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Title : Mine

Pairing : WonKyu, YunJae, ChangBum

Disclaimer : All casts are belong to their self and God

Warning : Un-betaed, GS, AU, OOC, OC, Romance sucks alert

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n4oK0’s notes : I’m bored… Very bored… So, Nao magabut hari ini dengan ngeliatin FF Nao yang bukan WonKyu terus Nao ReMake. Dan inilah yang terpilih.

Aslinya FF ini KrisHo dan ada di aff. Terus Bahasa Inggris pula. Ada bahasa Indonesianya. Tapi ternyata ada di ffn. Ya sutra, Nao post yang Inggris dolo…

Kalau suka, monggo. Kalau ga, ya udinda…


( 。・_・。)(。・_・。 )

“You are mine.”

“Am I? Who do you think you are to say something like that huh?”


“You’re pathetic.”




“Hey, Siwon. Look over there. Isn’t that your girlfriend? Why she’s holding Seunghyun’s hand like that?”

“She’s not my girlfriend Yun.”


“Why do you looked so shock?”

“Are you for real man? Of course I’m shock. Dude, both of you is obviously like this sweet couple statue on top of a wedding cake and now you’re saying that she’s not your girlfriend? What the…!”

“That’s the truth Yun and don’t say anything else.”


“And keep that mouth shut! You regret it when a fly came into your mouth.”

“You’re crazy.”

“And why is that?”

“Hey Siwon, that girl…”


“Yeah, whatever. Kyuhyun or something, is definitively likes you. Heck, I think she’s falling in love with you and I’m guessing you feel the same way about her. So why don’t you try to get her man?”

“She’s too good for me Yun. I’m better off being her best friend and stay beside her rather than being her boyfriend and someday have to let her go when things gone wrong between us.”

“What! Oh God! Are you even a man!”

“Shut up! It’s not that easy! Beside she’s already likes someone. What you see between us, it’s just platonic. She’s just being nice. That’s all.”

“Nice? Nice! Yeah right, and I’m the POTUS. She’s being nice to Seunghyun, that’s more like it. But to you… Man, she clearly loves you. Get that on your stupid of a brain. So, if you still think she likes Seunghyun more than you, and then you are really a hopeless case.”






“Choi Siwon!”

“I love her, Yun.”


“I love her.”

“You love her and…”

“Hhhh… The truth is, I never like she’s hanging out with other men especially that guy, Seunghyun. I feel this rage inside of me whenever she’s smiling to other guys. I love her Yun. I constantly think about her. I always miss her like now. I’m longing for her. She’s the only one Yun, the only one. Yet, I always think that she doesn’t feel the same way. No, I know she doesn’t love me back.”

“Siwon! That’s…”

“That’s the fact Yunho!”


“That’s the fact… So, rather than have that pain, feels being rejected, I choose to keep this love for myself. Now, then, and maybe for the rest of my life.”






“Are you okay with this?”

“With what?”

“Making Siwon jealous.”


“Kyuhyun, there are other ways to make someone realize their feeling and making jealous isn’t always the best way.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Hyunnie. Who’s making jealous who?”

“You are, as a matter of fact.”



“Is it too obvious?”

“Yes. Everyone knows baby Kyu.”

“Everyone except him.”

“His just too thick headed like usual. You know him. Why don’t you go to him and talk? Confess is more than enough. Just say that you love him. It’s not a silly thing to do it first.”

“I just afraid that he doesn’t love me back Seunghyun. I mean, Look at him. He’s so tall, handsome and gorgeous. Every woman wants to be with him, including me. Now you look at me. I’m too tall for average cute girl, i’m quite chubby, I’m just an ordinary girl.”

“Are you kidding me? You? An ordinary girl? The beautiful girl with her flawless milky white skin, the girl with smooth chocolate brown hair, the girl who has cherry lips, cute eyes, and…”


“And the girl with angelic smile who definitely flutter every man heart, although you always cover it up with that evil smirk of yours.”

“Every man? Even you?”

“Even me… If I don’t have Jiyong by my side.”

“Lucky girl.”

“No baby Kyu, I’m the one whose lucky to have her.”

“So… You think I should confess to him?”

“Yes, and if that big oaf reject you, than he’s lose someone who are really are wonderful. His loss, baby girl, not you.”

“Thank you Seunghyun. You’re the best.”

“Indeed I am.”




“Don’t grit your teeth, handsome fool. You’re the one who cause it. They are really look good together and the fact that those sexy body really fits in Seunghyun’s arms… Wohoo, boy, if I don’t remember I have my own angel, I would certainly chase Kyuhyun.”


“Huuu… The black stalion is angry.”

“Who is angry?”


“Who is angry? And don’t hug me too tight baby. You’re crushing me.”

“Oh sorry sugar, I just miss you so bad.”

“So… Who is angry?”

“That crazy fool.”


“Yup. He’s in love but keeps denying it or worse, keeps backing off and act cowardly.”

“To Kyuhyun?”

“Who else?”

“That’s a shame. It’s clearly Kyuhyun also feels the same.”


“Yes Siwon, Kyuhyun feels the same way as you are, if you’re indeed love her.”

“How do you know this?”

“Uh, she’s telling me?”


“Really gorgeous? Wow. Heard that Siwon. Kyuhyun also love you. So you better… Hey! Where are you going?”

“To make things right!”

“It’s about time don’t you think gorgegous?”

“I believe so too handsome.”




“You’re pathetic.”


“Say something you big jerk!!”


“Hiks… hiks… please… say something… say that you lov…”

“I love you.”


“I really do. Only you. Only Cho Kyuhyun. Choi Siwon only loves Cho Kyuhyun. No other. Choi Siwon will die if Cho Kyuhyun doesn’t love Choi Siwon back.”


“So… That’s why. No matter what, Cho Kyuhyun will be Choi Siwon’s. You, my beautiful Kyuhyun, will be mine.”






“Say it Kyuhyun.”


“Say it.”

“I love you too.”