ve been told him. When we already in the street, I turned my head again to Siwon and stare at him, asking for some explanation. He also turned his head to me and then sighed deeply.

“Yunho hyung right now is in Kyuhyun house.” I think I’m about to faint. So Yunho really is in Kyuhyun house. Oh my God. What is he doing there? I think I voice my thoughts out loud because the next things Siwon start to talk again.

“I don’t know hyung. Kyuhyun only told me that Yunho hyung came to his house and been waiting for his father to meet with him.” I face palm myself. Why Yunho doing something like this? I know that he already decide to forgive uncle Youngwoon, but does uncle Youngwoon will do the same? I mean what are uncle Youngwoon going to do when he sees his enemy son is inside his house? Thinking about that is making my head ache.

“What is your brother thinking, Siwon-ah? Why is he always makes me worry like this?” Siwon only keep silent. He shakes his head indicating that he doesn’t know the answer as well. Seeing Siwon reaction like that only makes me anxious about what’s going to happen. I hope that’s nothing bad happen to Yunho.




Yunho look around the work room of Kim Youngwoon. The room is indeed elegant with marble floor and such artistic design and all makes this room show perfectly well how wealthy the owner is. Yunho smiled to himself knowing where the money came from for all of this. But, Yunho push aside any other thoughts. He has purposes to come to this household and he will make sure it will deliver before he goes to the states.

Yunho takes a seat while waiting for Youngwoon to arrive. His servants said that Youngwoon will be there in a minute. Yunho took his phone and turn on the device. He deliberately turn it off when he at the hospital, arranging everything regarding Dongwook before he left. When the phone came to live, Yunho see many missed called and text messages, all came from Jaejoong. He open one by one the text messages and laugh to him selves because many of them just asking his whereabouts.

“He’s overly muddling himself.” Yunho said to himself. Yunho then put his smart phone back to his pocket when he hears the door of this room open. Yunho stand up and turned his body to face Youngwoon. Youngwoo himself look shock to see Yunho in his household.

When the servant said a young man named Jung Yunho want to meet him, he thinks that the man is another Jung Yunho, but apparently his wrong. Youngwoon look aside so he won’t facing Yunho too long and take a walk to his chair behind his desk. He hints at Yunho to take a seat again while he takes a seat to himself. Yunho sit again and stare intently at Youngwoon before he speaks what he came here for.

“Thank you Youngwoon-ssi for agreeing this sudden visit. I came here just to state regarding the matter of my father.” Youngwoon looked a bit anxious about something and it makes him restless. Yunho looked at Youngwoon reaction and smile seeing this. Yunho know that Youngwoon feel scared about what he is going to say.

“You don’t need to worry about anything Youngwoon-ssi. We will not report the authorities about your interference during the riot that cause my father in coma. Yes, I know about it, well our lawyer did but put that aside…” Yunho intentionally pause his next word to see more of Youngwoon reaction and he seems pleased that the man looks like he seen a ghost. Yunho with a smile on his face continue his talking.

“I just want you to leave our family alone from now on. Don’t do anything to my father because the moment I heard something happen to him, I will crush you and I meant every word of it.”

“Are you threatening me?!”

“Yes, I am. You see Youngwoon-ssi, my father just want justice for himself. However because he seems couldn’t do anything about that for the meantime, I’ll just have to take this matter in my own hands. I want your word that you leave my family alone and I will forget everything that happens between us. I even forgive you for taking our family fortune because Youngwoon-ssi..” Yunho once again pause his sentence and stand up, preparing himself for leaving the room. But before that he come close to Youngwoon and whisper to him.

“I will make a fortune on my own and I will buy my father company from you. You have my word on that.” After that, he straightens himself and holds his hand for a hand shake toward Youngwoon. He still has that same smile on his face, showing Youngwoon that he could do nothing besides agreeing with Yunho terms.

“Well, I couldn’t stay long. I have something else to do. So, Youngwoon-ssi do we have a deal?” Youngwoon look upset but he know that he cornered with what this young man had said. He really has to look out for himself because somehow the Jung has his weakness in the riot cases. Youngwoon stare at the hand outstretch to him. He stands up as well and took the hand for a handshake. Yunho smile widening because of Youngwoon’s defeated.

Yunho had already promise to himself and his family that he won’t hate the Kim family and will try his best not to take any hostile movement or action toward the Kim. However, since he heard from Seunghyun that the riot was done with ill intent, he swore that he would protect his family without broken his promise.

So, the only way is making a deal with Youngwoon. As long as he doesn’t touch his family, Yunho would not do anything to Youngwoon. He even gets for the right track like his father said in winning back his father company.

From what Seunghyun had told him, the Kim family business that was lead by Youngwoon is in some financial difficulties. Maybe in six to seven years if they did not get a sponsor, they would go bankrupt. Yunho sees this as an opportunity to settle this matter once and for all.

It is quite hard to find a suitable sponsor even in six or seven years, even more with Youngwoon reputation in the business world. Yunho would work his best to finish his education at the same time working in some company that Seunghyun had recommended him to. He will do this for his family. And for God sake, he will succeed.

Yunho let go of his hand and start walking to the door to go out. When he reaches the door, he turned his body and put the smile again. He says something while holding the door knob.

“Oh, one more thing, Youngwoon-ssi. I would love it if you give your blessing to your son relationship with my brother. They love each other so we have to support them. Isn’t it great?! We’re going to be family soon. Of course, your son will be a Jung but that okay for you right?! Well, I got it somehow why our Jung like you Kim so much. You guys really are beautiful, even you Youngwoon-ssi. Even I’m myself is in love with a Kim. Your nephew Jaejoong, to be exact. So let be civil for now on shall we?!” Yunho bow down a little before he walked out the room.

He didn’t see the stun expression on Youngwoon’s face hearing that his son is in a relationship with Yunho’s brother. Youngwoon close his eyes, feel defeated once again. He takes notes for himself. Dealing with the elder Jung, he so can handle it, but when it comes to Jung Yunho, he has to think twice. Youngwoon clearly didn’t want to be in the boy bad side.

Youngwoon curious because all this time Yunho is lay down never show any action toward this matter but why now he so determined to set thing right. Youngwoon is looking up to his ceiling. He really needs to make a better plan, especially when his company dealing with some difficulties. But right now, he will do as Yunho had told him. Never lay a hand on his family and giving his blessing to Kyuhyun’s relationship. Like it or not, there is nothing he could do about it and he sure know that.




Yunho are opening Seunghyun car that he borrow for coming here when he sees his brother and Jaejoong emerging from Jaejoong car. Yunho just about to say hi, when out of nowhere, Jaejoong throw himself at Yunho and hugs him like he won’t see Yunho ever again. Yunho a bit surprise with Jaejoong bold attitude, but he hugs back Jaejoong and sooth his tense body with softly rub on his back.

“Hey, what wrong?” Yunho asked carefully while looking at his brother for some explanation, but Siwon only look at Yunho like Yunho had grow two head.


“You big jerk! Stop worrying us like that! What are you doing here anyway?!” shout Siwon. Yunho could only shut his eyes hearing Siwon’s loud voice because his hand still circling in Jaejoong shoulder and back. When there’s no more shouting from Siwon, Yunho look at Siwon face. Siwon looks like he just sees some gore movie. His face are frighten and apprehensive at the same time.

Yunho laugh seeing his brother face like that which makes Siwon grew more upset. He punches Yunho shoulder very hard that makes Yunho shout in pain and making him let go his hold on Jaejoong. Jaejoong just stare at the brother but still hold that concern look for Yunho.

“Ouch! That hurts Horsie!”

“Suit yourself! And stop laughing! Now you’re going to explain to me what you are doing in here hyung?!”

“Okay.. okay.. Jeez.. I come here just want to straitening up with Youngwoon. We make a deal.”

“A deal?” Siwon disbelieving Yunho words makes him rolled his eyes.

“Yes, a deal my cute little brother.” Tease Yunho makes Siwon frown. He dislikes that calling.

“I’m not cute.”

“You are. And so is your boyfriend. Both of you would make a cute couple.” Yunho seem not affaected with Siwon glare directing at him. He keeps teasing Siwon and Kyuhyun.

“What boyfriend?” hearing Siwon said like that makes Yunho rolled his eyes once again. He thinks Siwon is an idiot for lying to him when obviously he had confess before that he’s having a relationship with Youngwoon’s son, Kim Kyuhyun.

“The one who is hiding behind that big door, looking at us. Well at you actually. With his hopeful stare that you would hold him and kiss him and marry him.” Yunho said while pointing to the big front door behind him. Kyuhyun who is indeed hide behind the door, simply come out from his hiding and shout to Yunho, forgetting that he was hiding from Siwon.

“I do not!!” Both of the Jung brother and Jaejoong look at him and smile at his attempt to look deadly while in reality, Kyuhyun face is red like a ripe tomato.

Yunho waves his hand absentmindedly making Kyuhyun more upset and stroll angrily to the three of them. Jaejoong look amaze at Yunho behavior. Yunho appear to be in a good mood and also become visible that he has lift up some heavy burden and it makes him more alive. Jaejoong really don’t care what’s been happening with his uncle and Yunho. All that matter to him that seeing Yunho like this. Happy and playful. And it makes Jaejoong happy too.

“Denial.. denial…” Jaejoong heard Yunho teasing the cute couple again. Jaejoong smile when Siwon and Kyuhyun shout simultaneously.

“Hyung!!/Yunho-ssi!!” Yunho once again ignore them. He is instead lean down to the both of them and whispering something to them.

“I’ll tell you the rest when we’re at home Wonnie. Now, I want you to patch things up with this lovely kid and this time do it right. You don’t have to worry about hiding your relationship anymore. His father and I already give our blessing. So, get married as soon as we back from the states and give me nephews or nieces.”


“Hahaha… See, you make such a perfect match. Alright.. alright.. I’m stop for now. But, I’m serious. Go inside and talk to each other. Patch things up. Both of you deserve to have your happiness.” Kyuhyun feel touch hearing Yunho said that. He still disbelieve if his father agreeing to his relationship with Siwon not to mention he have to convince Siwon that he still love him and he would do anything to patch things up with him. However, hearing that Yunho gave his blessing makes Kyuhyun heart feel relieved. He gives Yunho his best smile.

“Thanks Yunho-ssi.” Kyuhyun said, making up for the lack of response from Siwon. He is still in shock knowing for real that Yunho agreeing his relationship with Kyuhyun. Yunho noticing Siwon in state of doubt, caress his hair and then suddenly hit the back of his head lightly.

“Snap out of it. It’s real.” Siwon look up to his brother and smile widely at him, showing his dimple smile to his brother. He hugs Yunho and said his thanks. When they let go of each other hold, Yunho move his head to the direction of Kyuhyun’s house. Siwon understand what it means and slowly take Kyuhyun hand and guide him inside the house. But before they could go far, Yunho said something again.

“Be sure to come home on time Wonnie. Don’t do anything funny to the boy. Jaejoong, you okay to lend him your car and driver right. I want to take you somewhere else and then I will take you home.” Said Yunho between Siwon and Jaejoong. Jaejoong could only nod to Yunho request.

“Great. See you at the house Siwon-ah. Come on.” Then Yunho guide Jaejoong to Seunghyun car and drove off, leaving Siwon shake his head and Kyuhyun giggling. Subsequently, they look at each other and smile. They really have a lot to talk about. And this time they could do it openly.




Yunho and Jaejoong sit closely together at a bench they found in a hill. They watch the night sky with comfortable silent until Yunho drape his arms leisurely on Jaejoong shoulder and take him to his chest. Yunho half hugs the boy making Jaejoong feel embarrassed because of it. He look up at Yunho, trying to find an answer why he suddenly being this sweet to Jaejoong, but Jaejoong only found that Yunho is smiling so brightly at him.


“Nothing. I’m just confused. You seem different tonight. Is something good happen that makes you so happy?” Jaejoong asked curiously because Yunho is a lot different from the last time he see him. Yunho smile at him and pull Jaejoong body closer. Without any awkwardness, Yunho hugs Jaejoong tightly. Although Jaejoong feel strange with this attitude, he’s not complaining. He just enjoy this rare moment.

“If you referring to my visit to your uncle, then yes, something did happen that makes feel all relieved.” Yunho voice wake Jaejoong from his enjoyment of Yunho hold on him and he look up to see Yunho face. He gapes at Yunho with a slightly puckered brow.


“Yes relieved.” Jaejoong really confuse right now. Yunho relieved about what? Jaejoong though the past event and all of them either sad or very depressing. So Jaejoong really don’t understand what makes Yunho feel relieved. Yunho know the confused aura Jaejoong gave him, start chuckled a little.

“Since you deserve to know, I’ll tell you. But don’t interrupt me or such, okay?!” Jaejoong nodded, agreeing to not disturb Yunho explanation.

“Ever since I acknowledge my mother passed away, I feel this grief and rage at the same time. Grief, because obviously, my mother has just leave us forever. Rage, because I thought of killing Youngwoon myself.”

“Yunho..” When hearing Yunho want to kill someone, Jaejoong could not feel anything else but worry and objecting that scary intent. He tried to talk to Yunho to demolish that absurd idea, when Yunho flick his forehead, making him stop his intention to talk to Yunho.

“Hey, I’m not finished.” Said Yunho. Jaejoong remember that he promise to listen to Yunho until he finished. He gave Yunho a apologetic smile.


“Where was I? Oh yeah thinking about to kill Youngwoon. However, when I saw Siwon face, I knew I have to think rationally because if I ended up killing Youngwoon and sent to prison, who is going to take care my baby brother. So I have to get myself together for him.” Jaejoong sighed. He relieve that Yunho is only thinking and not acting on the idea. Jaejoong nodded his head at Yunho, signaling him that he can continue his story when he sees Yunho look at him.

“And then, another mishap in our family when we learn that our father is in coma and I know what had caused it. Well, let’s just say, Youngwoon isn’t in my list for any holiday gifts.” Both of them chuckled together hearing Yunho said that. However, as soon the chuckled down, Yunho expression became more stiff and sad. He looks like he remembering trouble things of his. Jaejoong stroke Yunho chest, trying to lessen the heavy thought. Yunho smile gratefully at Jaejoong corcern.

“I really don’t know how to make this hurt go away. In some point, even though I said I won’t take revenge, I still feel the need to get even with Youngwoon. But in another point, I didn’t want to be the same person as he is.”

“And you aren’t and will never be.”

“Yeah, I know. But I can’t seem to erase that feel to see Youngwoon defeat until Seunghyun-ssi gave me some evidence that could sent your uncle locked up in so many years in prison.”

“Yunho.. Don’t tell me that you..” Before Jaejoong could finish his statement, Yunho beat him up with his own words.

“No, I didn’t.” Jaejoong once again amaze at Yunho mature attitude of handling things. Not all young people like him could handle this stress and tricky matter with such cool head.

“Today, Seunghyun-ssi and I discuss what step I should take with this new evidence. He said that he will help me with whatever I decide. And then this is where you pop out in my mind.”

“Me?” Jaejoong so shock when Yunho mention that he took a part with Yunho decision.

“Yes, you.” Said Yunho confirm Jaejoong doubt about his influence in Yunho decision.

“Siwon and my appa are the only family I got. I will do anything for them, and if sending Youngwoon to prison is the way to make them safe, I would gladly do that, but.. I remember you. I remember that no matter evil deed Youngwoon had done, he still your uncle. He stills the brother of Heechul-ssi, your mother. I know the feeling when one of your family members set a foot in prison Jaejoong. And I don’t want you to feel the same way as I do.”

“Yunho…” Jaejoong couldn’t say anything else except Yunho name. He doesn’t know how to show his gratitude for Yunho kindness toward his family even though his family already ruins Yunho family.

“You’re welcome. So, with everything set, I make a deal with him that he will never touch my family again and settle this matter like it never happens.” Jaejoong smile sincerely at that. He tightens his hold on Yunho body, seeking warmth for the big guy. But, he has one thing in his mind that still lingering.

“My uncle, did he agree to your terms?” Jaejoong asked attentively.

“Every one of them. Including giving his blessing to Siwon and that boyfriend of him.” Jaejoong laugh at Yunho poor level of remembering his own brother boyfriend name.

“His name is Kyuhyun, Yunho. You have to remember that.”

“I will try.” They both laugh together at that remark. When the laughter toned down, Jaejoong feels he has to ask one little thing. He needs to know Yunho answer to his question.

“So.. Do you feel peace?” after Jaejoong said that, Yunho seem to ponder about many thing and not longer that a minute, he answer to Jaejoong question.

“I don’t know. I mean my appa still in coma and I have a lot to do from now on. I have..”

“There’s not what I meant Yunho, and you know it. So, I’ll ask again, do you feel peace?” Jaejoong cuts off Yunho ranting because that isn’t the answer that Jaejoong want to hear and Yunho know perfectly well about that. Yunho look intently at Jaejoong before give a smile to him and this time answer truthfully.

“Yes. Yes, I am at peace.” Jaejoong feel glad hearing Yunho answer. All in all, the matter itself is finish and Yunho has the contentment he searches for. Jaejoong couldn’t be happier that see Yunho finally be peace with himself.

“I will feel much better if I get the answer that I want.” Jaejoong look up again to Yunho, confused about Yunho statement just now.

“Answer to what?”

“To this.” Slowly but sure, Yunho close the gap between him and Jaejoong. He stares at Jaejoong eyes for a moment before look at Jaejoong’s cheery lips and put his own lips to it.

Yunho kiss it tenderly at first, just to show Jaejoong how he felt toward the boy. Then, he got bolder with nibbling Jaejoong lower lip, asking for an entrance to his mouth. Jaejoong is in shock when Yunho initiate the kiss, but he surrenders completely and tried to kiss Yunho back with the same vigor.

They battle for dominance which easily won by Yunho. They kiss for a few minute before give in to their lung capacity. Both of them reluctantly let go each other lips. Yunho hands that originally perch on Jaejoong nape and cheek still linger on that. He caress the cheek softly with his fingertips while giving small kisses in Jaejoong doe eyes, nose, and last the lips once again. After that, Yunho put his forehead and Jaejoong together for a while and then hold Jaejoong close in his arms.

“Glad that your answer is the one I was hoping for.” Mumbled Yunho because he has his mouth at Jaejoong hair. But Jaejoong heard him loud and clear. The kisses just now pop out in his mind and that make him embarrassed. Jaejoong hit Yunho chest lightly.

“Shut up!” Yunho laugh at Jaejoong sudden shy attitude and hold him tighter, like Jaejoong would disappear if Yunho didn’t do that. For several minutes, both of them hugs like that until Yunho said something that makes Jaejoong lift his head to face Yunho.

“I love you Jaejoong.”

“Yunho..” Jaejoong let go his hold at Yunho to take a very clear shot of Yunho face. He needs to see Yunho eyes when he said this.

“I love you. I thought these last few days about my feeling. I realize the more I tried to suppress it, the more pain I feel. That’s why I made a decision that even you would hate me if I said I love you then so be it. I just have to tell you. I need you to know that my heart belong to you only Jaejoong. And about my leaving to the states, I will come back, so please.. Will you wait for me?” asked Yunho with such hope that Jaejoong will say positive answer.

Jaejoong tears stroll down because of Yunho confession and request. He still couldn’t believe that Yunho is confessing to him. Jaejoong thought that he was going to do the confession and face terrible heartbreak when Yunho reject him. However, he wasn’t preparing for Yunho to love him too like this.

His tears keep flowing down and he doesn’t need to wipe it away because the next thing he knows, Yunho fingers is doing the job. Jaejoong stare at Yunho nervousness for his answer and Jaejoong didn’t have the heart to make this amazing guy wait too long. He kisses Yunho checks and response to his request.

“Don’t make me wait too long.”

“Yes, sir.” Yunho salute like a soldier before he takes Jaejoong back in his arms. Once again both of them laugh and enjoy the silent moment until Jaejoong voice wake them up.



“I love you too. I don’t have any word to express it but I know for sure I love you and only you.” Yunho smile to himself and kiss Jaejoong hair one more time. This time he relish the smell of Jaejoong hair before he comment on Jaejoong confession.

“I know.” Jaejoong chuckled when he heard the arrogant yet playful comment.

“Hm, cocky are you?!”

“You love me anyway..”

“I do…” Yunho pinch Jaejoong cheek because Jaejoong made this cute expression when he said that.



“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For forgiving my family and let Kyuhyun still have his appa. I’m really glad you choose the right path. You are much better that uncle Youngwoon.” Jaejoong finish his say with a grateful smile directing to Yunho. Yunho nodded his head and stroke Jaejoong hair.

“Thank you for coming to my life. You are now officially rank three in my favorite person.”

“I think I can live with that.” Both of them look at each other before broke down laughing. They are enjoying their moment of togetherness, because in reality they will have to separate in just few days. However, this moment is more important for them than thinking about what happen next. Let’s just leave it like that for now.




Yunho and Siwon already check in and ready to board the plane. Both of them looked at the people they love and love them back with such heartfelt feeling. There are Seunghyun, Jiyong, Hankyung, Heechul, and of course Kyuhyun and Jaejoong. Siwon glance at his brother for a second and then walked slowly to Kyuhyun. They seem engross with each other before Siwon have to go for some time. Yunho smile at them and pray that this distance won’t agitate their relationship.

Yunho walked to Seunghyun first and gave his hand for a handshake. However, Seunghyun have other thoughts. He takes Yunho body and gave him a brotherly hugs. Yunho hugs back, delivering his gratitude to this man who helps his family so much.

“Please take care of my father until we get back.”

“We will.” And then they hug again. Yunho give a simple kiss to Jiyong cheeks as a form of thanks and farewell. Jiyong kiss his cheeks back.

After that, Yunho turned his head to face his own lover. Jaejoong stand in front of him with his teary eyes, about to cry. Yunho took Jaejoong body and embrace him tightly because this is the last time Yunho would be able to hold Jaejoong until he returns. Yunho savor every inch of his lover, remembering every part of Jaejoong in his mind. Jaejoong himself could not hold his tears anymore, cried in Yunho chest. Yunho feel the wetness in his shirt but he let them. He let Jaejoong cried for the last as well, because when he departs he wants Jaejoong to smile at him.

Their moment is disrupting by the announcement of the flight. The Jung brothers have to get on board. Yunho let loose his hold but not let go entirely. His still have his hands cupping Jaejoong face. Yunho gazes at Jaejoong face before close their gap by kissing him softly. Jaejoong kiss Yunho back, trying to memorize every single touch from Yunho. Jaejoong couldn’t believe that he would have to be separated with Yunho when he just has him these few days. When they end their kiss, Yunho is swiping away Jaejoong tears with his fingers.

“No more tears Boo. This is not goodbye. It’s just a test for our relationship. And we could make it. We would make it. Okay?!” Jaejoong nodded his head firmly and wipe away the rest of his tears. He put up the brightest smile he could muster for Yunho.

Yunho hugs Jaejoong once again and kiss his forehead before he let go Jaejoong completely. He takes his bag and joins Siwon that already waiting for him to enter the boarding room. Both of them waves lightly and heading straight to catch up their flight. Jaejoong and the rest of the people who send Yunho and Siwon go, are watching at them slowly vanishing behind the automatic door.

Jaejoong sighed deeply before smile to himself. He thought Yunho is right. This is not goodbye. They will meet again because no matter what happen, their love will pull at each other. The heart will always belong to the others. At least for Jaejoong, it is what he feels, because his heart is always for Yunho only.

“See you later, Yunho.”


( 。・_・。)(。・_・。 )

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